Barack Votes–CT Voters Need An Excuse To Vote Early

It was just a few days before election day in 2010 when Barack Obama packed the Webster Bank Arena in support of Congressman Jim Himes. The visit set off one of those OIB moments, a ballot shortage that turned election day into chaos. Obama, as he notes today in an eblast, will cast his ballot in Illinois highlighting the push for early turnout in what is shaping up nationally as a razor-close election.

The only way folks can vote early in Connecticut is by an excuse-me absentee ballot. You’re supposed to have an excuse to vote by absentee. If you have an excuse, or want to make up an excuse, you can go directly to your local town clerk’s office, and vote on the spot. Maybe Connecticut legislative leaders can move beyond state constitutional language that prohibits early voting and allow voters to decide the issue. Meanwhile, about 1000 city electors have cast an absentee ballot, according to Bridgeport Town Clerk Alma Maya, and so will a whole bunch more, as operatives amp up the push to lock in votes for the charter question that will decide an elected or mayoral-appointed school board.

Barack makes his pitch for early voting below. Could Mitt Romney win the national popular vote and Obama the electoral count? It happened in Bush-Gore 2000. Gore won the popular and Bushy squeaked the electoral count.

For me, today is Election Day.

I’m going home to Chicago and casting my ballot early, and I’ll be bringing a neighbor with me to my polling place (that’s something everybody should do).

That’ll be two more votes for moving this country forward.

I know I can count on your vote. Now, it’s on all of us to make sure our friends and family step up–reach out to folks you know in important early vote states:

Look, this race is extremely tight. It’s going to come down to which side can more effectively turn out the vote in these final days, and you’re a huge part of that.



  1. Will Auden be “Fighting for Bridgeport!” while supporting Finch and the Charter Question???

    Who are the other legislators supporting Finch and the Question?

  2. Why didn’t his stupid neighbor vote by now? Does he really have to wait for Obama? I’ve voted early many times–I got up early in the morning and voted by 7 a.m. Obama’s neighbor sounds like an idiot. He or she gets up early; waits for buddy Obama to take a plane to Chicago; take a ride from the airport, to vote early?
    It’s like I wrote on the Michelle Obama early voting post. Election day is like a doctor’s appointment, except you have the option of coming in any time between 6 a.m. thru 8 p.m.

    It’s hard enough for political watchdogs such as myself to keep an eye on the machine here during a 14-hour period. Don’t even bother depending on the SEEC or the Registrar of Voters. They were part of the problem in the 2010 election. Talking about “SEEC” Lennie, did you get my gift to you, OIB friends and concerned voters of the State of Connecticut?

    If you did and do your duty, John Marshall Lee will feel a lot less frustrated as he will see ‘time does tell.’

  3. “… or want to make up an excuse …”

    Lennie, in the majority of cases, operative like Lydia Martinez; workers at senior centers;
    healthcare workers; and Bridgeport Housing Authority officials make up the excuse for them. Heck, they even lock the doors so no one can get in to investigate (that’s part of the instructions given to them by the operatives).

      1. *** Don’t have to be in Chicago for corrupt politics, no? We saw the “my brother’s the governor here so that means I win Florida and the presidential race” type of corrupt politics back in 2000! (BUSH vs. GORE.) Let’s hope America is not subject to another Electoral vs Popular Vote type of Presidential Election this coming Nov. 6, 2012. The Red Team seems to be in a bit of a panic with unauthorized tea parties, also asking for passports, birth certificates, tax returns, etc. along with personal religious questions and any other type of negative accusations to take the public’s focus off the main political issues. Thank goodness the start of the World Series should relieve some of the political pressure on both sides! *** LET’S GO S/F GIANTS! ***

  4. There are so many issues to consider in this next election. I am voting for Barack Obama for many reasons. Not because he has ended the war in Iraq or bringing to an end the war in Afghanistan. Not because of his professional demeanor and respect on the world stage. Not because of his unshakeable support of our closest ally Israel. Not because he understands there is separation of Church and state and doesn’t feel he needs to impose his personal beliefs on his country. Not because he understands a woman’s right to make a choice that is her own and not open to the judgement of religious zealots. Not because he was the first American President to acknowledge gays serve our country and deserve the right to marry and be recognized. Not because he is the most respected leader of all ethnic groups. Not because he has started us on a road to recovery after being handed the worst economy in a generation from a Republican party that sent our country into financial ruin. Not because he saved the auto industry and jobs. I am voting for Barack Obama because I trust him. I know where he stands on the issues. He is forever evolving to a higher plane where there is no turning back for society or mankind.

