What A Stinker! Trumbull Sewer Commissioner Resigns Over Moutinho Connection

As federal investigators unravel relationships between Bridgeport-based sewer contractor Mark IV Construction and former officials of the Town of Trumbull, Paul Kallmeyer, a key member of the town’s Water Pollution Control Authority has resigned following revelations that his son has received sewer-related work from Mark IV nearly four years after the town paid $300,000 to settle a federal lawsuit brought against Kallmeyer accusing him of steering the town’s tree removal work to friends and relatives while accepting benefits from contractors as the town’s director of Public Works.

Manny Moutinho, owner of Mark IV, is no stranger to Bridgeport or its politics. He’s been embroiled in a series of city land use controversies involving neighborhood rock-crushing operations. He’s also been a campaign contributor through the decades of Democratic political leaders whether Bridgeport or Trumbull where town officials are suing him for millions of dollars worth of faulty sewer work. Moutinho disputes town officials claims.

The resignation of Kallmeyer, who had served for many years as the town’s director of public works, eliminates someone with institutional knowledge of Trumbull’s sewer system as Bridgeport and Trumbull attempt to negotiate a regional water pollution control authority that could help the bottom line of both communities and avail millions of federal dollars to modernize systems. Kallmeyer, first as a town engineer, oversaw the building of the town’s sewer system piped into Bridgeport’ wastewater treatment plant.

In his letter of resignation last week from Trumbull’s WPCA, obtained by OIB through a freedom of information request, Kallmeyer addresses concerns about his son’s relationship with Moutinho. “The work of the Authority is demanding and I in no way want to negatively affect the future outcome of that work.” In another bizarre twist to Kallmeyer’s end-of-year revelations, his wife sent out a holiday card to friends proclaiming “… the FBI investigation is no longer focused on Paul.”

Federal investigators are apparently examining Moutinho’s relationships with former town officials that goes back more than 10 years when he first received sewer contract work. When it comes to politics, Trumbull is Bridgeport with trees and trees seem to be a common theme with Kallmeyer be it yesterday or today with sub-contracting tree work his son has received regarding the town’s sewer improvements and installations. Kallmeyer’s resignation came on the heels of town officials learning that his son was working for Moutinho, setting off screams of conflicts as a sitting sewer commissioner. Kallmeyer was appointed to the WPCA in 2009 by then Democratic First Selectman Ray Baldwin.

In 2004 Trumbull’s Tree Warden Warren Jacques filed a federal lawsuit against Kallmeyer accusing Kallmeyer of impugning his personal and professional reputation and attempting to steer the tree removal contract to Kallmeyer’s friends and relatives.

In a letter to Jacques leading up to the $300K settlement in 2008, approved by the Trumbull Town Council, Kallmeyer wrote:

“These proceedings led me to an understanding of how much pain, embarrassment and distress you suffered as a result of my accusations against you and your company. I wish to state my regret and apologize to you for the role I played in these unfortunate events.”

Kallmeyer experienced much pain and embarrassment himself in 2001 when answering questions in a legal deposition posed by attorney Serge Mihaly as a result of Kallmeyer’s battle with Jacques. The following exchange between Mihaly and Kallmeyer sheds light on Kallmeyer’s relationship with Mark IV.

“Now did your son, Paul, put in a swimming pool at his home last year or this year?”

“Yes he did.”

“And did he need some loam (soil) to finish the job?

“Yes he did.”

“Didn’t you obtain the loam from Mark IV?

“Yes I did.”

“Did you pay for it?”

“Not yet.”

“Not yet?”


“No. Did your son pay for it?”


The deposition also revealed that Mark IV performed driveway work for the Trumbull official. The work was paid for after the deposition.

The feds have not charged anyone in connection with the investigation.



  1. Well, well, well; things are finally leaking out of Trumbull. I bet this is the tip of the iceberg for this town who have always thought they are better than everyone else.
    Getting back to Mark IV they are still crushing rock on the Bridgeport/Trumbull line. I am wondering, has Dennis Buckley gotten off his ass and ordered them to stop this process as they have no zone change that permits this? One has to wonder about Buckley’s reluctance. I know I do.

  2. *** Tip of the iceberg in Trumbull with possible ties in Bpt as well, no? If not for the Feds. this matter would not be considered due to political reasons at the state level. *** YEAR OF THE GROUNDHOG ***


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