When It Comes To Politics, Sometimes It’s Better To Duck

The August 12 Democratic primary battles offer stories within the story that carry impact into the general election with the governor’s race leading the ticket. Mayor Bill Finch’s political operation is helping party endorsed Chris Rosario, the city’s anti-blight director against a field of incumbent State Representative Christina Ayala, fire commissioner Dennis Bradley and newcomer Theresa Davidson. Finch campaign hands are also assisting incumbent State Senator Anthony Musto against Marilyn Moore who lost a close primary to Musto in 2008.

There’s only so many campaign bodies to go around in the cause of helping supporters, but sometimes even when you have the bodies it may be better to stay out of certain primaries or risk consequences down the line.

For instance, how much active help will Finch’s operation provide Board of Education member Andre Baker, candidate for the State House, who’s hoping to take out party-endorsed Ernie Newton? Finch and Newton haven’t been best of buds in recent years but for that matter neither have Finch and Baker. But Baker, as a member of the school board, has voted in favor of Finch initiatives including construction of a high school to replace an antiquated Harding.

There’s no evidence yet Finch is helping Baker raise money or providing bodies for petition signatures for Baker to make the ballot. If they help Baker and Newton wins, then what? They risk alienating a legislator in Hartford with Finch seeking reelection in 2015.

Same thing for supporters of Governor Dan Malloy who will need every vote in Bridgeport he can get in what is shaping up as a tough general election. If Malloy’s people help Baker they risk Newton tanking Malloy in the general election in the African American-rich East End. Word from the governor’s people–we aren’t touching that race.

Finch is supporting Musto for several reasons that include Democratic State Party Chair Nancy DiNardo, a big Malloy supporter, serving as Musto’s political godmother. But if you’re a supporter of Malloy, let’s examine practical politics. Who’d you rather have running on the Democratic line in November, Musto who comes out of suburban Trumbull that Malloy’s Republican opponent will win, or a fresh face like Moore who’ll be motivated to turn out more Democrats that benefits Malloy?



  1. Lolololololol. Oh Lennie, if only your P.R. could make its way to the mainstream, Moore would be very fortunate. This blog has become the choir, it’s like watching Fox news, people tend to turn it off when they are bored with the message. Moore’s best chance is getting every anti-Finch vote. I think you will be very surprised including the Wilbur Cross area. However, I am still interested in hearing her platform. The Dump Musto mantra has grown tiresome and does not reflect the voting public thought process. I’d like to hear substance. To a lot of Bridgeporters she is not a fresh face, to others she is completely unknown. I imagine Senator Musto and Mayor Finch have their work cut out for them.

      1. I assuming you think the residents of the Wilbur Cross school will vote race. They will not. Unless the Wilbur Cross area is the opposite of the North End, which they are not. My neighbors of many different persuasions do not even know Moore. Good luck to her. I am not a spokesperson for Musto or Finch. I will say I am friendly with many families from Wilbur Cross School and Moore may have an edge but FINCH does have a strong following.

        Lennie, I am really not assuming anything because much to the chagrin of the many on this blog, I will not he lifting a finger for any of the candidates. If I were walking the Cross district that would be different. I am not. That is my gift to my friends, former friends and supporters of Marilyn Moore.

    1. Steven Auerbach, you need to get out of that echo chamber, you said, “I think you will be very surprised including the Wilbur Cross area,” really?

  2. I think we should take the “Duck” headline and roll with it.

    Musto had better get up at the quack of dawn from now until primary day to waddle through the neighborhoods in Bridgeport to convince constituents he has their backs.

  3. Steve,
    You are truly delusional.
    First of all a new town committee slate captured the 135th district and all but one of those who live in this senatorial district supported Moore at the convention. So right there she has more serious and proven support than Musto. And some of those who were voted off the DTC are also with Moore. Those represent serious foot soldiers in Wilbur Cross. People known and respected.
    Secondly she has Ed Gomes. You may not like Ed. You may not respect Ed, but the voters in Wilbur Cross do and have continuously voted for him over the past two decades. Ed will be walking Cross reminding the voters the powers that be up in Hartford decided it was more important to THEM to take Cross out of the other district and give it to Musto to help Musto out.
    Steve, I won’t doubt you but I do believe I have done a ton of door-knocking in the Cross district. Never saw you out on the streets. But I will be out there again for Marilyn.
    So no matter what you think of Finch, Stafstrom and the machine, I will take my lineup against yours any day.

