You Write The Captions … Pictures Worth Thousands Of Words

Glory be … The best caption from OIB comments section receives my latest book (like you care) with dinner on me (yes, high end, please) at the Bridgeport restaurant of your choice. Oh my … don’t ya love blackmail photos?


Pereira Harding

Stafstrom, Murphy on camel

Himes, Finch trunks

Testa and Lydia

Walker home

Lennie and Troll

DiNardo, fundraiser

Ganim, Mario, St. Pats

Juda Epstein

Nieves, Martinez

Trump Pinocchio



  1. How does one enter?
    Write your photo number and caption? I.e. photo 4 Burn baby burn disco inferno, burn baby burn (don’t worry, this is nothing compared to the real thing)
    Does one post it immediately or email it to you?
    Will they be placed in moderation until you decide whether to accept it for publication or not?

  2. Lennie, on this topic there are 23 comments and 19 are from one person, is there any way that you can provide this person their own topic page where they can list their comments?

    1. Lennie, I’m sure if you check your topics that you will that bloggers stop commenting once someone makes so many post on one topic and that topic dies and bloggers don’t bother any more.

  3. I tell you the truth, It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a wealthy lawyer to maintain control of the Bridgeport DTC Chair.

  4. #2 — The “Poli” Trinity

    #6 — Tootsie Does Hartford

    #7 — Judge Carmen Lopez informs City Council President Nieves, at a 2018 Bridgeport City Council meeting — after noting the occurrence of ungodly sounds and the strong smell of burning sulfur accompanying the appearance of City Attorney Mark Anastasi from back Council cambers — of the Council’s remedial exorcism option, with respect to persistent City Legal Department (Attorney Anastasi) interference with Council proceedings…

    #11 –Debut of the revolutionary, green-powered “Tesla Warmer,” by Discovery Museum Director, former Mayor Bill Finch, assisted, somewhat reservedly, by Congressman Jim (I’m Still Heavily Invested in Fossil Fuels) Himes, of Greenwich

    #17 — “Opening Day of Leprechaun Season in Bridgeport” (photo by Keeley)

  5. #8
    In a shocking news release, PT Barnum & Bros announced that ex-Mayor Bill Finch will join their traveling team of performance clowns.

    Thirty minutes into the debate, Mayoral candidate Mayor Mary Jane Foster bowed her head and began to pray.

  6. Three more submissions — because of Robert’s encouragement… (Thanks, Robert!) 🙂

    10. “… I’m SORRY! I never meant to come between you boys!…”

    12. “That crazy b#$t#*d doesn’t even know that his boxers are wired…”

    13. “Bridgeport Gothic” (Having An Election)


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