Will Donald Appoint Lieberman The Nation’s Top Dick?

Joe Lieberman
Has Joe pledged fidelity to Donald?

There was a time Joe Lieberman was the guy you wanted your candidate for public office around. A photo opp, endorsement, handshake and quote box for a mailer. He was sensible, independent-minded, thoughtful, not a whack-job liberal Dem. He was our state attorney general who knocked off incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Lowell Weicker in 1988, then lectured President Clinton for his salacious behavior in the late 1990s leading to Joe’s selection as the Democratic nominee for vice president. It helped immunize Al Gore from Clinton attacks.

Gore won the popular vote for president, but lost the electoral college count to Republican George Bush in 2000. Lieberman did not resonate as a Democratic candidate for president in 2004, embraced a decidedly hawkish position on the war in a Iraq, a country that did not attack the United States, but nevertheless received the credit. Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont lanced Lieberman in a 2006 primary. But lo and behold fightin’ Joe became the de facto Republican in the general election and kept his seat.

John McCain wanted Lieberman as his 2008 presidential running mate. Joe had taken a turn right, but not hard enough for the most conservative members of the Republican party who promised a convention revolt if Lieberman were chosen. Instead, McCain chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Remember her? How could we forget?

Lieberman did not seek reelection in 2012. Now comes word that Joe, at age 75, is at the top of the list for Donald Trump’s selection as FBI chief. How do you imagine Joe as a the nation’s top dick?

Hartford Courant columnist Colin McEnroe, also a WNPR host writes:

No. No. No. No. No.


I’m referring of course to the idea that Joe Lieberman could become FBI director.

The best way to finish this column would be the repetition of the word “No” 675 more times, but I’m assuming the editors would kick it back to me.

There is a small list of things that could cause me to move to France: (1) Joe Scarborough gets elected governor of Connecticut. (2) Joe Scarborough gets elected anything. (3) Chelsea Clinton gets elected to Congress. (4) Joe Lieberman resumes Liebermanizing in the public sphere.

… Gail Collins, by the way, is a New York Times columnist and friend of mine. We have both been working for years on a Grand Unified Theory stating that everything that has gone wrong in America since 2000 is ultimately traceable to Joe Lieberman. We’re a little hazy on the climate change piece, but it’s possible that the glare from his vanity and ambition may be melting the ice caps.

If he becomes FBI director, we will both be locked up. All I can say is: No! No no no no. No.

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    1. Ron are u kidding he you claim is a turn coat because he left the party of the Clinton’s and Obamas and went independent.
      When are you and other blacks going to learn that the democrats are not going to help blacks in any way. Look at the last screwing blacks took electing Ganim

  1. At the risk of finding out that this appointment has been made by the Donald while the President’s plane is revving up on the tarmac, I wonder what is wrong with Joe Lieberman. Native of CT, public school grad, Yale and Yale Law (and journalist by way of Yale Daily News), avid political interest, biographer of John Bailey early on, CT legislature and AG positions before heading to Washington where party change to many CT voters seemed less important than values represented, perhaps? A man who lives his faith and observes the Sabbath, and IMO represents the sense of Kipling’s hypothetical:
    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;

    Then my friends, at this time in the Republic, why is Joe a not unreasonable choice for those who take their meals in diners as well as those who sup in gated compounds? Time will tell.

    1. I’ve known Joe Lieberman since 1970 when I worked in his first political campaign…a primary to take the Democrat nomination away from State Senator Ed Marcus in my hometown of New Haven.
      I knew both of his wives and children. He sat in my parents’ living room in New Haven for a parlor meeting. Mom was a school teacher in New Haven. When asked where he’d send his kids to school, he lied and said public school…they went private.
      I watched his values change over the decades as he shifted from a young, idealistic, Liberal D to a middle of the road to conservative and finally abandoned his party and values.

      WHY HE SHOULD NOT be director of the FBI at this time I quote from the New Haven Independent “Since leaving office, Lieberman, a former Connecticut attorney general, has taken a post as senior counsel at the New York-based law firm Kasowitz Benson Torres Friedman LLP.

      The firm has for more than a decade been representing a prominent client in high-profile lawsuits—one Donald J. Trump.

