Amid Virus Spread, Newton Seeks Support For Incarcerated–“Let Them Go Home”

East End City Councilman Ernie Newton, an advocate for the second-chance community, has authored a resolution calling for suspension of incarceration for technical violations, release of elderly and “vulnerable people” onto supervision, suspending probation office visits and payment of fines, as well as free medical visits and treatment, hand sanitizers, soap and protective gear.

The resolution proposes creation of a Safer Supervision Committee to urge Governor Ned Lamont to advance the requests via an executive order as part of an COVID-19 response initiative.

Newton wants the resolution brought up for immediate action at the next virtual council meeting May 18.

The resolution has no force other than what it can do to influence gubernatorial action.

“A lot of people are dying in prison who are on short terms,” says Newton. “Let them go to a halfway house or let them go home. Even though they’re paying for mistakes, they should be treated like a human being. We’re not talking about people with life sentences. They’re people ready to come home who’ve served most of their time.”

Newton resolution:



  1. “A lot of people are dying in prison who are on short terms,” says Newton.

    As of May 5th a total of 6 inmates of the CT Dept of Corrections had died from Covid-19. While lamentable that is not a LOT of people.

    According to NBC news:
    The first inmate to die was approved for release but died in UCONN Health Center just 3 days after being diagnosed. He was halfway through a 2 year term.

    The second inmate was 57 and serving a 22 year sentence for First degree robbery.

    Number three was a 74 year old male serving a life sentence for murder.

    Inmate death number 6 was a 74 year old male serving 13 years for first degree sexual assault of a minor less than 13 years of age

    The 5th inmate was a 51 year old male serving a 42.5 year sentence for murder and had been in the system since 1992. That is NOT short term.

    Inmate Death #4 was a male serving 14 years for first degree burglary

    SO, 6 inmate deaths, 1 with a two year term, the others, 13 years, 14 years, 22 years, 42.5 years and life.

    Ernie, stop the BS and get the facts straight. 83% of the inmates who died from Covis-19 were serving LONG Sentences.

    The populace does not want convicted murderers, robbers, burglars and sexual predators released early because they might get the virus. These men were convict of serious crimes, many in the first degree.

    1 out of 6 deaths is not LOTS.

  2. Ernie, I support your effort but I think it must be made clear, you said treatment but it’s not spelled out what treatment is, will it be COVID-19 testing and tracing antibody? I just saw a news story where the inmates in prison where shown trying to get infected with by standing inside of the six feet and putting on each others mask so that they can go back to court to have the judge to release them.

    1. @Ernie
      At least I post facts.
      There are not LOTS of short termers dying in our state prisons. Every living person starts dying at birth, some may take 100 years to complete the journey.

      You just spout things that can not be backed up by facts. I delineated the information about inmates who have died from Covid-19 in our state correctional facilities. You made up a statement with no facts to back it up.

      Inmates are notorious in their activities that lead to illness and disease, such as tattooing without proper sterilized equipment and safe inks.

      I am a bleeding heart liberal, but I act based on facts, not your made up story. I read your comment and then researched it and found it untrue. What a surprise…..

  3. I just saw that on the news Ron and they were taking turns drinking out the same cup! I think there will always be individuals that will attempt to beat whatever system life finds them in and it will end up biting someone in the ass who is worthy of these considerations!

    1. Don
      I saw it to but the judge move them to another prison. Their are real people dying in prison with short terms. People who can’t make bail. Dying in prisons.

      1. Wow, Ernie

        He cares more about those put themselves in prison (criminals) than the constituents who voted him in.

        Ernie, if you put half of this effort into make YOUR community a better place, well…. you know it wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the city, or the eye sore of the city for that matter.

        Ernie is so easily triggered about assisting departments regarding public safety, but then goes and does this when there are no stats to prove that “a lot” of people are dying on short term bids. And on that note, those people are isolated, if anything they’re safer. Because what happens when you release them and get infected out here? Your gonna send them back infected? Are you going to take the responsibility if they die because you released them early from their bid. Sorry do the time if you did the crime. CT and California have become a laughing stock for how bad they want to release criminals amongst society.

        How about you do something about them men and woman who are GETTING infected daily by providing essential services for your city. Oh and no they didn’t “sign up for it” COVID-19 wasn’t on the brochure when they got hired.

        1. JO
          First of all theses individuals in must cases have less than a years before coming home. i notice you said nothing about president Trump people who are getting out of jail for lying to the FBI. The president chairman Manafort was released because of coronavirus. I guess you have to be connected in order to be treated fairly.

          1. Oh you wanna talk about lying to the FBI? Let’s keep it home. How’s your buddy Ganim and AJ doing with the federal probe in their obstruction of justice. Lol

            On top of all of that, the same man who is trying to allow convicted felons the right to vote, is the same guy trying to release them. Your buying their votes for senate huh? Lol face it your no different than Trump, you just have a different target audience but the same agenda.

