Walker Starts New Position With PricewaterhouseCoopers, No Plans To Challenge Blumenthal

David Walker
David Walker.

Bridgeport resident David Walker, former U.S. Comptroller General and 2014 Republican primary candidate for lieutenant governor in Connecticut, has joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as a senior strategic adviser, according to a post on his Facebook page. Walker will be based in McLean, Virginia.

In a text exchange with OIB, Walker writes he has agreed to give the company an average of eight days a month through the end of 2016. He finished a close third in a Republican primary for lieutenant governor last year. Shortly after he placed a for sale sign on his waterfront home on Beacon Street in Black Rock where he pays roughly $34,800 a year in taxes. He listed it for $1,675,000.

At the time he said, “The results of the upcoming elections will have a major impact on how long we remain in Connecticut. We love Black Rock, our home and our neighbors. We would like to stay a while. However, we need new leadership at the state and local level if we want to create a better future and keep people in the city and state.”

Walker supported Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley who lost to incumbent Democrat Dan Malloy for a second time last November.

Walker purchased the home in 2009 for $1,550,000 from former Republican Congressman Chris Shays who sold it after he was defeated by Democrat Jim Himes in 2008. Shays purchased it from David Carson, retired chief executive officer of People’s Bank, who bought it from Betty Pfriem, former publisher of the predecessor papers to the Connecticut Post.

Walker had contemplated a challenge of Democratic U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal in 2016. He writes “I do not currently plan to run for U.S. Senate in 2016 although many people would like me to do so.”

Company news release:

PwC US announced today that the Honorable David M. Walker has joined the firm as a senior strategic advisor in the Public Sector practice. He will be based in PwC’s McLean, VA office.

Walker has served in several high-level leadership roles, including serving as the seventh Comptroller General of the United States and as head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). He also served as the first President and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and founded the Comeback America Initiative, where he led national campaigns to promote fiscal responsibility and sustainability and build public support for various solutions to the nation’s federal, state and local fiscal imbalances.

“Over the course of his storied career, which spans four Presidential administrations, Dave has led several widely acclaimed transformation efforts–many of which remain the current model across all levels of governments today,” said Scott McIntyre, PwC’s U.S. and Global Public Sector leader. “As a leading authority on government transformation and fiscal responsibility issues, and with extensive experience in both government and private industry, Dave brings unique perspective to the challenges our government clients face. We’re pleased to welcome Dave to PwC and look forward to working together to help clients address their most important issues, from strategy through execution.”

Walker currently serves on the PCAOB’s Advisory Council and as Chairman of the Government Transformation Initiative. He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) and the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI). His international experience includes serving as the first Chairman of the Independent Audit Advisory Committee for the United Nations.

“I’m very pleased to join PwC’s Public Sector Practice. I am looking forward to helping our clients improve their economy, efficiency and effectiveness, and to put their finances in order for both today and tomorrow,” added Walker.

A frequent writer and media commentator on topics including fiscal responsibility and government transformation, Walker has authored three books and is also the subject of the critically acclaimed documentary “I.O.U.S.A.”

He is a CPA and received a B.S. in accounting from Jacksonville University, a Senior Management in Government Certificate in public policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and Honorary Doctorates from Bryant University, Lincoln Memorial University, Jacksonville University, and American University.



  1. We had the knowledge and experience of Dave Walker right here, for free! Another lost opportunity!!! Just my opinion; Bridgeport doesn’t seem to let anyone with real solutions be a part of the little circle of decision makers. David was never given the acknowledgment and respect he deserved. Congratulations McLean, Virginia.

  2. For the record, we did not list our Black Rock home for sale until after the general election results in November, 2014. We took it off the market during the winter and just recently put it back on the market.

  3. I would like to wish nothing but the best for Dave Walker. He gave as good as he got, but I do agree with Lisa when she said, “Bridgeport doesn’t seem to let anyone with real solutions be a part of the little circle of decision makers.” For the short period of time he was here in Bridgeport he really got involved with his community and with what was going on with the business of Bridgeport, we need more people to get involved like that.

    1. Ron Mackey, I do not recall you ever having a kind word to say to David Walker, though none of my business, your comments alone would make someone move to Virginia. I’m just saying.

      1. Steve Auerbach, you are wrong about that, I’ve said he is a honest and respected person. Just because I don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean I don’t respect them.

      2. Steve A,
        When you announce you are leaving Bridgeport for good, I will have some kind things to say about you. Well, maybe not but I swear I will try to come up with one kind word.

  4. Setting aside the politics, Walker would have brought experience, brains and know-how to the city’s fiscal challenges.

    Calling this a lost or missed opportunity is an understatement. Failing to utilize talent like Walker’s (which was freely offered) is simply an example of negligent municipal governance.

    Leadership 101: leverage and nurture talent … don’t ignore or smother it. Especially when you’re desperately seeking solutions.

  5. Off topic, but …
    It appears Mackey and Day are right again. Here are the latest stats on the police recruitment drive.

