Zoners Approve Pot Dispensary

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Monday’s zoning commission meeting proved to be a good night for legalized pot in Bridgeport, where wary officials only recently decided to welcome the new recreational cannabis industry after years of keeping medical marijuana establishments at bay.

Not only did the zoning commission rebuff an effort to tighten the six-month-old regulations for recreational cannabis sales, but members approved a previously rejected application for the city’s second dispensary.

“It’s (recreational cannabis) been legislated. It’s legal,” Attorney Charles Willinger said on behalf of client 1201 Bridgeport Properties LLC’s revised proposal to open a hybrid retail and medical cannabis establishment at 15 Dewey St., an office/industrial building between Interstate 95 and Mountain Grove Cemetery.

The veteran land-use attorney was trying to appeal to those on the board and in the audience who still oppose state lawmakers’ decision in 2021 to allow the retail sale of cannabis nine years after first authorizing marijuana sales for medicinal purposes.

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      Rumor mill has it that Lennie Grimaldi will soon announce the first OIWEED Party to be held at Matty’s in Black Rock, Bridgeport or is it Fairfield?

      1. You’re welcome.

        We tore down “affordable housing” for a reason in the Port. though, It’s not about fair affordable housing in the Port or elsewhere. It’s not about race either for the, most part. though it’s there, used, for better or worse. It’s about socializing vs capitalism, Conservatives vs Liberals. (on A level)

        Though race is the main card on the desk that is used on this level. Like a person selling you a time Share, it sounds good, but how long does that feeling last?

        The BBOE shows a prime example of the devaluation of Black and Brown students with integration without segregation. Yet they still played the race card on it. 🙂

        A Black Supt. Chair BBOE
        B. Mismanage of resources to the despairing, WCS Vs THS
        C. Let WCS students go without proper resources (teachers) for 1/2 school year.
        D. Finally addresses the issue by busing WCS students to THS, integration without segregation.
        E, Time-shares, by selling it as a racist system of one school over another.
        G. Blame “white” councilwoman Maria who opposed the plan as devaluing the quality of her constituent kid’s education who attend THS, who has a Minority child herself.
        H. THS is primarily Black and Brown as WCS
        G. The plan is for scarp and BBOE diverts the needs of resources (teachers) from other schools to WCS, something that could and should’ve been done at the beginning.
        J. BBOE still plays the race card by claiming out of the 1500 teachers there are more white teachers than black and brown.
        L. OK, but the issue was there weren’t enough teachers PERIOD. Not enough black, brown, or WHITE teachers.
        M. because of the issues, the BBOE article/press release aimed at racism. It suggests even if we find qualified white teachers they are not going to hire them. Keeping the status quo of black and brown Port students not having any qualified teachers to teach them. racism. No. Or am I reading it wrong?

        A Level.

        What I am saying you don’t have to devalue something to achieve racial diversity.

      2. Local eyes, now you know where you can go and buy your weed, instead of trying to set me up with Bridgeport Police in a marijuana buy sting.

        The article failed to mention that Dinardo owns the property known as 15 Dewey Street.

  1. Final thoughts on the current events.

    To Lamount’s point, there’s not much legal, legislative antidote to that what happens in Memphis. On a political point, perhaps there’s truth. Though you can always tweak things now and again to what’s working and what isn’t. But at some point, communities, let’s stick with black, particularly black communities, because it’s the only part of the loaf that gets any political, or social pushback. I mean, there’s not much pushback on whites being abused/killed by police, Latinos for that matter, outside of the lime and Corona togetherness

    After witnessing Tyre’s level of political pushback, you have to ask if Black Lives Don’t Matter to the BLM movement when the police dragged a black man out of his car for a traffic stop and beat him to death, all caught on video, because it was at the hands of black officers. What pushback for progress do you think there will be for black lives in black communities like Chicago where they average 700 homicides, and over 3,000 shooting each year?

    The only thing that reared its ugly head by the beating death of Tyre in CT was police-qualified immunity. It sounds nice, like someone selling you a time-share. IMO. I see no logic in its or the benefit. To me, it just reduces the quality of officers’ actions in policing the community, communities that need it the most, out of fear of legal financial (money) actions against them.

    I am not dismissing fear, but you would think the fear of them losing their jobs/ (paycheck/money/pension) would be sufficient. Like any other person who doesn’t do their job competently.

    It has been said a solution was the need for more cameras and body cams so we don’t have to just take the police account. Hire more people that look like the people in the community, and fire, arrest, and prosecute those offenders who commit criminal acts.

    Well, it’s all there for the world to see. Not much ambiguity. though it was all there for Floyd too. However, there will be a time when it’s not as evident or ambiguous, and it seems that time will come only when white, racist motivation and political racial identity is present. How can it be otherwise if this is the action for what took place of Tyer?

    But rest assured it will find its way, one way or another, politics doesn’t stand still, and memories are short.

    While this is the most that was shown you have to ask where the part leading up to him on the grown is, where this video starts. That being said, he took some severe sucker shots in the part of the incident that was given.

    To be honest there’s always legislation action since politics doesn’t stand still. I don’t think people, particularly politicians, police reform, activities, or racial identity politics care to hear them though, but making harsher consequential for individuals who escalate/resist arrest who creates a situation where force is needed. It may change the mindset that leads to incidents where police have to use force. It is very rare for police officers to just go in with force, especially a patrol division. Though this was a special unit. A traffic stop is a traffic stop. Never even ask for his license, registration, and insurance.

    Generally, one side of the loaf doesn’t like/want to look at the other half

    Just like the side doesn’t want to look at the need to keep firing officers/punishing/demoting those officers who do push the arrest too far beyond what it needs to be?

    At the rate, good, luck Port, John my invite still stands. 🙂

    Peace out. ESL Class dismissed.


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