A Long, Strange Trip For City Council

DeFilippo and Herron
Endorsed candidate mailer

Voting is underway at Blackham and Madison schools for the Democratic primary for City Council in the North End 133rd District between party endorsed Michael DeFilippo and Jeanette Herron challenged by former State Rep. Bob Keeley and zoning commissioner Anne Pappas Phillips. What a long, strange trip this has been since last September with campaigning in all four seasons. Keeley, for one, has checked out of this race both mentally and physically and won’t even be around to vote for himself unless shot out of a cannon from the left coast where political operatives say he ventured a few days ago.

On two occasions Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis invalidated primary results based on absentee ballot irregularities. Keeley’s interest in the seat centered on becoming City Council president and next in line if a vacancy occurs in the mayoralty. His lack of interest in the race coincided with the evaporation of that opportunity. So Keeley’s performance in this race will be measured by his effort. Meanwhile his running mate Phillips is going at it alone.

The top two finishers go on to the general election. The latest absentee ballot count released by the Town Clerk’s Office Tuesday afternoon shows about 80 district electors have voted that way.

Will post results tonight.



  1. A vote for Michael DeFilippo and Jeanette Herron is a vote for Mario Testa and Mario’s continuous dictatorship of the Democratic Town Committee with business as usual.

    1. That’s not so bad, Ron. DeFilippo is a bartender. He can mix cocktails for the rest of the Council to go with the finger sandwiches Mario provides…

  2. Bob Keeley could’ve made a difference on the City Council but nooooooo… Couldn’t get the fourth ball for a walk so he threw down the bat and walked off. What an asshole, what a shameless asshole. 

  3. While I am enjoying my Lunch today until 2:00, I thought I would chime in.

    First I want to wish Jeanette Herron the best of luck today. She is a very hard working individual vocationally and politically. She works tirelessly for her constituents as her current partner Tom McCarthy.

    Congratulations to Mike Defillipo on the birth of his new child this past weekend.

    This anti DTC and anti Mario has got to stop somewhere. I do not want to say too much about Keeley. I think he has gone off the deep end. His last incessant rant on my Facebook page was unbelievable and very sad. Very disappointing.

    For anyone believing he was a good choice and was going to save the city from corruption, OMG he has always been part of the political scene and many times the recipient of many of the assets of being part of the machine as Lisa P. and Bob Halstead.

    Ron Mackey, calling Mario a dictator? Seriously? He is a leader and has lead this party and made money for candidates and has done everything a DTC chairmen is supposed to do. The anti Ganim and Anti Testa sentiment of many on challenging slates lost because most people do not believe the conspiracy theories. Bob Keeley is a liar and never apologizes for any of his misdeeds. He is a bullshit artist and that is always how he received votes. I agree with Andy Fardy. Time for the city to move forward and show some respect for Mike Difelippo and Jeanette Herron. I am sorry that Ms. Phillips character was eclipsed by the lunacy of Bob Keeley. I have lost respect for this man. I am shocked that people supported him on this blog. Lunch over. Meeting!

  4. Steve,
    What a strange posting by you. It’s lunchtime until 2:00 PM and not a word in your six paragraphs about your supposed living passion….FOOD??? Word on the street is that you now have a job with the City. True or false? And that your boss is John Ricci, manager of a range of Public Facilities areas and beyond including Airport, Golf Course, and Beardsley Zoo. And I forgot, Department of Aging. Is that where your are using your talents, perhaps? Time will tell.

    1. JML, Word on the street is that I got a job with the city. Seriously? Are you living under a rock? I have been working for the city for months! I do not work for the Department of aging. My mother just turned 90 yesterday. Although working for the department of aging is a noble career choice it is not for me. John Ricci certainly does have a huge job with the city. He does have amazing individuals that serve the city well. I will not be discussing my job on this blog. Perhaps Mary Bruce can fill you in . Otherwise, you can wait unless you have an inside track. I will say it is great being back in city hall. It is quite ironic that it was Ganim who put me there. I supported Finch and Foster. Go figure! This will most likely be the last comment I make that has to do with me , my career and my presence in the city. Just know I am excited and proud to serve the city and this administration.

      As far as food. Next Saturday relatives are flying in to celebrate my moms 90th birthday at Prime in Stamford. Usually it is Capital Grill. I highly recommend both for a steakhouse. There you have it john – I have lost 26 lbs. I do not want to gain it back.

  5. No reports from the Primary Front today about turnouts? Historic in fact. Expensive in reality. When does the last election take place? Will the Republicans, who have been waiting in the wings for so long, be ready to look for help? Where has there been a meeting in the District to let the curious know more of the facts? Perhaps home owners did not fault the Mayor and Council for the mil rate increase that not only increased taxes for many, but also decreased house values if you needed to sell and move? Maybe they are not curious how the Mayor balances the budget? Time will tell.

  6. Thank you Harvey. The moral of the story is, kissing ass is better than being a miserable, negative naysayer. A little positive energy wouldn’t hurt you. You are what you think about. You belong to that amazing group of people that all think alike and sound like a broken record. If life is a serious of choices, I have always chose to be a positive force. Being negative has never been an option for me. Thank you for your congrats even though it was a back handed compliment and mean spirited it is ok. I am still standing.

    1. “… kissing ass is better than being a miserable…” Yeah, right. Mastering the dubious art of kissing ass dies not make you apositive force. It does, however, make you a shameless fool. You were given a dog biscuit for being a good boy.

  7. Steve,
    Thanks for bringing us up to speed on your activity. If, as you reported above, you have been working for the City for months now, that would seem to coincide with the increased activity on OIB as the primary defendant for Ganim2’s administration. (There was a moment in time where you seemed to conclude that you were through with posting, and now you have more activity than almost anyone else. So, what is your position with the City? Aren’t you proud of it? Weren’t you a naysayer about the days you collected a day’s pay for being a substitute teacher? Presumably you make more money today, benefits too, but what critical job do you occupy as the City came away from a job freeze? Time will tell.

  8. Wouldn’t it be great if Steven Aurerbach played an active role in selling Sikorsky Memorial Airport?
    To the correct buyer, it’s a multi-million dollar transaction. Bridgeport needs an aura to replace its stigma and SA is just the guy to bring it!

  9. Here’s the aura: Bridgeport could once again be First in Flight as VTOLs (vertical take-off and Landing vehicles. aka flying cars) make their official debut here!

  10. Bonus: once the transaction is complete, the new buyer becomes Stratford’s largest taxpayer.
    We’re not just making history, we’re making friends, too.


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