Auld Langan Syne–Political Breakup Of Brown And Langan Splits The West Side

Marcus Brown and Kyle Langan who teamed up two years ago are splitsville.

West Side City Councilman Marcus Brown who has undergone a political divorce from his district partner Kyle Langan has proposed a resolution “Implementing a Tax Deferment Program for Federal Employees affected by the Government Shutdown.” The matter is up for immediate consideration on Monday night’s City Council agenda, see here.

Politics can be like sweethearts who can’t give it up. Break up, get back together; break up, get back together; break up, get back together. You can blow through a lot of diamonds, roses and champagne. Unclear if this is a cooling-off period or permanent separation. Call it Auld Langan Syne.

That’s the thing about politics on an ongoing basis. Sometimes you’re together, sometimes not. Langan, a school teacher, loathes the course of study that is the Democratic Town Committee. Brown, president of the local Young Dems, prefers a collaborative approach.

Friday night, Feb. 1, 2019, current and former City Council members regaled at the German Club. Lower left Ernie Newton, Lisa Parziale and squatting on one knee Marcus Brown. Attention comments section: Don’t ya love blackmail photos!

Brown is running for reelection with Evette Brantley, the erstwhile council member that the young bloods defeated two years ago in a primary.

City politics is receiving a breath of fresh air from young entreaties assimilating the old guard flatulence. It doesn’t take the young guard long to morph into the old guard depending on their political sensibilities.

Some take the point that if you’re gonna be anti-establishment you must go all the way, there’s no in between. Others counter pragmatic politics gets things done.

With February upon us pols are now fully engaged in building coalitions for the July endorsement fronting September primaries. Could be a bunch of them depending on the emergence of challengers to Mayor Joe Ganim. Right now the only formal announcement is State Senator Marilyn Moore who is coy about a primary fight or perhaps straight to a petitioning candidacy in the general election.

If she goes primary route will she bring along an entire slate of challengers for council, city clerk, town clerk, school board and sheriff slots?

Ah the machinations. Meanwhile, let the games begin.



  1. I must that it didn’t take Marcus Brown long to become a true disciple for Joe Ganim and Mario Testa. Now the question is how many pieces of gold was he rented for? Marcus Brown unfortunately is not the only council member to drink the Ganim, Testa Kool Aid.

  2. I’ve said it a thousand times before, while you can no longer buy black’s you can still rent one, right Marcus Brown. Mayor Ganim and Mario are experts in accessing the price of renting Black’s in Bridgeport and just how much did Marcus Brown go for fellas?

  3. A slave to the DTC is real and relevant. Slavery of the mind can be as debilitating as slavery of the body with one exception, even though one’s body was put into slavery there were a myriad of Black folks that never let the white slave master take their mind. OlofsonD, stay in your lane because you are not dealing with an unenlightened Black man.

      1. Olofson,
        You’re seem to be a newbie here Welcome. However,I disagree with your statement. Donald Day said that “Slavery of the mind can be as debilitating as slavery of the body.” That statement does NOT exclusively claim slavery of the body. Clearly,it states slavery of the mind. Let’s call it other words. Let’s say that Marcus Brown was a “sell-out” to the easy way,to the TestaGanim machine. We know ,with the election of Bridgeport Young Democrats’ officers that the BPT Young Democrats have sold out as well. Huge personal disappointment to me as I was a Young Democrat once,some years ago.

  4. I can’t believe people on this blog don’t understand in order for Government to work people must learn to work together. Let’s look at washington DC how messed up government is.On the State level democrats and republicans work together to pass a budget.. Let’s look at our Board of Education as a prime example all they do is fight one another. I served under a Republican Mayor yes we had many battles but if something was good for our city. I would support it. I’ve served with many people the ones who always fought everything just to be fighting got nothing done in his or her district. The good thing about me is The party nor my town committee supported me. I could have gotten on the City Council and said i’m voting against everything. Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. I just wish we could understand i don’t have to like you in order to work with you if it good for our city and our districts.

    1. “I can’t believe people on this blog don’t understand in order for Government to work people must learn to work together.” Really Ernie? That doesn’t include bending over and spreading the cheeks.

