Barnum Festival Parade Images From Seaside Park

Before the sun gave way to a sourly Sunday sky, the Barnum Festival Parade trekked along the gorgeous waterfront of Seaside Park that was one of P.T. Barnum’s gifts to the city. Check out images:

Crowd takes in parade at Seaside Park.

Float of Ringmaster Marty Schwartz.
Come follow the band.
The Royal Family.
The favorite little people Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren.
Ringmaster procession with Bill Murphy up front followed by Mickey Herbert.
Fife and drum.
Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti, a former ringmaster, tips hat along waterfront.
Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa reaches out to shake a hand. At right, his driver Public Facilities Director John Ricci. Did they conduct an impromptu fundraiser?
Mayor Joe Ganim, City Council President Aidee Nieves and U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal.
New State Rep. Antonio Felipe whose district includes Seaside Park with his mentor State Rep. Chris Rosario.
Port Jeff Ferry goes amphibious.
2018 Ringmaster Johnny Vazzano.


  1. Who wants to go to ANY Parade where Mario Testa and his trained animals are the featured attractions. Testa makes me puke and that is why this comment won’t see the light if day.

  2. Just not the same to me,it’s called ‘The Great Street Parade”,,having it at Seaside instead of going through the neighborhoods is a shame.I understand the financial end of it though.


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