Barnum Museum Director Named CT Tourism Leader Of Year

Menaced by multiple storms, the Barnum Museum is a study of resilience led by its Executive Director Kathy Maher who was named this week Tourism Leader of the Year by the Connecticut Conference on Tourism. Check out the video.



  1. Only in Bridgeport someone gets an award for keeping one of its assets closed
    I’ve been in the building. Not the structural damage there to warrant it’s being closed
    Is this for real?
    Perhaps an award should be given to Colorblends instead…
    What a network !

  2. Agreed. It boggles the mind…TEN+ YEARS or so of hoping to be fully open soon…? How many layers of excuses does one need to peel back to get to the crux of the problem. Who, what, where is the Board of (mis)Directors…? A failed “Mission”, missing and unaccounted for, without a Direction. Lead, follow or get out of the way.

    How painfully stupified in love with the camera does Mr. Himes have to get to stoop so low? A TOURISM AWARD for keeping the tourists out of and away from the Barnum…? P.T. Barnum would have never been in business if he had approached Tourism in the same way. Let’s hope Mr. Himes does more background work before endorsing and voting on issues that affect working people in CT. When will the Barnum “be back” Mr. Himes? “Everybody deserves this kind of acknowledgement” Oh, really?


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