        1. Yes Maria served 5 years for 5000.00 that i paid taxes on. Yes a system that gives a GOV. a year and a day. and i get 5 years our justice system mean just US! I represent people who have served long sentences. I’ll say this the only reason you are not in jail it would be a waste of taxes payers money.

          1. Hmmm… okay, if you say so.

            The judicial system is absolutely broken. Those who can afford good attorneys will likely have a better outcome than those that cannot.

            However, you were not a victim and should not attempt to portray yourself as such.

            YOU absolutely betrayed the trust of those you represented. There was audio to prove you were soliciting bribes. You were not a victim, therefore you should not attempt to portray yourself as such.

          2. There never was any video showing me taking a bribe Maria. But there was a picture of you being handcuffed by the Police at success village! Let’s talk about that.

  5. I remember being very vocal in my opposition to Kyle Langan when he ran in 2017 because of his employer is Achievement First Charter $chool. I was silent on Marcus Brown because I knew absolutely nothing about him.
    Clearly, it was Marcus Brown I should have denounced.

    Marcus Brown is bought and paid for. In addition, he is an irresponsible City Council member. When were debating Bassick High School I sent a detailed study conducted in PA about the benefits of preserving historic school buildings to both Marcus & Kyle. I sent him the incredible letter written by Charles Brivlitch and Edgar Bassick IV. Not a peep.

    I decided to call Marcus and discuss the matter with him prior to the Public Hearing the BOE was holding at Bassick HS. I asked him had he read the study. He said “I’m working on it.” In other words “No, I haven’t.” We had an in depth conversation and I urged him to attend the Hearing. He was a “no show” at a hearing held in the 132nd District on a critical matter that impacted his constiuents.

    Marcus Brown is in photo-op after photo-op with Mayor Ganim and the usual DTC characters. I was told he even has his own office at 999 Broad St. which is rather suspicious.

    As far as Ernie Newton’s assertions about the Board of Education, if all nine BOE members agreed on everything we wouldn’t need nine Board members. We would just need one. The number one problem on the school board is Chris Taylor. The high-level staff despises him, the teacher’s union despises him, he has a horrible attendance record. When he does attend he often doesn’t have a single piece of paper in his hand. He is not knowledgeable on a single education topic and is just a loudmouth, disrespectful, crass individual who likes to put on a show. Yes, he is WORSE than Kenneth Moales.

    Dennis Bradley’s attendance is deplorable as well. When he does attend, he does not have a single paper in hand, has not read a single document, and spend the vast majority of his time texting on his phone.

    What do both of these individuals have in common? They are both Ernie Newton’s allies and are entrenched in the corrupt DTC.

    Both Dennis Bradley and Chris Taylor should RESIGN!

  6. I had to follow this back through the articles but it appears that this person has teamed up with the individual his constituency hired him to fire, right? Has his voter base changed their minds too? Why would they want to vote for her now? Has she morphed into Glenda the Good Witch?

  7. Give us a break. This was happening for a while. The announcement that Brown will run with Evette Brantley finally confirms everyone’s suspicions. On top of that,Marcus Brown has been a terrible City Council person representing his constituents. At City Council Meetings,Marcus Brown shows that he either does not know the subject matter being discussed and/or he does not care. Marcus Brown has turned out to be a huge mistake.

