Pay Raise Proposal Goes To Full City Council

John Burgeson, CT Post:

A skeptical City Council Ordinance Committee Wednesday night agreed to send a measure, requested by Mayor Bill Finch, onto the full City Council that, if passed, would make it easier for the mayor to grant pay hikes by as much as 15 percent to his appointed staff.

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  1. How much more of this Testa/Timpanelli bullshit are we going to take?

    Remember the WICC show “Citizen Smith?” That guy ws a complete buffoon but he touched some pretty sensitive bi-partisan buttons. A way was found to get him off the air. Too bad WICC doesn’t have the balls to resurrect a citizen commentary show like Smith’s. We need a forum other than this blog which seems to have lost its pep.

    1. It seems this City Attorney Mark Anastasi holds complete sway with everything Finch tries to push through the Council. By virtue of his law degree, he seems to be considered the complete authority on everything from the economy to ethical behavior. The committees hide behind his opinions. Bridgeport deserves better.

  2. I attended last night’s ordinance committee meeting which had a lot of noncommittee council people in attendance. Brannelly, Silva, Baker, Bonney and DePara all asked good questions.
    It is obvious to me the three most dangerous people in this city and the three most responsible for a lot of our financial problems are Anastasi, Nunn and that master of bullshit Sherwood.
    Mr. Sherwood stated giving the mayor authority to raise certain salaries by as much as 15% without council approval would allow the city to compete with other municipalities in getting and retaining top talent. My question to Sherwood is, Have we had a lot of people leaving these select jobs because the salary is too low? I’ll answer that, NO.
    What Mr. Sherwood did not do was provide a list of comparable jobs and their salaries from other Connecticut cities and towns. So I guess we have to take his word.
    Mr. Sherwood used Andy Nunn as an example, he stated in addition to being part of the mayoral staff he took over the Harbor responsibilities and was not give a raise. Maybe combining these jobs produced enough work to keep him busy. It also tells me maybe each job by itself did not provide enough work for two people. The same could be said for CC, he is pubic facilities director and Supt of Parks. He is doing both jobs for one salary. Maybe these jobs by themselves do not provide enough work for two people.
    Mr. Sherwood stated many jobs are not filled but are still carried on the books just in case we get a grant or the economy improves. What bullshit, putting in the salaries for these non-filled positions like he did with the last budget gave the administration approx $4.5 million dollars to play with and distribute as they see fit.
    What all this means is Finch and company can give their select few 15% raises every year without council approval.
    If the council passes this they should all be ashamed of themselves.
    BTW if Mark Anastasi had a conscience, it would be so far up Finch’s ass he would never find it.

  3. yahooy, I recall Citizen Smith. Anything change in city because of his controversial programs? Change in general is good thing and it could lead to growth and lower taxes, all over. Nationally, Obama promised change, yet did the opposite, by keeping mostly key staff from his predecessor, and our economy’s stagnation and decline could be in part due to that. Keeping the same people in charge prevents new ways of seeing things, harder to identify waste. Frustration is evident on this blog, though I wonder how much energy might be directed towards the coming Town Committee election or is that a waste of time since it’s impossible to win? That is where real bottom-line political structure is in the city however there were very few comments on this blog when Lennie brought up the topic recently. So, valid complaints but little interest to create competing slates of nine people in the 10 city districts for coming DTC elections in March?

  4. This is an awful lot of glass the City Council is being asked to chew and swallow, but it needs to be done before they approve a tax increase in the next budget.

  5. Bridgeport needs a union that knows how to grant concessions to the point of creating jobs, not just saving them. Union concessions coupled with a conditional pay increase would level the playing/paying field enough to offset the fantastic union gains made during the 1990s. Michelle Lyons, take note.

  6. I suggest we try to get a lot of people at the city council meeting who will vote on this. Is that Jan. 3rd? Just to show the council and the administration and the DTC the people of this city strongly object.

  7. We heard a new euphemism from Sherwood last night for the ongoing effort by the Finch-Wood administration to plunder Bridgeport … “housekeeping.”
    Sherwood described the ordinance as simply a bit of housekeeping. Somewhat akin to calling the nine-year war in Iraq a “skirmish.”
    The council doesn’t have any idea what a weapon of mass destruction is for Bridgeport …
    So when the ordinance gets passed and the first to get the 15% raise is Nunn and Kabel, the council members will discover too late it wasn’t passed to attract bright new minds … it was to fatten the wallets of tired and corrupt city officials.

  8. Words like “try and “suggest” are weak. Bepo isn’t in the know, he’s in the dark. Carolanne Curry retains the kind of bitterness frequently found on this blog.

    But here’s why I’m writing: Maplewood Avenue in Bridgeport has become an outpost of growth-without-credit, the new economic dynamic made possible by the O.P.I.C. movement. Self-employment is booming in Fairfield County. Bridgeport has few dollars because they’re all overseas. Here’s your mission: Repatriate dollars from foreigners who are anxious to part with them. And language? Call the right spot and they speak better English than you do.

    Here’s what’s making it happen: America’s $15 Trillion debt prevents a new New Deal. Conclusion: You’re at the beginning of the largest do-it-yourself revolution in world history.

      1. Normally I only respond to fearless bloggers but in your case I’ll make an exception.
        If my remarks disturb you, I urge you to get a handkerchief to distract attention from the tear stains that show on your shirtsleeve.

          1. I’m disturbed by Local Eyes. If he is allowed to walk the streets, can you imagine who they have locked up?

  9. *** Done deal at the Ordinance Committee and soon to pass at the next City Council meeting in 2012 to start the new year off in Bpt Zombie fashion, no? Let’s see how many overqualified “non-union” new hires this will bring to the city after the present ones retire someday in the future! It’s get all you can while you can get it by selling smoke & mirror political hype. *** FORGETABOUTIT ***

    1. Mojo // Dec 29, 2011 at 4:58 pm
      To your posting

      I am convinced those currently in place will be the immediate beneficiaries of this ordinance, leaving little or no money for hiring bright new people. Would you agree?

  10. *** Oh don’t be mislead, there’s money hidden like small pots of gold in different line items, especially the unfilled positions, etc. In time and done right this measure could help the city attract and keep “good” qualified workers but that’s not how city government operates in Bpt! It’s politics as usual with city workers chairing key committees resulting in “Done Deals.” *** Conflicts of Interest. ***


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