As Shooting Investigation Continues, Martinez Lessens Council Committee Duties

From Michael Mayko, CT Post:

Eneida Martinez is stepping away from her City Council leadership spot and committees while the police investigation continues into a fatal shooting at the social club she managed.

Martinez told the City Council Monday night that she temporarily will “refrain from participating in chairing or sitting” in any committee meetings, and added, “My friends I will remember. My enemies I will not forget.”

Aidee Nieves, the council’s president, temporarily replaced Martinez as the council’s majority leader with deputy leader Jeannette Herron, and added M. Evette Brantley as a deputy majority leader temporarily replacing Herron.

Martinez briefly protested her removal as majority leader, saying it was not something she requested.

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  1. Eneida that was terrible!
    You won’t forget your enemies?!! How can an elected official who says that be able to EVER have their political ideas, decisions, actions and votes taken seriously? Unless there is more to the article which I have not read-(not a Ct Post “insider” member)- then it is a very threatening statement.
    So who owns the Keystone anyway?!!
    Same as all the other “similar” establishments?! Lol.
    I guess this is just another story from the cesspool known as Bridgeport.

  2. (Bridgeport News: City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez Arrested) –
    2020-10-07@12:30PM #Bridgeport CT– Embattled City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez was arrested today for illegal liquor sales and reckless endangerment. She was released on a promise to appear. She was the manager at the Keystone Club on Barnum Avenue when Nyair Charles Nixon was allegedly shot inside the club and then pushed out to be run over by a car. Martinez was the manager of the club and was there the night of the shooting according to numerous witnesses.

  3. The entire city council is ineffective and should be disbanded. A life was lost in connection with a sitting council members nefarious establishment, and she gives a speech about her friends and enemies… shameful and telling. The lack of humility and tone deafness is astounding. The fact that the council woman did not remove herself from all council activities, so as to not distract further from city business is beyond shameful. There is a sense of entitlement that is difficult to ignore.

  4. Why was this club open? Why didn’t she resign immediately after the shooting? Why does every elected official in this city think they’re above the law?


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