  8. Hi Ernie, I’ve read your comments three times and I still can’t get where you’re going. Let me venture a guess; could you mean that since Kyle Langan does research, engages in discussions and is willing to go the extra mile before he votes on an issue as he believes is beneficial to the City and his constituents, is not “working with people?). Now, remember I said I’m venturing a guess. If I’m wrong, please set me straight. Moving on: you know nothing about Marcus Brown and his abdication of oath and office in the 132nd district. He’s an attention junkie, he needs approval, and he’ll take it wherever he can get it. He’s being used by certain people but it doesn’t bother him because he’s getting attention. As a black man, decades his senior in age and experience, you should have caught this immediately and done the right thing. Instead of encouraging his neediness, it was your obligation to steer him in the right direction. Since I’ve been around so long, I know and remember much. I remember you in 1981, you also liked the attention, you wanted to retain your seat as President of the council for a second term. Mayor Paoletta held the eight votes you needed to accomplish that. You, Sam Baldwin and Clem Young worked out an arrangement with the Republican mayor, he gave you eight Republican votes, you had enough to become Council President without the votes of your Democratic colleagues; well, I don’t know what the quid pro quo was and I really don’t care. What I do remember is that you were denied the nomination the following term because you were considered a sell-out to the Republicans. Those were the days when Black leadership in Bridgeport held us newbies accountable for the way we “worked together.” How ironic that today an iconic woman, Senator Margaret Morton, is being honored, I don’t know about you, but I learned from her, looked up to her, and to this day hold her in esteem. BTW, she was one of the leaders back in the day that held your feet to the fire for your switch over to the other side. Don’t consider my memory criticism of you, I served 20 years to your two because I “worked with people when it was the right thing to do, and voted against them when I felt it was the right thing to do.” Marcus Brown betrayed his partner, me, his constituents, as well as the good people who assisted him in his effort to be elected. Whether he prevails this time or not, is irrelevant, he will always be remembered as a dumb ass easily swayed, an attention junkie and an Annex squatter. He’s unemployed, lives with his parents, and hangs around a public building all day. If you disagree with me in any way, please feel free to respond to me, I have a very thick skin, and a good memory of things local.

    1. Lisa, Let me say this I have a lot of respect for you . Remember the Party just like today turned its back on me because i did’t listen to the good old BOY’s so because we could think for our selves. The party which you don’t think must of today could not control me, and like i said before you and the democratic party chose not to support me because i could not be control. o bye the way The Late Senator Margret sat with me, Sam and Clement and told us what to do. If the democrats wont support you because they cant control you and the republicans will take the support which i did. I’m not even going to respond to Maria. Every Board of Education she has served on has been F-up.

      1. Ernie, you stated “remember the Party just like today turned its back on me because i did’t listen to the good old BOY’s so because we could think for our selves.” You mean like Kyle Langan?

        I joined the Board of Education in 2009. If I’m correct you were still in prison, therefore how would you have any knowledge of whether “every Board of Education she (Maria) served on has been F-up?” Do they televise Bridgeport Board of Education meetings in prison? 🙂

        1. Let me get this straight. Ernest Newton served as Common Council President for one term. The next term he wanted to remain Common Council President, however many of his Democratic colleagues would not vote for him, therefore he cut a deal with Republican Mayor Lennie Paoletta and got 8 Republican votes to win a second term as City Council President.

          Two years letter the DTC refused to endorse Ernie for a third term on the City Council, and instead of bucking them and petitioning on to the ballot to wage a Democratic Primary, he slithered away.

          I guess the “good old boys” had some power after all.

          He reappeared a few years later and ran for State Representative. Got it!

          1. Maria,
            Let me first say that I may have been to prison, but you should be in an insane asylum. And you should also be in prison for torching your boyfriend’s car and disrupting the peace at Success Village. Maria, you of all people shouldn’t be talking about people because if people don’t bow down to you, you will turn on them before God gets the news. Maria, I may have gone to prison, but it’s not where you’ve been, but where you’re going. And let me tell you something else–at least on the Council I know how to count to eleven. On the BOE, you don’t even know how to count to five.

            P.S. Yes I was Council President for four years. How many years have you been the Chair of the BOE?

          2. Ernie, I’m crazy alright. Crazy like a fox.

            You keep referring to my torching my boyfriend’s car. Please provide a link or documents supporting any conviction supporting your assertions. We will be waiting as long as we waited for Jennifer Buchanan to post text messages she claimed I sent to legislators.

            It’s called Breach of Peace, not “disturbing the peace.” I should go to prison for Disturbing the Peace while convicted murderers, drug dealers and drunk drivers should drive our school buses. Alrighty then.

            I have never cared about serving as an officer. I’ve never understood how people like Kenneth Moales, Dave Henessey, Dennis Bradley and John Weldon would sell their souls simply to have a little plaque that says “Chair” and to hold a little gavel. I think it is rather sad.

            You can ask Bobby Simmons, John Bagley, Sauda Baraka and Howard Gardner. They will all tell you that I could not care less.

            I care about the work and have accomplished many objectives in my 6 years on the Board.

            I honestly believe that you can count, Ernie. Especially when it came to counting your bribes.