    1. Bob, I am not delusional, nor am I going to discuss Mr. Gomes. I voted for him at the request of my neighbor and friend George Bryant. I am not a fan. I am not sure he brought any votes for Mary-Jane Foster as well as for himself with the help of Caruso. You are right, it’s all about foot soldiers. He is not one of them. I know what it means to be passionate and desire to walk a city to promote a candidate. I have asked all her surrogates including yourself. Still no platform for Moore, just anti-Musto ranting. I do not think that is going to resonate. If voters believe she is anti-Finch and will be a thorn in his side, it can and will backfire. I will have a Musto sign on my lawn … maybe but he definitely has his work cut out for him. I am not a pollster, but I am certain the party knows they have issues. Big Issues. I respect the hard work you are doing for Marilyn Moore. I just am not that angry with Musto and the fact he supports the Mayor and the Governor is enough for me to want to see him back in office. I am so looking forward to the debates. Marilyn Moore is definitely an impressive speaker. Musto is no slouch. It would do him well to be on a public platform with Moore. I think the 134th is for Musto. I’ll let the Machine do their work. I can say I will not be working for a campaign, but it is a safe bet I’ll be visiting my council woman for the usual eight-plus hours on election day at Winthrop School. I may actually decide to hang out at Wilbur Cross School. Simply because I spend a lot of time there even though a student stole my Touchpad two years ago. I am a regular there. I know the students and many families there. I am a familiar face, I also think the world of the principal of that school Ms. Meekins. I think this may be an exciting primary. Good luck to all.

  4. Steve,
    Make sure you post a copy of Musto’s platform when you get it. Besides continue to do what I am told by the party bosses, I’d really like to know what he has done for Bridgeport for the past six years. And I mean his own work, his own bills, his own initiatives and not simply playing follow the leader.

  5. And Steve, I was talking with George just a couple weeks ago. I was with Marilyn when he called her on her cell. Next time I talk I’ll tell him you said hi and I’ll ask George to give you a call.

    1. Please give my regards to George Bryant. Not sure what your point is there. George knows me very very well. I can still remember our conversation when I was supporting Clinton and he was supporting Obama. Lolololololol. Bob, the fact George is supporting Marilyn is not a surprise. The good news is he does not vote here and hasn’t since he an his wife moved years ago. He also was my neighbor at Nob Hill. I respect George but I have many friends I do not share political views with. I love playing devil’s advocate with them.

      Bob, I respect your desire to see more elected. It is not my responsibility to address Musto’s platform. He will do what he has to do. The question you have to answer is, are there enthusiastic workers walking the district? I’d venture to say you have more people sitting around a headquarters blowing smoke up each other’s asses. You know Bob, the way you guys did for Mary-Jane Foster. 🙂 If Marilyn Moore wins the primary, I will congratulate her, wish her well and vote for her in the general election and happily put her sign on my lawn. Until then I will sit back and observe. I will attend the debates. I will not be attending as an anti-Moore cheerleader. I will listen and evaluate. I am not anti-Finch and I am not anti-Musto. I am not a follower and have friends on both sides of the fence.

      I also am a supporter of Andres Ayala, however tomorrow evening although I have plans to dine downtown and attend the Bijou, I expect to be attending the meet and greet for Scott Hughes. Not only do I really think he is a credible candidate but I have so many friends working on his campaign. I think he is honest and sincere and really a fresh face for Hartford. I happen to like Ayala. I will not judge him by his familial scandals. I am really looking forward to his debates also.

      One of the biggest benefits of not being a beneficiary of any political payouts is my vote is for the right man at the right time. The only Mayor who ever went out of their way for me was John Fabrizi. I remember the day he came to Glendale Ave to make sure my street was paved. When he as arrived at my house there were two Finch signs on my lawn. Mary Moran was another story. I was a true loyalist and Bridgeport supporter. My patronage job I worked 24/7 sucked the life out of me. Thanks to Joe Ganim for relieving the biggest Bridgeport supporter of my duties. If I worked for his administration during the biggest scandals, I may have had 10 years of bliss, but would have jumped out of the window having worked for such a corrupt administration after serving Moran’s very honest administration.
      Just thought I’d get on my soapbox. 🙂

  6. Bob Walsh, “delusional” is without doubt the right word for Steve. He lives in his own world and he has no contact with the voters there because he is in that echo chamber.

    1. Ron Mackey, I am happy you and Bob enjoy blowing smoke up each other’s asses. I have stated my respect for your supporting Moore. If nothing else, I expect the same respect. Is that a problem for you?

  7. FYI, there is a meet and greet tomorrow evening at Artspace for Scott Hughes. 6-8. I am hoping to stop in to hear what he has to say. Not sure what time show starts at the Bijou . Kinky Boots.


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