Taylor’s Shell Game To Free His Jailed Father Questioned By Prosecutor

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

City Board of Education member Christopher Taylor is attempting to use a shell corporation to free his father from jail so the father can help him take the assets of the son’s murdered stepmother and her son, a prosecutor claimed Wednesday.

“I’m not commenting on anything,” Taylor said as he left the Fairfield County Courthouse.

Christopher Taylor filed a motion in Superior Court to put up property he owns as ACG Contracting LLC, at 155 Davenport Street in Bridgeport, to post the $2 million bond for his father, James Taylor, who is charged with fatally shooting his ex-wife, Catherine Taylor, in her Fairfield home in February.

But Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Corradino objected, and Superior Court Judge Robert Devlin continued the hearing to May 22, after the judge said he had reservations about the value of the Davenport Street property.

The judge said he has questions for the appraiser, Domus Appraisals of Bronxville, N.Y., when the hearing resumes.

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  1. I attended this hearing today.
    I was outside the courtroom speaking with Dan Tepfer when the elevator doors opened. I looked over my right shoulder as saw Chris Taylor with his attorney and a friend. Talor stated “There’s my nemesis Maria Pereira.” I did not respond.

    Chris Taylor’s step-sister had her close friend attend. And Chris Taylor’s step brother, who was in the house when James Taylor killed his mother, had two attorneys there representing his interests.

    The prosecutor was sharp. He not only provide the property card from the Bridgeport tax assessor, he had researched recent commercial sales in Bridgeport where properties which were 2 to 4 times larger than 155 Davenport St sold nowhere near $2.1 dollars.

    He rattled of two more LLCs that I did not find I found one sitting in the courtroom where Chris Taylor removed his deceased step mother and her son off the LLC and added himself and his fiancee. The business address was once again listed at 120 Middle Street which is the US Post Office which is illegal. Both he and his fiancee were identified as residing as 270 Bronson Roaf in Southport,,CT.

    The judge refused to allow 155 Davenport Street to be used as collateral and demanded the appraiser to come to court and answer his questions “under oath.”

    Can anyone think of a reason why Chris Taylor would hire an appraiser out of Bronxsville, NY to appraise a property in Bridgeport,


    This needs to be made into an HBO movie.

    1. Connecticut appraisers are too dependent on /tax departments and the goodwill and cooperation of local building and tax departments and their employees, as well as the local realty community to change such a bogus appraisal It might keep them from getting future work.

      Also bringing in an appraiser from more affluent areas brings their bias as to values, especially when based on cost per square foot, not comparable sales.

  2. Once again, where is Mayor Ganim, Republican Town Chair Mike Garret, and Republican Board of Education Chair,John Weldon, in calling for Chris Taylor’s resignation?

    All you can hear is silence.

  3. Maria, you asked, “Mayor Ganim, Republican Town Chair Mike Garret, and Republican Board of Education Chair,John Weldon, in calling for Chris Taylor’s resignation?

    What would be their motivation as the purveyors of righteousness in the City of Bridgeport when they’ve shown time and time again that they only care about what benefits them and not the residents or the City. One must care about doing the right thing before the they do right thing especially when there are no consequences for doing wrong.

    If there were no consequences for robbing banks then everyone would be robbing them.


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