Popcorn And Movies With The Mayor

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From Mayor Bill Finch:

For the second consecutive summer, the City of Bridgeport will host a series of free movie screenings, titled “Mayor Bill Finch Presents Park City Movie Nights.” The showings will take place on six respective Friday evenings this summer, starting at dusk on Friday, June 13, in Baldwin Plaza, which is a park located in Bridgeport’s downtown neighborhood at the corner of Broad Street and Fairfield Avenue.

Dates for the “Mayor Bill Finch Presents Park City Movie Nights” lineup in 2014 include:
Ø Friday, June 13
Ø Friday, June 20
Ø Friday, July 11
Ø Friday, July 25
Ø Friday, August 22
Ø Friday, August 29

“Downtown is a cultural hub for our region, especially during the summer, with numerous events and activities on the schedule. The newest addition to the City of Bridgeport’s summer events, ‘Park City Movie Nights,’ had a very successful run last summer, and we’re looking forward to seeing even bigger crowds this summer,” said Mayor Finch. “I encourage all Bridgeport residents to come to down to Baldwin Plaza this summer and enjoy a free movie under the stars in our revitalized downtown.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring their lawn chairs and their blankets.

Movies were selected by the public through a Facebook poll. To get updates on Mayor Bill Finch Presents Park City Movie Nights, go to www.facebook.com/ParkCityMovieNight. To download posters for upcoming Park City Movie Nights and the entire lineup, go to bit.ly/1pA6sMD.



  1. This as usual is not an initiative of Finch, this movie night at Baldwin Plaza. It was a big success last year. He shadows things ’til they become a success then claims credit for it. I enjoyed these movies at Baldwin Plaza as well as other events for years, however I cannot stomach Finch’s speeches and phoneyisms. Too bad.

  2. This sounds like a great initiative. I remember stopping down when Keith Rodgerson attempted to get a crowd down there by Metric Bar. It is nice good-hearted humor I am sure, but it would be nice to commend the initiative as a positive good-natured effort to bring life downtown. Does anyone really think it is the Mayor’s job to pull exciting initiatives out of his ass? The fact he is surrounding himself with people who occasionally come up with something creative is commendable, no?


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