          1. Ernie, we know a lot of resolutions are written by lobbyist for local, state and the federal government.

          2. Ernie, I didn’t mention race at all, my statement is, “we know a lot of resolutions are written by lobbyist for local, state and the federal government,” lobbyist get paid good money to have the government at every level to get their issues heard and pass and these lobbyist come in all races, men and women.

  4. The purpose of this “Newton Resolution” is ultimately to create another “COMMISSION” in the City called the SAFER Supervision Committee that will pay close attention to those who have resided or currently reside in DOC facilities, is that correct???

    Does anyone consult the list of Boards and Commissions on our City website and see how well we track appointments, meeting activities, availability of minutes, and transparency to the voting public? I do and have for a decade. Did you hear about the “death” of Fair Rent and Fair Housing groups at least ten years ago from neglect? They are still on the list??? Certainly the City Council has heard about this, but what have they done? There are more folks in the City who might wish to be heard about housing and rental practices than require an oversight group on folks behind bars.

    ( My personal sentiments urge me to question how many Bridgeporters are behind bars, charged with non=violent matters, while the courts have remained closed. They may be unable to deal with their issue but are unable to post bond to be free until their charges are handled in court.How many are innocent until proven guilty in this status? Unable to maintain social distancing, etc. at a time when they have discovered that their welfare is not paramount for governmental attention. Fairness and equality are worthy goals for public oversight. Boards and commissions need attention and they do not get respect or attention for the most part in Bridgeport, despite a “second chance” administration that has politically appointed employees tasked with OVERSIGHT of such boards and commissions for several years now.

    For years I have asked questions of Ganim2 regarding his priorities. Perhaps you can see a list somewhere? Please share, if you see. And remember that OVERSIGHT by all is a state of vigilance so that when you see smoke, you look for the fire, but report the situation to those who are responsible and employed for their skills and responsibilities. Any concerns in the City about rents, housing options, landlord issues? Time will tell.

    1. John
      If you read the resolution its asking the GOV. to order the commissioner of correction to release them.
      You sit on the NAACP board and are a member, The Nation NAACP supports this movement. I guess only whites who are connected should be released. All the Presidents MEN!

  5. Ernie,
    Do I assume that you wrote the resolution? The clarity of your question to me above saying that it asks the GOV to release has been lost in the resolution. And my point is that OVERSIGHT is not a strong point in City Council or other governance current action and that you have allowed the continued posting of “dead” boards and commissions for over a decade. What is that about?
    I am an active participant in the local NAACP branch. That is a fact. Your ‘guess’ about “whites” is racist rather than anti-racist. Rant on brother. What justice does it get for anyone?
    By the way, I wrote some poetry last week titled Fiscal Justice in Bridgeport and include it again for your consideration since it raises the issue of “all of us folks” and how we become divided and diverted from the real issues affecting citizens.

    Fiscal Justice in Bridgeport? John Marshall Lee 5-8-2020

    Ever wonder why our City seems so poor?
    Are Flatto and Nkwo best for dollar info?
    Where else can you direct us to go?

    City acts slow when you want to know,
    comparing trends or work indicators proves unthorough.
    Try getting facts from Freedom of Info
    on consultants, city legal and OT for ‘Popo’?
    Oversight of tax dough by Council, not even so-so.

    Who is really in the know?
    Talks developing truth to yo’ and yo’?
    Barnumesque blog on politicos? NO!
    Though big on personality cults and glow.
    Midst taunts and jeers, a real sideshow.

    Masked Mayor goes viral on virus Video.
    No word to folks re lower debt or great cash flow.
    Do school youth show great capacity to grow
    In the ‘second chance’ reign of Mario and Joe?
    Or does it add up to less than ZERO?

    Time continues to tell!!

  6. Historically, Black and brown defendants have been more likely to be jailed before trial than white defendants.

    About 29% of people in local jails were unconvicted – that is, locked up while awaiting trial or another hearing. Nearly 7 in 10 (69%) of these detainees were people of color, with Black (43%) and Hispanic (19.6%) defendants especially overrepresented compared to their share of the total U.S. population. Since then, pretrial populations have more than doubled in size, and unconvicted defendants now make up about two-thirds (65%) of jail populations nationally.

    Young Black men are about 50% more likely to be detained pretrial than white defendants. Black and brown defendants receive bail amounts that are twice as high as bail set for white defendants – and they are less likely to be able to afford it. I know, I know, I always bring race into the conversations, but in the America race plays a part in everything that happens to Black people.

    1. Donald Day makes an important point.
      As he says; “but in the America race plays a part in everything that happens to Black people”.
      Martin Luther King wanted us to judge people by the content of their heart, not the color of their skin.
      Unfortunately, many people, both black and white, insist that race is an explanation of bad behavior that is not the fault of the individual.
      Donald Day provides statistics that suggest over-representation of blacks in the court system.
      No-one is denying this over-representation.
      For decades there has been explanations for the behavior of blacks (especially young men), mostly related to lack of family structure.
      Perpetuating the victim status and excuses for bad behavior need to stop.

  7. JO
    I see you don’t have a Que, this isn’t about Joe and Mario. Its about people dying in prison who have illnesses that make them a target for COV-19. Its alright to let whites out if if you are connected to the President of The United States of America! Miss me with your bullshit!

