What, City Coverage? Ink Transfusion At The Connecticut Post

Connecticut Post
Is the Post offering more coverage for its host city?

Does it appear to you the Connecticut Post has stepped up its coverage of the state’s largest city? The Post’s inch line devotion to Bridgeport had appeared so naked in recent years you could drop a thong across its coverage. Seems lately we’re getting more than a sneak peek.

The Post is owned by the Hearst Corporation led by the mothership San Francisco Chronicle. Connecticut, however, has become a key ingredient to the Hearst Connecticut Media Group’s bottom line. It includes four daily newspapers and six weeklies throughout Fairfield County, the wealthiest region in the United States. The Greenwich Time, Stamford Advocate, Connecticut Post and Danbury News-Times creates a mighty southern Connecticut triangle of shared stories, shared front pages and shared advertising buys stamped by the Post’s print operation on State Street downtown.

It’s befuddling, the state’s largest city doesn’t have a full-time City Hall reporter. Yes, repeat, the paper covering the state’s largest city doesn’t allow a full-time City Hall reporter. (And that’s just the way pols like it.) The Post likes generalists … “so and so is a general assignment reporter.” But recently we’re seeing signs of beefed-up city coverage that had been started by Tom Baden, the editor recently transferred to supervise the News-Times operation. The regional triangle allows flexibility to move scribes in and out. Lately we’re seeing more coverage for City Hall, public safety, zoning, economic development and neighborhood stories.

While first-class scribe Ken Dixon holds down the state capitol coverage, Brian Lockhart has been a steady presence in Bridgeport since the state legislative session ended in late May. Lockhart knows how to piece together a story. Tim Loh has provided reliable insight at City Council meetings. Keila Torres Ocasio serves as the conscience of the city defending the little peeps while taking on the big guys from the platform of her multi-weekly columns. Linda Conner Lambeck does a nice job covering city education. And then there’s the insight of grizzled veterans such as Mike Mayko and John Burgeson.

Lots going on the second half of 2012. Key primaries Aug. 14 for state and federal legislative seats; September 4th special election for Board of Education seats; Steel Point redevelopment progress; City Council ordinances; November general election that includes charter revision questions.

Little OIB will do its part. Hopefully the big dog will join us in earnest.



  1. Think you are forgetting MariAn Gail Brown who has done remarkable reporting. Think she was the one who did the FOI on Joe Ganim’s cell phone use and then much later called Mrs. Beccaro to ask her about her cell phone use … anyone want to wake up Bill Cummings and give him the news?

  2. It is inconsistent with unbiased journalism to speculate on activities of a former employer while having your blog hosted and posted on their web site.
    That clapping sound you just heard was Machiavelli giving me a high five!

  3. I would like to see the Connecticut Post focus on daily reminders to get people to register and actually vote. If the population of this city gets involved in the election process, the calamarians like Testa and Timpanelli are through. Shithead dominance has kept us down for too long. The absence of a civic-minded newspaper certainly hurt.

    1. I would like to see yahooy focus on his new job as dishwasher at The Colony Diner. This way he could show his civic-minded approach to cleanliness on a daily basis.

      1. A job is a job. Sounds like you’re jealous you’re not qualified to do that work.

        You just disrespected me because I suggested the Connecticut Post had a responsibility to remind people to get out and register and vote. My motivation in this regard is to get the voters to the polls so the current administration that has been destroying this city for 30+ years will not be reelected. Am I to assume you are satisfied with the status quo?

        1. Uh-uh. If you don’t want to dignify dignitaries, you deserve to be a dishwasher. I am dissatisfied with the status quo until the world sees my ability to outperform you as a dishwasher where your skills are weak compared to mine. I still own records in this field. Bring your own soap, buddy.

  4. In addition to the CT Post writers previously mentioned, I would like to include Dan Tepfer who has covered crime, police, mayhem and clergy abuse subjects among others for over 30 years. For similar reasons that we listen to Callahan, I have sought out Dan to put his memory of news coverage to work, to assess whether a story I was being told in 2011 sounded real (relating to conditions decades ago). He had a great grasp of the history.

    There are plenty of sportswriters of note over the years, though their topics rarely appear in OIB. But is anyone other than me surprised the name of Mike Daly (not an editor for eternity) was not raised once by anyone (including the dishwashing competitors)? Is anyone suggesting there should be a real competition in this area, perhaps sponsored by downtown restaurants, to showcase the ‘jobs’ opportunities in the City? Time will tell.


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