Stafstrom to Host Town Hall Forum On State Budget Mess

Stafstrom town hall forum

Good grief, nearly four months without a state budget. What gives? State Rep. Steve Stafstrom will provide an update on the give and take of the longest budget stalemate in state history. The forum will take place Monday, 6 p.m. in the Burroughs Community Center, 2470 Fairfield Avenue.

Democratic and Republican state legislative leaders are trying to find some common ground on a spending plan that can be swallowed by Governor Dan Malloy who vetoed a Republican-passed state budget. Republicans and Democrats each have 18 members in the State Senate. Dems hold a fragile majority in the State House.

Meanwhile the slowed spigot of state dollars to municipalities is blowing holes in local budgets with many school systems and social service organizations feeling the pain.



  1. What is being attempted at the City Council meeting tomorrow night with crowding committee work, hearings, and voting into the end of this two year Council, many of whom will not be returning is HISTORIC!!!

    Steve Stafstrom’s comments may provide some background that media has not covered and may even be “prophetic”, but HISTORIC, probably not.

    Time will tell.

  2. Who wants to hear an update on a mess that’s still evolving and hasn’t been mopped-up yet? Meetings delay solutions!
    Other voters will visit Bridgeport’s newest hot spot and listen to a gubernatorial candidate who wants to solve the problem.
    That means attending Dave Walker’s fundraiser at Brewpoprt tonight.

  3. So the choice is Steve Stafstrom telling us what we know, David Walker telling us what we want to hear or telling the City Council “don’t you dare!”

  4. The mess could turn into something good with both parties talking and listening this might be the best budget in years. And if Malloy is against it then I know it must be good!


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