    Mitt Romney seems to be a very nice guy. I am not interested in his days at Bain capital and the thousands of jobs sent overseas. If veterans and John McCain could support a man who supported the Viet Nam war and then spent two years on a mission in France sending love letters home while 18-year-old men were losing their lives and limbs, than that is their prerogative. If they can support a man who has changed his stand on nearly every issue in the past 10 years then what can I say. If his supporters are not interested in his tax returns and choose to give him a free pass that is their privilege. Personally, as nice a guy as Mitt Romney is, he is a man lacking character and conviction. You cannot stand for one thing one day and change the next. He cannot be trusted. He lacks experience on the international stage and his Vice Presidential pick not only lacks experience on the world stage but also any business experience. Mitt Romney’s ticket has no respect for women and their issues and gay rights. The Republican party has no respect for the Latino or African American communities. Cities like Bridgeport, Connecticut will suffer terribly under Republican rule. All social programs will be cut and create terrible hardships. The Republican party has done this to themselves. They have been exclusive for so long, they do not represent the face of 21st century America. They do not deserve to control the White house after four years when the Republicans destroyed the country in eight. Barack Obama deserves four more years to continue moving our country forward.

  5. Steve–Read Peggy Noonan’s Wall St. Journal column today on Obama. Dovetails with why I did not vote for him in the first place.

    Confirmed by Bob Woodward’s new book Price of Politics.

    Also, same paper–Strassel’s column on Obama flip-flops.

    1. Denis OMalley–I certainly respect your comment. I am not interested in Peggy Noonan’s comment. I know she is a staunch supporter of Romney. I hear enough of her on Fox news. I only listen to Fox news when I want to hear our freedom of speech in action when a news station spends four years embarrassing and insulting our President. When the Republican party changes their ridiculous outdated platform I will listen. I was a Republican. I changed my party affiliation in 1991 with Bill Clinton. I do not always vote party lines. I do know Bush was horrible and Obama has turned around a sad situation. I didn’t even mention Osama Bin Laden. Neither does Fox News. John Sununu’s comment about Colin Powell endorsing Obama pretty much explains the ignorance and racism that exists. I’ll bet if the Republican party could put a referendum on the ballot asking if the country would better off if slavery were reinstituted, the Republican party would have a significant number in support. The social issues of the Republican party are divisive and oppressive. You couldn’t sell me on the Republicans if you tried. It is sad. I do believe in fiscal responsibility but they have made a decision to totally alienate so many subcultures I cannot imagine them succeeding. The people will decide. I will vote for Obama. If Romney wins I will not spend four years doing character assassinations. The leadership of the pathetic Republican party had one goal from day one. We want Barack Obama to be a one-term president before he even had a chance. He has made bold moves. He is a leader. Mitt Romney is a liar. That is my opinion. I respect yours.

  6. Steve, there are seven reasons I am not voting for President Obama. These seven items are what he vowed to do in 2008.
    1. Vowed to close Guantanamo detention center. It’s still open.
    2. Pledged to cut the deficit in half by end of his first term. He instead added $5.4 trillion to the debt.
    3. Claimed the $825 Billion in stimulus money would keep the unemployment rate below 8%. It has topped that for 48 months.
    4. Promised to end ugly partisanship in Washington, then presided over one of the worst partisan divides in modern history.
    5. Pledged in 2008 to enact health care reform that would cut premiums by up to $2,500 but Obama care raised the premiums for most families by $2,000.
    6. Pledged to generate 10% of US electricity from renewables but that did not happen.
    7. Assured unions he would enact a Card-Check Law that would make it easier to unionize workers. He did not do that either.
    Gasoline has risen from $1.86 to between $3.65 and $4.00-plus per gallon under his leadership.

