Will Paul Ganim Run For AG? Plus: Dick’s Not Done, SuBy’s Done This Year, And In Case You Missed The Fight …

Update: Party convention fever is here. Is there a hotel room to be had in the Hartford area? With so many possible constitutional officer configurations, doesn’t look like a pol from the state’s largest city will be running for a statewide spot in August or November. But hold on a minute, word is out that Judge of Probate Paul Ganim is trying to secure delegate support for a run at state attorney general now that the Supremes said bye bye Susan Bysiewicz.

Paul’s brother Joe, former Bridgeport mayor, was on a statewide ticket when he was the Dem nominee for lieutenant governor in 1994. Former Senate Majority Leader George Jepsen is now the  prohibitive favorite for the AG endorsement. But could Paul Ganim wrestle 15 percent delegate support to get his name on the ballot and possibly land on Ned Lamont’s guber line? Former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy is the favorite for the Dem guber endorsement this weekend. Paul would have to start with Bridgeport delegates many of whom were with SuBy or Jepsen. But he’d need more than Bridgeport. The other way to make the ballot is signatures, a pain in the butt, to qualify for an August primary.

Meanwhile Secretary of the State Bysiewicz has announced she’ll not be a candidate for anything further this year. Joe Lieberman’s seat is just two years away. SuBy statement:

While I’m obviously disappointed by the Supreme Court’s ruling, I respect their decision. And while I’m extremely grateful and honored by the outpouring of support and encouragement that I’ve received, I will not be a candidate for any office in 2010.

Although I won’t be running for office this year, I will be spending every single moment I can working hard for Democrats up and down the ballot this fall. Make no mistake about it, my commitment to the principles and ideals of the Democrat party will never waver.

It’s been a great honor to serve the citizens of Connecticut for the past 12 years as Secretary of the State and I am tremendously grateful for all of your support. It has also been a pleasure to visit every town and city across our state and get to know so many wonderful and hard-working people. Your friendship has meant the world to me and I look forward to continuing our fight for the values we all share in the days and months ahead.

Let’s Slow Down

Sometimes scribes, commentators, talking heads, editorial writers can get a little crazy, especially when it involves someone with a profile of Dick Blumenthal who’s spent the past 20 years breaking a lot of corporate bones, be it guns, cars, toys, banks, tobacco. He sues a lot. He’s also helped a lot of people. Yes he’s a relentless self-promoter, but many folks have benefited from his oversight zeal. Blumenthal has suffered just about the worst kind of media scorn–the snicker effect. Oh, that’s usually deadly, the man of perfect political perfume sprayed by a revelation skunk. If a knucklehead like me had published the same allegations as The New York Times the other day–Dick embellishing his war credentials–no one gives a shit. But this is The Times, right, that liberal lion of authority castigating one of their own?

Some media outlets have called for Dick to drop his bid for U.S. Senate. What did he do? Kill someone? Leave a kid bleeding in the street? Dick does have a history of not correcting the record on some stuff, but some media outlets are treating this like it’s the freaking end of the world with the same tone of outrage, scorn, shock, disappointment that accompanied any number of pols in this state serving involuntary vacations. They’re not the same.

The Times had an obligation to point out that the 2008 video it most heavily based embellishment assertions also featured Dick stating he served during the Vietnam era. And what about the role of the opposition, Republican Linda McMahon who bragged about being the source of the story, then backed off, then backed way off when campaign handlers realized the stink bomb could boomerang, and now will be forced to admit yes, we had a role. Dick is taking a voter hit, but it can reverse. At some point soon voters will start focusing on his opposition, who they are, what they stand for, what they do for a living, what they represent as fact versus fiction and weigh it against his career body of work and message.

Assuming there’s nothing else out there, Dick can brush off the media muck, but it will require a change in strategy. The campaign moves forward in earnest. Now his focus must be this is who I am, this is what I’ve done and this is what I will do. He’ll have a battle, but he’s still in the game.

Monday Night Fights

Nothing like a City Council fight to lighten things up. In case you missed it click link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1902518884?bctid=86685506001 to review. City maverick Cecil Young who often waxes passionately at City Council meetings was addressing the legislative body during the public speaking portion of the meeting. West Side council member Evette Brantley who wasn’t feeling well didn’t like what Cecil had to say. She left her seat and got in Cecil’s face. Check out the battle royal. I’m just wondering if Linda McMahon was around the corner. And is Bob “Troll” Walsh enjoying this?

Statement from Mayor Finch regarding the fight:

I was unhappy to hear about what transpired before I arrived at the Council meeting on Monday. This unfortunate incident seems to have resulted from a misunderstanding between one of our council members and Mr. Young. However, it has distracted us from all the positive developments in the City such as the approval by the Planning & Zoning Commission last evening of the Planned Development District at Steelpointe, which is a huge step forward in the City’s economic development plan. While, at times, passions can get the better of us, it’s important to remember that everyone – whether they are an elected official, or a member of the public – should maintain a level of respect and civility when dealing with one another.