      2. Ernie, what was the deal that was made with Mayor Paoletta and the Republicans? There was no way that the Republicans were going to give you those votes for nothing. They got chairman position on certain key committees and certain Republican Alderman were placed on key committees. There is no free lunch in politics. Of course Ernie if I’m wrong you will correct me.

  9. Meant to say, “my twenty years to your four.) While I’m at it, I was CC, four years with Mayor Bucci, and ten years with Ganim 1, I never needed to deal with anyone, the Council members who supported me did so on their own.

    1. Lisa out of my respect for you i’m not going to say what i want to say to you..You may have served for 20 YRS, but i came before you. I want to the House as Deputy Speaker and Senate as Deputy President Pro-Temp. Yes i’m back on the City Council and have made many great changes to many to name.I never though you would take the side of someone as crazy as MARIA and if you are truly her friend She need HELP!

    2. Lisa, I must say that I find it strange that Ernie getting on you for supporting Maria Pereira but he hasn’t anything about Dennis Bradley and his poor attendance record and Bradley holding a boycott of the BBOE and not doing the work for the 21,000 school children. By the way, no one yet say what Dennis Bradley did while he was on the BBOE, I’m still waiting.

  10. Quote of the day “whether he prevails this time or not, is irrelevant, he will always be remembered as a dumb ass easily swayed, an attention junkie and an Annex squatter. He’s unemployed, lives with his parents, and hangs around a public building all day.”

    I laughed so hard my eyes watered!

    1. DON and RON
      You both remember when i was City Council President. I fought for more Blacks and Brown to be on boards and commissions. Fighting to stop the killings in our city. You all remember i supported the fire- bird law suit which Lenny and myself ended that lawsuit. when Mancini and the white firemen said take it to court. Yes the democratic Bosses turn it back against me because i was 25 years old and i would not be control by them. Yes Lenny and his Aldermen Support me no deal was cut. Members of my part said they would reject chairing any committee assignment so what i did was put a democrat name first and a republican second if they rejected it a republican would become chairman of that committee.Thank God for the Late Joe Kelly and Senator Margret Morton for their advise.Don and Ron weather you give me any credit or not. I have always fought against the injustices in Our City as a Councilman and in our state as a State Representative and as a state Senator and you both know that! People on this Blog love to hear them self talk. Ron and Don you may have fought to bring changes to the fire department but others fought to bring change too.

  11. Lately,I have been trying to be”oh-so-nice” on OIB. I will make a statement and I apologize to all those that I promised to be nice. However,I will go for the jugular. This combination of Evette Brantley and Marcus Brown is a combination of an old whore and a young whore.

    1. Also. the Bridgeport Young Democrats,after a fresh start,have lost ALL credibility. Individual members may get involved but the organization itself is just another TestaGanim bunch of acolytes.

  12. I only came back to this ESL class because of what Frank said. Frank you don’t sell your soul to the Devil. You lost it to the Devil. That being said. Ernie so much for trying to get along. 🙂 I have to say you may have been on to something. While Maria is not Evil she can be Devilish. Damn Girl. 🙂 Ernie, I don’t think it was more of a black man that hurt Maria than a broke heart. That just how that works people.(just my opinion)

    I have to say with all of the vast knowledge and experience in Bridgeport political governance. Why does The Port have all this problems still? 🙂 Have you not done anything? What have you people been doing all of that time, and continue to fight and campaign for? Well for the Port? I’m sure its beneficial for you,why else will doing what you do all of these year. I say that because, the port has not moved much, has it. Form reading this blog it hasn’t 🙂

    Ernie you talk about not bowing down to the Good O’boys. Is Maria doing anything different in that regard on the BOE? I don’t think their is anyone here or in this political arena can say she doesn’t put in the work and fights for the positions she take, like protecting the kids from potential harm.

    P.S TBK, you are like 22 on black jack table. A Loser. Now I will get out now, Good day.

  13. I hold Evette Brantley personally responsible for the City Council brawl due to her incendiary behavior, leaving her Council seat and going down onto the floor and getting in Cecil Young’s face, taunting him. She should have had to pay those $85,000 in damages awarded to Cecil herself.

  14. Bridgeport’s public officials are not interested in creating a safe, ethical and healthy space for our twenty thousand young people to reside. The Democratic party, Republican party and working families party members should be ashamed that their members have failed to make any significant difference in developing the human resources of our wonderful city for 30 years.
    The dysfunctional BOE and the incompetent CC should be thanked for their services but hand in their resignations.