    1. I respect you Andy as you know. Vote for Romney if you must. If you are concerned with those issues and forget the collapse of housing and Wall Street and car manufacturing than you fit the bill of a Republican. You obviously do not care about women’s rights and gay and minority issues do not affect you. You liked Herman Caine 999. The Republican party is obsolete period! If you can not see the positives in Obama then that is a shame. Healthcare, DADT, Immigration reform, Auto bailout. Stimulus packages Ryan himself praised the President for. President Obama has done a great job considering what he was handed and ending two wars–getting Osama Bin Laden and huge support for education. Romney is inexperienced and Massachusetts has no love for him. Vote how you will. Vote Obama.

  7. Steve, I have waited for four years for president Obama to get the country out of this employment fix and other problems. Let’s look at housing, we now know Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack caused many of the housing market problems, much of the damage lies with Senator Dodd and Barney Frank for rebuffing efforts to fix what’s going on. A few years ago I sold a one-family home I owned and the people who bought it got a government loan for 108% of the mtg. My neighborhood is starting to look like a ghost town with all the empty houses.
    Sure, Obama had stimulus packages that added greatly to the national debt but did not get many people back to work. Bail out of auto industry, that’s true but it could have been done in a better way such as a structured bankruptcy.
    Just because I am not in favor of same-sex marriage does not automatically make me a Republican. I am in favor of civil unions. BTW what has he done to improve equal pay for equal work when it comes to women? I believe in that also.
    You talk about Romney’s inexperience; well when Obama was elected he had no experience, he introduced no major legislation when he was a senator. He never voted for or against a bill when he was a state senator, he always voted present.
    Steve, I give him credit for getting Bin Laden; now I have to wonder about his handling of the Libyan fiasco in which the ambassador was killed.

  8. Just for the record. The housing market is about to rebound. That is a fact. Unemployment is beginning to come down, that is a fact. We have never lived through an economic upheaval like the collapse of the housing and banking industry and to assume Obama could change the course any faster is just plain ignorant. Obama’s support of gay marriage has ramifications greater than your belief civil unions are okay but not marriage. I do not think any gay couple is personally interested in what you or your family think or believe. Their rights and beliefs are important to them and they are not looking for your approval. I think of the young children–yes hard to believe but cute little boys and girls are gay. They are born that way and how great is it a President had the courage to give their life validity. Maybe one fewer suicide to have to deal with. Maybe one fewer child who feels alienated and self-loathing because of the ignorance and judgement of others. As for Libya it was very sad. I do not want to diminish the fact there were only four lives lost. In Bridgeport we lose more on a regular basis. I do not blame the President. There are thousands of embassies all over the world. President Obama knew this man. His father asked for this episode not to be politicized. Fox news is still talking about it 24/7. Andrew Stevens’ father is supporting Obama. It was very sad. We move on!!! Obama may not have had a lot of experience when elected but Andy let’s be honest. Joe Biden was a seasoned war veteran with foreign experience as well as life experience and tragedy. The ticket was well balanced. Sorry Andy, you cannot rationalize your reasons to me. Equal pay for women–are you kidding??? Obama has been on the front lines for women’s rights and it is amazing to me how any woman could vote for any other candidate. Any mother and father who have daughters should realize how intrusive the Republican platform is. Personally I am against abortion. It is none of my business and it is none of yours. A woman’s health and contraception is the business of her, her husband, her lover or her doctor. Equal pay? How about the Lilly Ledbetter act? Romney does not want to talk about it. Tell the auto industry about Romney’s plan for bankruptcy. No private investors would have supported it and millions of workers would have been gone. Look, Romney does not deserve to be President and Obama deserves four more years just like that loser before him who got us into two wars on a credit card. Give Obama credit. McCain and Romney want us to enter World War III. I believe Obama handled everything with a level head and thought. I hope I am not disappointed on Nov. 6.