From Dan Malloy:


May 20, 2010 – Former Stamford Mayor and current Democratic Candidate for Governor Dan Malloy today announced his endorsement of George Jepsen as Connecticut’s next Attorney General. Said Malloy:

“I’ve know George as a friend and a colleague for many years, and I’m confident that he’ll make a superb Attorney General. With more than a quarter-century of successful experience as a practicing, hands-on attorney, George is well suited for the job. More importantly, he’s been a staunch advocate and leader on issues of importance to Connecticut residents. He’s the candidate for Attorney General that people can rally around.”



  1. What are you saying on facebook?

    Joel Gonzalez I’m blessed I can say: “I’m taking a day off work.” So to my co-workers, if you spill something, clean it yourself. If the toilet is dirty, sit on it! Blessings to all my fb friends and la familia por supuesto! Any Bridgeport Republican Delegate afraid to attend the Convention in Hartford can call me at (203) 345-9597. If you don’t want to stab your friend in the back, I’ll do it for you!

  2. Slow Down? Are you freakin’ kidding me? “… Dick can brush off the media muck, but it will require a change in strategy.”
    Lennie, you forget one thing. Linda McMahon has the $$$ to to change strategy every day. I’d like a shot at scripting Anti-Dick ads for the right price. “Strategy” is the key word and powerful ads with a powerful message is key.

  3. Vote Paul for AG I said I would not be voting for GJ and that is clear!!! Paul Ganim for AG!!! I am pumped about hearing this news and if Paul Runs on the line with Lamont and Moore there is no way in hell Musto or Malloy will win in Bpt. Paul Ganim for AG … Have always respected the Ganim family, very nice people.

  4. As far as the great Blummy goes my opinion about him does not change and I will cast my vote for him. His good surpasses the bad. I am proud to say I am a Blummy supporter and he will win!!! As far as Linda aka wwe spoiled brat is concerned she has no chance against Blummy so if she thinks she can win all I have to say about that is *** Forget about it *** !!!

  5. The zoning regulations for the Steelpointe Harbor Development were approved last night. This new set of regs will govern the development on the 52-acre site. This is a huge step forward! Huge. Congratulations to the Developer, the City staff and consultants and the PZC. Now the Developer can sign the retailers, negotiate with the bankers, and officially start the permit process with the state officials. This is the very first time this development has reached this important stage which is required before breaking ground. For those skeptics, remember please the City did not gain title to the entire peninsula until late 2007. Everything that happened before the City had total site control was painful and torturous. However to develop this contaminated site, total control of the peninsula was essential to be able to move the dirty dirt around, separate the storm and sewer system, build up the site so the essential elements will be above the required flood lines, and cap the bad stuff. So today is the first day in the forward development of this critical site. Go Bridgeport!

  6. What we see happening here in Connecticut with our politicians just highlights what is going on throughout the country.
    Here in Connecticut we have Blumenthal and his misstatements. We have Susan B who can’t decide which office she wants to run for. In her case I think we should give her a 4-year vacation so she can decide where she is going politically.
    In Kentucky we have a guy named Rand Paul who just scored a big primary win for the US senate and then proceeds to ruin it all with a dumb-ass statement that he is not sure if he would have voted for the civil rights act when it was proposed years ago.
    The list goes on and on you have Gov Patterson in New York, Charlie Crist in Florida.
    Where do we find these people and how do they keep getting elected?
    Most of these people are the college educated, never really worked for a living crowd. They are people who do not have a clue of what it takes to struggle from day to day to make ends meet.
    We have constructed a political system that says you really need a college education and a ton of money to run for office. As we all can see this has worked out well for us. Yeah right.
    We should have a system where we limit campaign spending to $1,000,000 for national office, a one-month campaign period and term limits. Can anyone explain to me why a person spends 10s of millions of $ for a $170,000 senate position?

  7. Hey I think Paul would make a wonderful AG. Listen when Jepson had a chance to help Bridgeport while in the Legislature he did nothing to help Bridgeport. He fought against the gaming legislation. So did Dick Blumenthal. I hope Bridgeport voters remember that on election day. I sure will.

  8. Nancy
    When do we stop making excuses for these unqualified developers of Steel Point and start making them responsible for their shortcomings and missed deadlines?
    Unfortunately, the answer may be never. Based on the last LDA the council approved, it was filled with built-in extensions and language that will allow a mayor alone to grant continuous additional extensions.
    The development plan adopted by P & Z could have been presented months ago and was not needed to sign up retail tenants. Whether this was more sloppy work by the developers or an effort to slip in more developer-friendly conditions we may never know.
    Unless they come back from Vegas with signed letters of intent from legitimate retailers this is just more smoke and mirrors. They will need these letters of intent to obtain financing unless all they really plan on doing is flipping properties.
    I would like to think time is running out on these developers but it now seems time is the only thing they have an abundance of.

  9. I would like to agree with Mr. Walsh maybe it’s time to pick a developer from within the city of Bridgeport. All we’ve gotten over the last 10 years were broken promises. Every developer has all his finances in place until he signs the agreement. Then we find out he needs more time for this and that?