  15. Somewhere Warren Blunt is smiling and shaking his head about all of this… And, I think that if someone were to channel the spirit of the late Senator Alvin Penn, he would also express some level of amusement about all of the surprise and fuss about this situation…

    Now; if someone were to channel Andy Fardy’s ghost(!)…

  16. A little “Bridgeport” political riddle:

    When a cold-wave descends upon the land, it is usually accompanied by the formation of icicles on the landscape…
    When a political cold-wave descends upon Bridgeport, it is usually accompanied by the formation of ________________? 🙂

    [The person who submits the correct answer first will get 2 free tickets to the Super Bowl form Lenny/OIB!… 🙂 ]

  17. Maria I’m sure you can count your Bribes you just didn’t get Arrested yet! Maria at leased i know how to work with others and they don’t have to kiss my A__ for me to get alone with! please take your MED’S

          1. Take a pill and get over yourself, Councilman. If it weren’t for local corruption you’d be working at McDonald’s.

  18. Ernie, when you make baseless assertions that I take bribes you lose the little credibility you have

    No individual knowledgeable or informed about local politics questions my integrity. Unlike you I have NEVER solicited or taken a bribe. I don’t have a city job, nor does a single one of my family members.

    You expected those you solicited bribes from to do your bidding. You remember when you requested a bribe from Charles Smith in order to get funds for his youth program that was in your neighborhood helping kids. That wasn’t about helping children in your district, right? That was about lining your pockets, right?

  19. OMG! Lennie added a group photo of a Karaoke event at the German Club last night.

    Marcus Brown has absolutely no sel-respect. He is kneeling in front of Lisa Parziale grinning ear-to-ear.

    Ernie Newton appears to be bending on one knee before Lisa Parziale as well.

    Lisa Parziale is sitting there looking regal with a slight grin while these two look like they are bowing down to her.

    I don’t know how the photo came about, but the optics do not look good for Newton and Brown.

    1. Maria that’s the different between people Lisa and i may not agree on everything but she has always been a friend to my self and my family. i wish you could learn something from a season politician like Lisa the different is if people done agree with you. You turn on them because you don’t understand to make Allison. You have one vote on the Board of Education SAD Ms know it all. Outside of the 138th district you have nothing.

  20. Lisa Parziale and Mary Louise Bruce, wow, my two biggest supporters back in the day, they always had my back and I learned a lot from them along with Chris Caruso. Lisa what did you do to get Mary out?

    1. Hi Ron, Mary and I both looked forward to having a chance to see our class of the ’80s. I picked her up and off we were.
      Ed Gomes was there, Bubba, Ralphie Mojica, Marella, Paoletto, McCarthy, Lydia, and dozens of others. Just for a few hours, we all seemed to forget disagreements and I think enjoyed the get-together. You know how difficult it can be in Bridgeport’s political environment, but I think everybody enjoyed the event. It was for a good cause and John Brannelly did a great job. It was an ingenious idea to throw in the “Council Reunion” theme, it sure did attract a crowd.

    2. Hi Ron, Mary and I both looked forward to having a chance to see our class of the ’80s. I picked her up and off we were.
      Ed Gomes was there, Bubba, Ralphie Mojica, Marella, Paoletto, McCarthy, Lydia, and dozens of others. Just for a few hours, we all seemed to forget disagreements and I think enjoyed the get-together. You know how difficult it can be in Bridgeport’s political environment, but I think everybody enjoyed the event. It was for a good cause and John Brannelly did a great job. It was an ingenious idea to throw in the “Council Reunion” theme, it sure did attract a crowd.

  21. Ernie, I attest to how hard you’ve fought to level the playing field for Black’s in the city of Bridgeport, but you are incorrect with respect to the Bridgeport Fire Department and our lawsuit.