  9. *** Mitt and the rest of his merry men and women are in panic mode, grasping at political straws without a clue! Yes, Obama has been slow on really jumpstarting our economy and jobs growth with no help from the Republican party to boot. He in my opinion rushed through Obamacare leaving doubt and future projected failure in some cases. And to cut it short, his admin. has dragged their feet in addressing the illegal immigration problem in America! But still with all the problems in general inherited by Obama on his watch and lack of real bipartisan cooperation, along with the fact many Americans seem to only see the color of his skin as the reason for this country’s failures, I still think he’s much better suited for the presidency than Romney and can turn things around. Those who like to point the finger of shame must remember they’re on the outside looking in and in most cases their info is second-hand political news at best. The past four years were not enough to tackle all the problems facing this country regardless of who was president, so why change political paddles in midstream on the rapids now, no? *** VOTE OBAMA! ***

  10. *** If both parties don’t get it together, whoever becomes President in the future will inherit a White House in shambles with a separation of powers! *** UNITED WE MUST STAND! ***

    1. Mojo, you are on the money! A house divided will surely fall. Would be nice if the Republican party could be more supportive. I want to see John Boehner have a reason to cry. He and Mitch McConnell have got to go!!

  11. A house divided, that’s true today but the first two years of his administration he had a Democratic house and senate and still got very little done.
    Housing market is on the rebound? Really? Tell that to the people who are losing their houses on a daily basis.
    Abortion does concern me because indirectly my taxes are paying for it. Abortion today has become the new contraceptive.
    What military branch did Joe Biden serve in? None. He has been a career politician for most of his life and never had a real job. His son did serve in the military as a captain.
    Fox news is talking about Libya 24/7 because the major news outlets are not. Start reading the e-mails from government departments that show the failure of the Obama administration in handling this situation.
    Other than stimulus what has the administration done to put Americans back to work? Nada. Steve I have enjoyed discussing this with you.

    1. Andy and you will be talking about Benghazi-gate well into Obama’s second term because let’s face it, when you are so hateful of a President they just can do no right by you. If you believe the United States had a reason to lie about the Libyan situation I suggest you go see the movie ARGO–excellent btw. Jimmy Carter could not talk about the Iranian hostage situation and Reagan won the debate–It took nearly two administrations for the truth to come out. Since when do the American people need to know every detail as events are happening??? This is not a reality T.V. show and most people are not in a position to grasp. Fox news is not a responsible news station. Their bias is over the top and hopefully that is what will hand the election to Obama.

      1. First off Steve, because I don’t support Obama and his policies doesn’t mean I hate him; please, he is still the president.
        You know what Steve, the American people do have the right to know when four Americans are killed by rebel attacks especially when one of them is the ambassador. Did you know the ambassador died from smoke inhalation in the safe room? Did you know the other Americans begged for assistance to help the ambassador and were turned down? Did you know they went there and tried to rescue him all to no avail?
        Prior to the attack the security detail was removed from Libya by the state department so it looked good to those in control and that information was provided by a spokesperson for the state department.
        Just so you know, I also watch MSNBC in addition to Fox news. I am sorry I don’t watch the major stations because they feel like you, the less the public knows the better, especially at election time.


    2. Btw Andy, I was wrong regarding Biden’s military service. He did have asthma, at least that’s what the papers say. I must say after looking up his career on Wikipedia I was even more impressed and convinced Obama made a good choice with all of his experience. Paul Ryan, another career politician and no experience like Biden’s. Really Andy? One step away from the Presidency? Another right-wing Sarah Palinesque religious zealot. Love that he takes his little daughter hunting. How American. There are so many things Ryan and Romney swore they would do on day one, I can not even begin to imagine what they would spend their next 1,460 days in office on. One can only imagine! But I believe you would be very very disappointed. Andy, have you considered taking over the non-existent Republican party in Bridgeport? If you are considering Romney you may as well pick up a glove and get back in the game!!!

      Tomorrow, I will be going to see Bill Clinton and Chris Murphy at the Waterbury Palace Theater and I am so excited. Haven’t seen Bill since he came to Sikorsky Memorial supporting Bill Curry with Joe Ganim on the podium.

      1. Steve, I haven’t thought about the Republican party but what I have thought about is not just voting for any Democrat the party puts up. Look what that has gotten us in Bridgeport. Try to imagine what’s going to happen if we have Obama for the next 1,460 days; after all, look where we are now.

