Barber Dies Protecting Customers

barbershop lit candles
A memorial of lit candles outside Just Right Cutz barbershop at 500 Park Avenue. CT Post photo Brian Pounds.

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

Deon Rodney died a hero.

When a masked gunman chased his intended victim into Rodney’s Park Avenue barbershop Saturday evening, the 31-year-old barber instinctively intervened.

“He not only wanted to protect the man seeking refuge in the barbershop but his customers as well,” said Police Capt. Roderick Porter. “It’s really tragic.”

Rodney’s death was the 22nd homicide in the city this year.

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  1. This is distressing. Deon Rodney was a small business owner trying to earn his daily bread in one of the tougher neighborhoods in the city. This has to be drug-related. Only a drug dealer have the unmitigated chutzpah to enter a barber shop in broad daylight and shoot someone.

    Russell Peeler did the same thing. He’s serving life without parole. The police department seens to know who this dirtbag is. Hopefully he will resist arrest. That would give the arresting officers probable cause to kick the shit out of him, a few broken ribs to remember his folly while eating bologna sandwiches for therest of his life.

  2. The Bridgeport Police Department has very good information on who committed this murder, according to various statements to the news media. Good. Round him up.


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