    You or Mayor Paoletta had absolutely nothing to do with settling the lawsuit for discrimination bought by a group of Black and latino brothers. The fact is that it was fought through every court in America at the disposal of Mandanici and the city government and the city lost at every turn. It wasn’t until the Supreme Court refused to hear their appeal that Bridgeport didn’t have any option other than to settle. Those are the facts and no Black or latino organization, with exception of RTP and Tom Thompson and Raul Lafitte and the law firm of Kosoff and Koskoff or individuals fought along side us in our pursuit of righteousness. My Brother, you have done a lot of good in this city for its residents and the city as a whole and there is no need to embellish the fine things that you have done. Brother you have nothing to prove to these individuals that cast aspersions on you and your character. NOTHING!

    1. Don remember we had just come into office so you are saying the city council or the New Mayor could not have appeal the judges ruling. Wowww. Just remember Mandi fought you all and i’m sure had he won again he would have appeal the judges ruling. I’ve never took credit but i supported the firebirds because it was the right thing to do!

        1. I remember that but the Firemen union wanted Mandi to fight hiring 10 Black and Hispanics Firemen. I was always a supporter of the firebergs and its struggles with the City of Bridgeport.

  22. Maria really, crazy like fox, more like a bat. 😊

    And please remember doctors are now considered contributors to the drug crisis that leads to thousands of deaths each year. (that’s just the tip of the iceberg on my thoughts on doctor and the health care system in general) Which makes them the worst dealers, or people go to them seeking help. Unlike those on the street, they know what they are seeking. Not to mention the school system in their handing of kid who are just hyper, being kids, and the Ritalin they are too eagerly willing to request kids be placed on. (I’ll just leave it at that)

    When you observe this Memorial and Veteran’s Day let’s not forget we don’t train our soldiers just to protect America. We train them to kill in order to protect America. And when speaking of murders. Do you feel abortion is murder? Or is it based solely on law? Which I now hear you can “abort” (Kill) a child up to birth in NY. Is there any rational human-being in government that doesn’t think a 9-month-old, fully developed baby isn’t a human person? That feels pain, thought, emotion, a prisoner waiting to come out and get an A chance on life. Really people you can’t decide in a few months before the fully human being is developed. To decide to abort a 9-month baby for no other reason is horror and any government body that allow and sets laws to prohibit and promoted it is walking the line on Evil, Horror. SMBH

    Ernie I’m glad you acknowledged just because someone didn’t get busted doesn’t mean they’re a trusted person. Just like if someone does get caught, served your time and upon released They’re a trusted person to be responsible with children. And after reading this new abortion standard some don’t belong in government. I wish the Black Christian church leader would speak out against their party on that nonsense.
    P.S. One day someone is going have to explain to me how child abuse, be it physically, mentally or sexually didn’t make the top ten of Moses commandment, handed my God or that “angry male supreme society.”

  23. *** When it comes to Bpt. politic’s, theres always 2 sides to a story with the truth somewhere in the middle. Not the first time local politicians disagree on issues nor the last, regardless of the reasons. Weather its the truth or a lie, politicians & supporters will tend to turn a blind eye just because they can! Till people learn to take credit for whats wrong or right, & those that like to point the finger in the shadows continue asking why? You can be sure that most of the time, in Bpt. politic’s its either a damm good story or its a damm lie! ***

  24. *** What was in the past, stays in the past regardless of the picture that those try to paint of it, in the future. Could of, would of, should of is nothing more than regret for lack of pass actions, no? ***

  25. As Lennie has stated a picture’s worth a thousand works, but which works? Lisa has been tearing into Marcus and tore into Ernie on the eve of this picture. Which is why The Port has done so poorly in the pass and will problem do in the future. The Port’s Government body has been turned in to self-interest institution where the ones pulling the strings are able to dictate The Port’s direction. The port’s skyline consists of the United bank building that was built in the at least three decades ago, and one other building problem older than that. Considering it’s the largest city in Connecticut. My first attempt to go back to school I learned our higher institution was housed in an old industrial factory building. It was one of the saddest sights. I guess it really just comes down to who controls those strings because we have learned The Port”s governance is just lip singing. 😊

  26. Robert, you have the right to opine anytime about anything on OIB. I am going to go against my rule and better judgement and reply back. My reason is that you will kill any topic by making anywhere from 5 to 8 comments in row thereby causing people to lose interest but that’s your right.

  27. Bpt-Kid what would you like to know about my prison time? let’s talk about the injustice in our criminal justice system where a White Governor gets a year and a day and a Black gets five years for a lesser crime!

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