    3. Very little Andy, simply because the Republicans led by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell were more interested in discussing women’s contraceptive and abortion issues. Apparently that was acceptable to you rather than discussing jobs. Get rid of all of them and give Obama what he needs.

  12. Obama had the first two years with a Democratic house and senate and basically got bupkus done as it concerns the economy or the American worker. You seem to be forgetting this. Stop with the abortion issue please, not everyone believes in abortion for religious reasons and please don’t tell me this does not matter. Liberals seem to think they are the only ones with correct answers.
    I am glad you are going to see Slick Willie. I wonder what you would be saying if it were Romney involved with Monica and others.

    1. Andy, I will tell you what I would say if it were Mitt Romney with Monica Lewinsky. Who cares. The President is not the second coming. Hilary forgave. I could could care less as most people. But you know he is a Christian and an amazing world humanitarian respected like unbelievable. Leave it to you to bring up his blow job by Monica Lewinsky. It was what it was. Is that foreign to you? Abortion is not my issue and should not be yours. It is a personal issue for women that is none of our business. And yes Andy I am not interested in anybody’s religious convictions but my own and I would not push my beliefs on others. I know it matters to a lot of religious people. But they are all hypocrites and really should not ever be their brothers’ keepers unless they are helping to feed, cloth and educate.

      1. Please Steve. Liberals have a ton of forgiveness when one of their own betrays a trust. You may not think Clinton’s “blow job” (your words) was nothing but it was. It was the president lying to congress and it was the president losing his moral compass. He almost got impeached for these lies. BTW who says Hillary forgave him? When was the last time you saw them together?
        Believe it or not elected officials are supposed to be held to a higher standard.
        So there are only certain things for which we should be our brother’s keeper, how hypocritical.

        1. When it is improving their humanity and quality of life. Not when you are sitting back in judgement. Hillary and Bill? At Chelsea’s wedding. Hilary is working hard and Clinton is making the world a better place and btw–whether she forgave him or not … None of my business or yours. Clinton is a womanizer–Okay, the world knows it and still loves him. Romney went to France and supported the Viet Nam war while guys died and came home with mental illness, loss of limbs and life–you forgave him. I do not because that is the character I care about in my Commander in Chief. But enough! I think Clinton is an outstanding humanitarian and was a great President and that is how most remember him. I believe Obama is a Great President and believe he has only begun to bring the U.S. into the 21st century. Any candidate who speaks religion from the pulpit is disturbing to me. If they are not speaking Judaism then they are speaking another language–Separation of Church and State will make the people of this nation more respectable and tolerant. One last thing. I am most offended by the Republican’s constant assault on Moslems. It is embarrassing as though there were not more than a million living here in the United States. Are there any groups left to use as scapegoats? BTW Clinton was amazing as you would imagine today in Waterbury. What a turnout. What energy. It was very exciting. I hope the state delivers an entire Democratic slate. Should keep the Republicans at bay for at least a decade and then maybe just maybe they will update their platform and be more inclusive. I doubt it.

          1. Did you ever think Romney supported the troops who were in the Vietnam war through no fault of their own? I supported the troops who were in Vietnam also. Let me tell you something I know you will deny. It was a Democrat who first ramped up our efforts in Vietnam. That Democrat was JFK. I remember being in the military when the call went out for volunteers for Vietnam and Kennedy was president.
            Being a womanizer while being president is not right, I don’t care how the liberals look at it.
            Please let me hold a pity party for the Moslems who are here. They are going through what every nationality has gone through when they migrated here. Is it fair, of course not but it will never change unfortunately.
            I am sure CT will go Democratic because they always do no matter how bad the candidate is. You could run Rootie Kazootie for the senate on the Democratic ticket and he would win.

  13. *** Whether two years or four years including a Dem Senate and House, no freshman President would have been able to put a big dent in all the country’s problems enough to please doubters, especially those who voted for McCain for President. Obama has completed four years and graduated from President High School and should be allowed to go on to four more years of President College to try to finish setting this country towards the right direction, no? Because Mitt with his puppy dog eyes, whining, “please vote for me America” won’t get us nowhere fast! *** Vote for President Ebony & Ivory for a perfect world in harmony! ***


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