    1. You act like they’re dying at an alarming rate! Why don’t you put that focus in on family homes that account for 60% of the deaths in CT from COVID. How about you advocate for making Hospitals take these old at risk patients in and not just before it’s too late. They are sending these folks back to their homes where everyone is getting infected because they don’t want them in the hospitals. How about you do that? How about you make sure your local homes for the elderly are supplied enough to handle the pandemic. Bring awareness to that. Not because a small few got sick in prison and suddenly a couple died from pre existing conditions. Literally a hand full.

      So miss me with your bullshit. Your targeting whites in your comments, but I’m not white. I’m actually a minority. And it’s not okay what trump is doing neither. How about you grow a pair of balls and stop hiding behind your racially biased hidden agenda. 🤡

  8. WOW!!!! Ernie you pulled the race card out on JML.😂 This is why I say when you praise God, it’s annoying. It’s insincere. Like the race card, you use God and people’s emotions towards them for your owe means for if you viewed God in a reverence way you wouldn’t use the race card in such a selfish, caveler way, especially on JML😅SMH.

    You talk about being fair, this resolution is far from fair. You aren’t asking the inmates to go back to jail to finish their sentence when this crisis is over, are you? That’ fair. You inject race by bringing up Trump and Manafort. Well rapper 69 was released. Does that make it fair in your eyes?

    What you are asking is to lessen inmates sentences due to this COVID19. Which I’m cool with that. Our justice system is full of leniency methods, like time off for “good behavior”. But are you really advocating for prisoners during this COVID19 crisis?

    Marcus is right there are more inmates at risk that will never have a chance to be released. I heard they are not even letting inmates take showers, not sure how that is helping stopping the spread. However I will agree with you on the bond system that takes vital money from the poor.

    Jo has apoint too. Ernie are you advocating for the families in the nursing home who lost loved ones out of neglect that being shielded from any type of lawsuit.

    Here’s my point though Why are we injecting race every chance we get? Even Lenny’s post about Kate in the dirt bikes had a racial tone more about then the welfare of the kids driving then, and the city as a whole. We had the terms hoodlums, thugs, and law-abiding citizens. Being white living in the Port and having an ATV that I drove around on the streets. I don’t know where I stand, and chances are most of those bikes are stolen. I know mine was😀 well, I didn’t steal it but I bought it from the person who did. But it’s okay though , eventually it was stolen from me . I like to think the original owner came and took it back. 😎 So it all worked out in the end. “Just KIdding” 😁Which is why I don’t have a problem with Ernie’s resolution. It’s not like these low target inmates are not going to get out. But to attack the police for doing their job by injecting race does a disservice to the city as well as the welfare of the young adults who are driving these things on the city streets. Let’s not forget a young man lose his life driving one of these things on our city streets not too long ago, and there are many places where you can go to drive these things. I know people who have them and go out to places where you can drive them. As for me , back in the day, being I guess, law-abiding citizen/hoodlum/thug I drove mind on the streets of the Port, especially in the snow😁

    However, my point is instead of advocating for place in the Port for youths to ride dirt bikes. Or ways to get inmates out of jail. During this crisis advocate for the school system to supply laptops to its students because at the end of the day and the end of this COVID19 crisis, If our school system doesn’t supply laptops for its students that will benefit them as well as the teachers there is something seriously wrong with the advocacy groups who use the kids as their means of advocacy. I Feel this is like the same type ofbattle for school unifotms. Just saying

  9. Hello, Everyone
    In today’s CT Post, 83% of all inmates in Connecticut prisons have COV-19 I guess many people on this BLOG feel let them DIE. People who have less than 2 years show go home under house arrest.

  10. It should say “should go home.” At least we can conclude you didn’t write this legal resolution. 🙂

    It’s not what you’re asking for but how, in my opinion. Are whites counted as inmates who “show” be go home under house arrest?

    Instead of calling out JML with a race card, say since the courts have to deal with this Covid19 and have slowed down the process, release inmates who are not a flighted risk or endanger to the public whose their cases is still pending with the courts, Release inmates who have less than an (a specific time, two years seems a lot) left to go on their sentence and who have underlining health conditions, considering the cost to the state to hold them.

    Of course, I didn’t read the resolution someone, and most likely not you, wrote. So I don’t know what’s it’s asking. But I do have one question, did a white person write it, 🙂

    Secure the book, the book is secured. 🙂

  11. If that high a percentage of inmates have the virus then they should stay there because at this point the jail should become a hospital. By saying that they should be released, where would you like them to go???
    Wherever they go they will take that virus with them right?

  12. Great idea, Ernie ! These people couldn’t follow rules or laws to begin with and now you think that they suddenly will when they are released ? Where will they go? Who will they live with? Will they honor “Social Distancing” ??? These are all questions that need to be asked. Also, with 36 million unemployed, how will these people support themselves if not by returning to crime? Do you think that the govt. has bottomless pockets that they should be paying ex-cons $1200 per month to say clean ?


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