Baraka Barbecues CT GOP Chief Romano Over Trump Comment

From the CT Working Families Party:

A petition campaign calling on Republican legislators to ask for J.R. Romano’s resignation as Connecticut GOP chair was launched today by Bridgeport Board of Education member Sauda Baraka and the Working Families Party. In response to one of several community activist meetings held by the Working Families Party, Romano stated such acts of free speech and assembly against Trump are akin to “declaring war on anyone who disagrees with them.”

You can view the petition here.

Sauda Baraka: “Mr. Romano’s right to express his free speech does not limit others from theirs. I would remind Mr. Romano that our right to disagree is upheld by our Constitution. If he is unhappy with living in a country where free speech is upheld, then I suggest he move to one where it is suppressed. Our country’s basic freedoms are under assault under Trump, and we must not tolerate zealots who only know how to lead through bullying tactics, fear and intimidation. Instead, we need leaders who are inclusive, non-divisive, and care about these United States of America, and all who live here … ‘for which it stands.’ We ask Republicans to set an example for their party around the country and call for the resignation of Mr. Romano.

Lindsay Farrell, Working Families Party Director: “Romano has demonstrated his blatant contempt for the most basic American cultural values of freedom and democracy, and, in turn, shown he does not have the temperament to lead–much like the President-elect he unconditionally continues to supports and is trying to work for. As the standard-bearer for the CT GOP, Mr. Romano’s attack on our democracy must be disavowed and condemned. We call on Republicans to ask for his resignation. It’s the right thing to do and assures voters of Republicans’ commitments to protecting our democracy.”

Across the country, Working Families Party members have been hosting community meetings to organize against attacks on workers, racial minorities, women’s rights and free speech–and fight back against Trump and his threats to our democracy. Mr. Romano’s strongly worded threat to our democracy is troubling and represents the latest evolution of Trump’s authoritarian leanings taking root at the state-level.

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