Zoning Seeks Arrest Warrant For Taylor’s Illegal Residence

From the CT Post:

The city’s Zoning Department has asked a judge of the Superior Court to issue an arrest warrant for the Board of Education’s Chris Taylor for continuing to live in an illegal East Side apartment.

Zoning Enforcement Officer Neil Bonney inspected Taylor’s recycling business’ offices at 155 Davenport St. on May 30 and concluded the school board member had an apartment there that was not part of the plans the city had approved a few years earlier.

Taylor was given 30 days to cease and desist living on the site or to file an appeal. That order, according to the arrest warrant affidavit Bonney submitted Wednesday, was sent to Taylor May 8 by certified mail and received by him on May 15.

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  1. The SEEC sent me a letter confirming receipt of my complaint on April 18, 2019. The letter stated if I had any additional information I should contact them.

    I have had additional information for weeks but health issues have prevented me from being promoted in reporting my new information.

    I had a lengthy conversation with the SEEC and hung up feeling the investigation,on two fronts, is in full progress.

    I had no idea that Brian Lockhart was working on this story. I literally hung up with the SEEC and it popped up on my Facebook feed.

    Remember, the incredibly unqualified “Interim Superintendent” Mike Testani only received the bare minimum of the 5 votes required. One of those votes was Chris Taylor. If Chris Taylor is found to be serving on the Board illegally than Mike Testani would also be an illegitimate “Interim Superintendent.”

  2. Interim Commissioner of Education Wentzell’s last day was today. She did not grant Mike Testani his waiver to serve as “Interim Superintendent” before she left.

    A member of her staff was appointed Interim Commissioner of Education at 2:00 PM today. The ball will be in his court.

    If you have not yet signed our petition and posted a comment about why you do not believe Mike Testani is qualified to serve as “Interim Superintendent” of the BPS, please sign on asap.

  3. What Chris Taylor doesn’t seem to understand is that it doesn’t matter what he does with the property now.

    He had to be a “bonafide” elector in the City of Bridgeport residing in a “dwelling” just to run for the Bridgeport Board of Education. He was not one when he was endorsed by the subservient Republican TC, he was not one when he was elected in 2017, and he was not one the night he took his oath.

    Chris Taylor’s Board of Education seat belongs to Howard Gardner who lost in a suspicious recount by 24 votes.

  4. Hey Chris Taylor,
    Their are hundreds of city residents, if not more that live in illegal apartments!!!! Funny how zoning is only coming after you. Jus sayin’……..

    1. “In an interview last week with Hearst Connecticut Media, Taylor, who previously said he planned to move out of the apartment were it deemed illegal, instead said he would try to seek the zoning variances necessary to maintain living space. The property is zoned for light industrial use.

      “’I got so much money in the place, where am I gonna go?” Taylor said at the time. “It’s a great neighborhood.’”

      Get the fuck out of here, Chris. Go back to mommy’s house in Fairfield. You live there anyway…

  5. Frank,

    The difference is Chris Taylor is serving on the Board of Education while registered to vote at an industrial facility which allows NO residential living, therefore he is serving on the school board making critical decisions impacting 20,400 students when he absolutely NO right to do so.

    I agree there are many illegal apartments in Bridgeport, however I sincerely doubt many of them are on the site of a recycling plant that is in an Light Industrial Zone. I also doubt that many of them have registered voters serving as an elected officials residing in them.

  6. Railroaded : : to convict with undue haste and by means of false charges or insufficient evidence. b : to push through hastily or without due consideration.

  7. Jim, I submitted over 100 exhibits. Not 100 pages, 100 exhibits.

    The evidence is overwhelming that Chris Taylor lives at 270 Bronson Road, Southport CT.

    1. There’s plenty can be done. Taylor has been exposed as a fraud. If he cheated to get onto the school board chances are he is dishonest in other ways. Or is no one thinking about that?

      He is committing a white collar crime; it is a crime nonetheless. To quote Margaret Thatcher, “Crime is crime is crime.”


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