    More Information

    Bridgeport’s police recruitment drive
    447 officers: Optimal total of force.
    70 officer vacancies.
    1,013 candidates had met qualifications as of Tuesday.
    139 candidates, or 14 percent, are residents 55% of prequalified candidates are white and 85% non Bridgeport residents.
    Seems like Finch’s press conferences was a preemptive strike since he knew what these numbers were. Or worse part of a bigger strategy. Getting better every day. But for whom? Not B’port residents.

    Of 1,013 applicants:
    560 or 55 percent are white
    233, or 23 percent Hispanic
    152, or 15 percent are black

  6. Dave Walker, you stepped up during the 2013 elections and were instrumental in forming an organization to analyze candidates and grant endorsements and some financial support, not to mention a lot of good advice. I am sorry to see the bipartisan group you and others brought together has since splintered. I thank you personally for the support you gave to me and my running mate Trish Swain for our successful run for Council in the 132nd District. It is always good running into you and talking to you.

  7. Came to our City, makes noise, lost an election, runs south. Sounds like a Republican to me.
    As for Ms. Foster, you shouldn’t waste your time and money running for mayor, it’s impossible for you to win, so choose Finch or Ganim and make a deal to work with that person to bring honesty and transparency to their cabinet.

    1. BPT REBEL,
      I had no intention of running for political office when I moved to CT. If I did, I would have never moved to Bridgeport CT. When I found out how CT was in such poor financial condition, I decided to run for an office most people thought I was way overqualified for. I did it to try to help turn around the state. I also tried to help at the local level. I have decided to work with leaders who have the courage to tell the truth and make the tough choices needed to create a better future. As of now, such is not the case in this state and this city.

    Just what is it your ‘rebellion’ is focused upon? Here’s a taxpayer who moved to Bridgeport with a noteworthy resume. He was asked by Finch to assist. But that is as far as it ever went. Competency envy by some in the Finch club? Possibly. Or is it “rebels” without a name who choose to “dis” competency when we are in dire need of it, really are happy with the status quo? How low can we go if we settle for the status quo? REBEL, are you seeking a minister or rabbi to work with Finch or Ganim “to put a gloss of honesty and transparency” to their cabinet? REBEL, are you afraid a full look at the fiscal records, once digested might disturb any special advantage you might enjoy at this time? Perhaps a job? Maybe you are a supplier to the City? Or is any advantage of much less regard, but still important to you? Time will tell.

    1. Mr. Lee,
      Walker moved to the city thinking he can win a political position, LOST, now bails out, he is not nor ever was a Bridgeporter.
      As far as Ms. Foster I like her and respect her positions, but she is a non-native who doesn’t represent the population of the city nor has the clout to beat a machine backed Finch or a “name” like Ganim who I am sure would bring her aboard to add “respect” to his candidacy after ripping off our city and is looking for chance number two.
      As far as my “name,” I work for the city now for 11 years and have no interest in losing my job or my benefits for my family or my chance at being heard freely with worrying about retaliation.
      Now go back to being the watchdog no one pays attention to.

      1. So you are a City worker paid for by taxpayers and afraid of losing your job. Hopefully you are good at it and will survive the likely changes regardless of who wins the Mayoralty in November 2015.
        What is your rebellion aimed at? Not at inefficient management of the City as you point none out. And the best you can come up with to counter me is no one you know pays attention to me. Unkind and inaccurate, but it is true there is no groundswell of outrage at the way taxpayer money is handled.

        If you consider yourself a Bridgeporter, perhaps you will define it for us. Has your family been here since the early 19th Century or did they arrive sometime later that you use as a baseline? And did you attend public schools and graduate and perhaps keep track of what has happened in them since that time, something a genuine “citizen” might do out of native pride?

        Walker and Foster are non-natives who have seen fit to run for office. Are you against non-natives bringing their funds to town to invest? Should they be given an edge and allowed to pay lower taxes on their investments because they are non-natives? That’s what is happening currently by vote of the City Council, in case you hadn’t noticed.

        Again, where is your rebellion headed? Against bright folks who have earned some dollars and sound reputations before coming to Bridgeport? Against local taxpayers who are depending on your work for their services and you mutually are dependent on their funding pay and benefits at a level that may be uncompetitive today with the private sector? Perhaps you are rebelling against any change in your splendid position. When the time comes who will pay attention to you? Time will tell.

  9. Good luck, Dave. Now about your house. if you’re willing to hold some paper, I’m sure I can come up with a number that would be admirable to both of us. After all I will be taking a chance on the purchase of a house that is directly in the path of a solar vortex from the Finch Seaside Park Solar farm.
    Completion date 2016 that’s if Finch gets re-elected?
    I’m sure you are aware a solar vortex will take the paint off a house in less than two hours within a five-mile radius of the Finch Solar farm, and you can cook hamburgers faster than a microwave oven just by holding them over your head for 2 minutes with oven gloves, one minute for medium rare, 2 lb chicken takes a little longer, just under five min. As you know prices are dropping like a rock, especially on eastern side of Black Rock ever since the Seaside park land grab by the UI Company and the Park commission.
    So let’s keep those greedy Black Rock real estate whores from flucking up a sale by owner!

    1. Jim,
      Some homes on the harbor will be affected by the solar farm but ours is not one of them. In addition, despite being a waterfront property, our home is not on the flood plain. That should be a big plus but we will see.


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