Zoning Officer Suspended

Bridgeport Zoning Officer Dennis Buckley has been suspended with pay from his city position pending an investigation of a sexual harassment accusation by a city employee.

Buckley has worked in the city Zoning Office for more than 20 years. He is the chief zoning official for the city. The agency comes under the umbrella of the Department of Economic Development headed by Donald Eversley. Because this is a personnel matter the city’s releasing no details. I’ve known Buckley for more than 20 years. He’s well liked by city employees and highly regarded by most coming in contact with his office.



  1. Keep in mind “sexual harassment” can be a really b.s. charge and is often used out of spite, ignorance, or plain nastiness. It is so easy to claim it in these “sensitive” times.

  2. Black Rockin Keep in mind sexual harassment is real and is a problem in business. The company I worked for made sure all 40,000 employees took a sexual harassment seminar once a year. BTW sexual harassment in and of itself is nasty and it does exist.

  3. *** With nothing but hearsay & rumors so far; I would say eventually “right or wrong” nothing will happen to Mr. Buckley when all is said & done! ***

    1. Dennis gets suspended because of accusations of sexual harassment while Coble gets away with threatening the women in his office. Osborne applied his double standard again.

      If Iris had spent as much time in her office as she did sniffing around Eversley, maybe she wouldn’t have lost the WIC program.

  4. What do you know about Tom Coble? You are spouting the same lies that need to be exposed as the lies they are! harley76 huh? You Can’t Handle the Truth … The Truth is you are spreading falsehood and lies. Tom has threatened no one. In fact, if you are listening to some, they have been documented as liars … be careful. We are NOT tired of defending Tom’s character.


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