Headquarters Opening For Mayoral Candidate John Gomes

Democratic mayoral candidate John Gomes will kickoff his campaign headquarters opening Saturday morning at 2196 East Main Street.

Gomes is off to a potent fundraising start, banking $100,000 in the month of December, in his quest to unseat Mayor Joe Ganim who has raised more than $200,000.

State Senator Marilyn Moore and former Finch administration official Lamond Daniels are also in the mayoral battle.

The next fundraising quarter ending March 31 becomes crucial for Moore and key for Daniels. Moore must show financial strength or risk losing support to other candidates and viability as a threat despite coming close in 2019.

If upstart Daniels can fundraise on par with Moore it buoys his chances to win over activist voices that backed Moore four years ago.



  1. Rich, your post on Sen/Rev Gaston.

    Rich, let me rephrase it. People can be dicks, pricks, cunts, lying, cheating, abusive, spiteful, angry, sad, mean, racist, biased, corrupted, happy, funny, kind, compassionate, honest, fair, and everything in between.

    The issue with police is they are given authority over others, and generally, people don’t like that. Whoever it’s how they use/abuse that authority. discretionary speaking. Outside of criminal enterprises, general patrol/local cops are civil functionaries to society. It’s mapped out, They gave a code book. While calls are generally routine and consistent in nature the situation and interactions aren’t.

    They’re based on the individual’s behavior, actions, and/or state of mind, However, that pendulum swings both ways. Emotionally speaking the police hold considerable influence on the situation, interaction, and outcome, “discretionarily” speaking.

    If the constant negative actions are painted in the minds of officers on day to day basis negativity going to be painted in that heads. To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    Most, if not all interactions/calls are negative in nature, in one form or another. Because of it, coupled with cops are given authority over others with the sense of being on the moral side. It creates a sense of entitlement/justification, even when their actions are morally and justifiable in question.

    What happen to Trye was in another stratosphere of rudeness/prickness. But make no mistake entitlement was a contributing factor to their actions.

    In the case of Gaston’s experience, and many others, You can be called being “rude” or being a prick” cop. Right or Wrong. Everybody comes off as rude or a prick when they’re ordering, commanding, or controlling you because they were given authority over you especially if consent to it it has not had a positive aspect to the encounter. 🙂

    Stopping, and pulling over a few cars to surprise them with a turkey is not going to do shit to change the painted minds of any person they pulled over and give them a bullshit ticket. That jacked up insurance payments. That’s like robbing them, monthly for years. I get it, though, Though there should be some retains, legalization prevent people’s insurance to increase outside of reckless driving infraction. That seems more meaningful than this piece of reactionary politic gesture in the wake of Tyre’s brutal beaten death at the hands of the police. #BVM

    BTW, It ”s kinda hard to make out what is written, factual by the press, though.

    If I had to guess, I think it means, he was pulled over 6 or 7 times by the police. One time a few weeks ago right here pulling into the driveway of the church, The cop was rude until “he ask for my ID and told him how I was. 😂

    I think he even tells a story about a guy who walked on water and rose from the dead, and another about a dude name Jonah who was swallowed by a whale. So the story goes. Just to name a few. 🙂

    I am sure you have written up many police reports in your day, so you can appreciate “creative” writing. 🤣


    Perspective, Passover Seder is a celebration of God killing a bunch of kids to free people from slavery/bondage. Jesus (God) are you solid, Happy Easter.

    Or God did do him a solid by not wanting to associate it with killing kids. Being all-powerful I am sure God could’ve hooked Moses and Joshua with some people and swords.

    It worked for Lincoln.

    Either way coloring eggs for Easter are going to be expressive this year people. Chickens having a rough time, Germs, fire. 🐔



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