      That alone should disqualify Lieberman as FBI director, argued David Rosen, a prominent New Haven civil rights attorney who has also taught a course at Yale Law School on professional “

      1. Thank you Marshall Marcus. Joe’s recent professional affiliation where representation of Donald Trump was defended by the firm as a client would seem grounds for disqualification in my eyes.
        In Bridgeport the flow of compensation and benefits for employment and the simultaneous vote as City Council member is a serious conflict issue, even if only an appearance of conflict, not yet dealt with for several on the Council. Thank you for reporting his recent employment record. Time does tell.

      2. Marshall Marcus, excellent, Lieberman is a typical politician, it’s always about him. The thing that the head of the FBI should never be is a politician plus Lieberman has no federal background with federal law. David Rosen is truly one of the best at knowing and understanding federal law.

        1. Ron Mackey………….
          I am not in favor of a Lieberman appointment.
          That said, no competent attorney (and he is very competent) could function for multiple terms as Attorney General representing the State of CT in suits that cross state lines, handling complaints that the state and or its agencies violated Federal civil rights or laws AND then spending 18 years in the US Senate could not help but have a good grasp of Federal law.
          What he doesn’t have in either state of Federal experience is experience in criminal law.

    1. Palin is dumber than a box of rocks. She would, however, pledge loyalty and allegiance to Donald Trump. Why? Because she is dumber than a box of rocks!

  2. Andy, I have no problem with voting for Republicans, I’ve always voted for Stuart McKinney and Chris Shays until he started supporting “Newt” Gingrich. I wanted Jodi Rell to run for governor and I would have voted for her. I find Governor Malloy to be a joke. I’ve never liked Senator Richard Blumenthal and Joe Lieberman.

  3. Lieberman is a neocon war booster who played no small role in pushing us into the Iraq debacle. He was allied with W’s foreign and domestic policy evils and idiocy… He has no place in American politics except as the face of what’s wrong with American politics… Phony, evil, and conflicted — per his business connections to Trump (citing Marshall Marcus, above).

  4. And what his AG record or Senate record would indicate that he would capable of handling the FBI Director’s position under these crazy conditions… Really bad choice…

    1. More liberal bullshit but you don’t say nothing when the king of liberal Obama Pardons a convicted treasonist and some one involved in multiple bombings

      1. I topped commenting on Presidential pardons the day Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon.
        While I may not agree with any particular Presidential pardon, it is merely the exercise of a rightful power of the office.

  5. *** I’ve always liked Joe, especially after the Ct. Dem. Party decided to dump him for reelection to the Senate, & go with the rich guy instead who was paying for all of his campaign expenses & did not need the party’s money. So Joe said, “who needs you” and ran as an independent instead, won and later changed party’s. After many years as a Dem. and Senator, etc. that’s how the party replayed him! And just think, he came close to winning & becoming our Vice President. However this job requires someone with law enforcement & judicial experience in different levels, etc… Not a long time politician. Someone like Richard B. Would qualify for the job due to his times as a prosecutor, U.S and Ct. Att. General, etc… However Trump don’t like him cause he can’t control him! ***Sorry Joe ***

  6. Joe Lieberman is a corrupt racist. He has always opposed the federal recognition of the three remaining state tribes because of payoffs from Mohegan’s and Pequots. Left politics worked for the Schaghticoke and eastern Pequots. Opposed Golden Hill. Why because our chief is black.

    1. The only colors that mattered to politicians in tribal recognition are green and gold. I honestly believe it had nothing to do with the pigment of your chief’s skin.

      On a personal note, one of my favorite people in law school was Daniel Crawling Bear Harayda.

    2. *** It’s been written and said that during slavery time, many lite skinned blacks would claim to be Indians to avoid being detained or kidnapped & sold into slavery down South. Also, I believe to qualify as an official Indian tribe the tribe must meet 7 required qualifications of proof. *** Cause you never know, they could be just as phony as “Iron Eyes Cody”, no? ***

  7. Bottom Line,Joe Lieberman is not qualified to be head of the FBI. Lieberman’s connection to the law firm that has been paying him a lot of money to do nothing-and this law firm is connected to Trump-makes Liebermann automatically the wrong person to head the FBI at this particular time. There are also major questions about Lieberman’s commitment to The Constitution Of The United States. Lieberman seems to be conveniently happy to weaken key parts of The Constitution. Lieberman should just retire.


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