    1. If Ned Lamont really wants to help Bridgeport, then maybe he can come up with a few “friends willing to “develop” that portion of Bridgeport. I’m sure he’s broken bread with some Major Minds who would be willing to include some of our local talent Leo Rodriguez, Stephen Eaton etc. etc.

    2. The nature of economic development overall, or real estate development specifically, is long-term assembly of land, money, approvals, the making of assessments and assumptions regarding those things unknown and outside your control, by a team of people who have experience, requisite abilities and relationships to tackle a project. The primary goal is to make a profit at the end of the long term in the face of lots of risks that are present initially or develop over the lengthy pursuit. A project that is completed on time, at or under budget, that is clean, green, attractive, and starts producing economic returns promptly for all parties is a home run. Most of the time development results in something less. Patience, endurance and keeping your eye on the ball at all times is critical.
      So Ernie Newton, what magic does a “Developer from within the city of Bridgeport” have for us? And is there such a developer? And if there is did they not have a chance to join the venture, with or without partners, at some time in the past few years? Perhaps there were people with conflicts of interest or burdening history, who could not overcome the necessary requirements?
      I don’t disagree with your desire for results, because results are what people are paid to achieve and development results pay necessary taxes and supply citizen life needs and services.
      But tell me about the magic of Bridgeport that might provide a local developer with guarantees against volatile financial markets, approval road bumps, and allow his legal agreements to deliver everything EXACTLY as expected? Maybe we can package some of that MAGIC and get it into the waters political, religious, business and professional leaders drink?

    3. The reason you don’t pick a local developer for a project as large as Steel Pointe is because for such a huge endeavor you need someone who has done a large project before that has succeeded, not someone who would be trying it for the first time.

  10. “When do we stop making excuses for these unqualified developers of Steel Point and start making them responsible for their shortcomings and missed deadlines? Unfortunately, the answer may be never.”–today’s quote from Bob Walsh.

    That’s a valid statement and a wonderful philosophy. Let’s take it one step further down the road to Camelot-style economic development and apply the same philosophy to elected officials.

    All we have to do is say “what’s in it for me?” when a candidate comes knocking at your door for a vote.

    If people want change, they have to make change. How many people contacted their TC members and demanded endorsement of good candidates? If you don’t like your candidate this year and you didn’t seek change, it’s doubtful you’ll get change!

    1. All I’m saying is we’ve had many outside developers come in and promise us the world. Maybe it’s time to try something new. Maybe the city should joint venture with outside developers so projects can get done.

  11. Hello Mrs. Cleaver! Is the Beaver home? Eddie Haskell for AG!!! RCI or whatever their name is this month must have played for Dean Smith at Carolina. They really know how to employ the 4-Corner Stall! They will be cooling their heels in the tar at Steal Pointe for years.

      1. Daddy Dearest! You missed my point. Instead of us always trying to heave a 3-pointer and shooting an Air Ball, we should have re-bid the project into 4 parcels. I wish I could get an option on 50 acres with a Marina for $500k and have until 2021 to develop the land. I think I’m going to move with the MOVE YC!

        1. And wouldn’t it be grand if within 1 of those parcels a “state of the art” regional high school could be built? One that included an Olympic-sized pool, Athletic facilities and Classrooms? That could be used by Harding students while their new school is built? Hopefully the school would retain 30% of those students and invite other communities from the region to submit to a lottery for the remaining 70% of the seats. By the time the rest of the land is developed the school would be operating as a regional school.

  12. On the subject of AG Paul J. Ganim would be a GREAT candidate. He’s proven himself to be among the best Judges of Probate the state has. As a politician he has been Honorable and accessible, with a desire to serve. If this is something he aspires to than he can count on my family’s and my support.

  13. *** Well I was leaning towards Jepsen for S.A.G. over unqualified & unsure SuBy but if Paul Ganim gets in the mix it’s a “new day & a new way” for me! *** Nancy your positive spirit towards future development is “marvelous,” simply “marvelous” however for me now, “seeing is believing!” *** Wonder just how many members of the “90” Bpt DTC voted in favor of the present chosen political endorsements? *** Question in general, is it me just being a bit out of touch or are there lots of “new faces” employed now @ City Hall? ***

  14. Why would any of the surrounding suburbs want to send their kids to a school on Steel Point?

    While we all agree a new Harding HS is long overdue, an Olympic swimming pool and state-of-the-art athletic facilities are not what’s holding Bpt students back.

    Dysfunctional families, minimal discipline, inept educational administration are all to blame.

    1. If the surrounding suburbs aren’t interested in sending their children to school here, why is the waiting list so long for our elementary magnet schools?

  15. Just saw Cecil and the fight video on WTNH 8. Thanks to Councilwoman Brantley here comes another lawsuit. What will this cost us? $100,000? $200,000? Maybe we should just hand Cecil a fat city job and be done with it. OIB.


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