What? Do-Not-Call List For Politicians!

Good grief, what’s this world coming to if not harassed by political phone calls? A bill in the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee proposes to establish a “do not call” list for political telephone calls and to increase regulation of the use of automated telephone solicitation technologies and automatic dialing-announcing devices for political telephone calls.”

A section from an act concerning the protection of citizens from abusive and oppressive automated political telephone calls:

(b) The Department of Consumer Protection shall establish and maintain a “no political calls” listing of subscribers who do not wish to receive an unsolicited telephonic call conveying a political message. The department may maintain such listing in the same manner and in conjunction with the listing the department maintains pursuant to section 42-288a of the general statutes. The department shall provide notice to subscribers of the establishment of a “no political calls” listing. Any subscriber who wishes to be included on such listing shall notify the department by calling a toll-free number provided by the department, or in any other such manner and at such times as the commissioner may prescribe. A subscriber on such listing shall be deleted from such listing upon the subscriber’s written request. The department shall update such listing not less than quarterly and shall make such listing available to any caller or any other person upon request.

(c) No caller may make or cause to be made any unsolicited telephonic call conveying a political message to any subscriber if the subscriber’s name and telephone number or numbers appear on the then current quarterly “no political calls” listing made available by the department under subsection (b) of this section, unless the subscriber knowingly or voluntarily requested, consented to, permitted or authorized receipt of the message.

Sec. 2. (NEW) (Effective January 1, 2016) (a) The Attorney General may issue subpoenas or interrogatories requiring production of evidence or testimony concerning a violation of section 1 of this act. The Attorney General may apply to the Superior Court to enforce any subpoena or interrogatories issued pursuant to this subsection.

Full text of bill here.



  1. Polls aside, I understand existing technology and I want a state law that knows how to outperform it! Nothing makes me feel dumber than picking up a phone and finding myself on the other end of a machine. De-list the list. I’d like to see a state-funded satellite preventing robocalls–of all types–for readers of this blog.


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