Watch: Wanda’s Warriors Step Up In The Media Storm – Where’s The News Coverage Equity?

Jerod Geter stood behind a lectern fronting the Morton Government Center on Thursday defending the honor of his mother caught in a vortex of an election controversy that supporters of his mother assert has unfairly painted a narrow narrative failing to tell the entire story, including the culpability of two campaign camps.

“When the news broke you had every news camera, channel down this street, hundred miles of running, standing here,” Geter stated, microphone in hand. “And now that we’re seeing a whole lot of other stuff come, videos and etc…where are all the cameras and news channels?…again fair, firm and consistent is all we ask for when it comes to my mother, Wanda Geter-Pataky.”

City Councilwoman Mary McBride-Lee is one of the organizers bringing to light the harsh rush to judgment of leaked surveillance video showing Geter-Pataky depositing what appear to be absentee ballots into a drop box container days before the Democratic primary between Mayor Joe Ganim and John Gomes. Media saturation followed.

When news surfaced of multiple Gomes backers appearing to do the same media coverage was dwarfed by comparison, something McBride Lee, and others, maintain projected harsh depiction against a black woman.

Most major news outlets across the state, in fact, turned up the heat against Geter-Pataky and then turned down the temperature when surveillance reels captured Gomes supporters in the act, a condemnation of fairness and what Geter-Pataky friends say is clear racial bias.

This is the second such call to action this week on behalf of Geter-Pataky who has kept a low profile since the controversy went public two weeks ago.

Gomes is challenging Ganim’s 251-vote primary win in court that will play out for several weeks with the the Nov. 7 general election on the horizon. Gomes captured the walk-in vote, Ganim propelled by absentee ballots.

Ganim will occupy two lines in the general election: Democratic and New Movement Party; Gomes the Bridgeport Independent Party line.

Let there be light. Tony Barr, head of the New Movement Party and City Councilman Ernie Newton in front of the Lewis Latimer statue, sandwiching an image of Gomes supporter Maria Pereira searching for an absentee ballot.

Tony Barr, leader of the New Movement Party and City Councilman Ernie Newton added an illuminating twist to the proceedings, standing in front of the statue of electrical pioneer Lewis Latimer, light bulb in hand.

Affixed to the statue was a blown up image of City Councilwoman Maria Pereira searching for an absentee ballot in the vacant home of a senior citizen, a controversy that played out days before the September 12 primary. Pereira claims she had permission to search for the absentee ballot. A video camera inside the public-housing unit was turned over to authorities.

Pereira was defeated on the machines, but won because of absentee ballots.

The handling of another’s absentee ballot is limited, according to state law, allowing family members, caretakers and police officers access to deliver them.



  1. That’s called defacing public property for political purposes.
    Protesters have freedom of speech but they do not have freedom of action. That photo borders on vandalism.
    Its not time for a reprimand — it’s time for handcuffs!

    1. Jimfox, I don’t know which is worse–your comment or the 8 likes you got from the very same folks who liked the above stupid comment from Local Eyes.

      What makes you believe we’ve moved beyond the Mary Moran era?

  2. Are we in a war at this moment or in a moment when we are waiting for excellence in investigation, evaluating the facts of a complex situation, and the justice system response to a recent voting scandal that viewers allege as widespread, amidst rushes to defense on more than one side?

    I have repeated four “VALUE” words in my speaking and writing for years relating to our governance system, to question whether we can determine: Are we OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST?? While we wait for the justice system to provide a trustworthy informed response to our community, perhaps we can join in common purpose? Will you encourage every registered voter you know to prepare for November 7 election when they need to select a Mayor, two Council persons, and a variety of other candidates plus perhaps a question. Has everyone who sees this vote as critical for current citizens as well as the future of the City received all of the information they require? If not, ask some questions, look for answers that satisfy you. Learn more than you now know. Have patience. Time will tell.

  3. Deliberate election fraud, on a massive scale, was the false claim made by the Trump insurrectionists regarding the 2020 election. It was that suspicion of election fraud, by the easily led, emotionally labile Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol and killed Capital police officers, that nearly upended our elected government and nearly upended our very form of government… Political insurrection, instigated by political manipulators/agitators seeking to install an autocratic despot as US dictator, was accomplished by way of playing on the hopes and fears of impressionable, anti-democratic racists/bigots with respect to the illegitimacy of a democratic election, stolen by way of “ballot stuffing,” per the false claim that was refuted by many exhaustive audits of contested voting districts/precincts, nationwide.

    The political shenanigans seen — on thousands of hours of official BPD video recordings — by the whole nation, and beyond, depicting the stealing of an election by “ballot stuffing,” plays directly into the political narrative/rationale for violent insurrection/civil war of the racist, far-right factions of our society/electorate, putting the whole nation at political and even physical risk in the next presidential/congressional election cycle. The dangerous, racist, far-right, will say “Look what happened in Bridgeport!”

    And we can be sure that they will be citing the demographic statistics of our city when they deride us, the Democratic Party, and democracy in general as they shake their heads and spit verbal bile as they mourn the Trump loss and Democratic sweep in 2024… It won’t matter that the eyes of the nation and the world force a squeaky-clean election. All that will matter is that massive ballot fraud was perpetrated in one failing, DEMOCRAT city, that, in reality, is run/politically-controlled exploitatively by and for the benefit of those that don’t actually live in the city, in order to keep the regional, socioeconomic status quo, and political/economic benefits available for enjoyment by said “absentee landlords” (puns intended)….

    So, yes; Bridgeport’s “Ballot Gate” is an “exploding scandal”, per mayoral candidate Daniels observation. But it might also prove to be “explosive” — in a more literal sense — in the aftermath of the 2024 elections, if there aren’t thorough investigations, leading to appropriate legal consequences for any wrong-doing discerned thereof, completed in a timely way, by appropriate law enforcement agencies pursuant to a legitimate outcome in the current, Bridgeport mayoral election cycle…

    Hit the RESET BUTTON for Bridgeport’s future! Vote for Lamond Daniels for Mayor! (No absentee ballots in his trunk!…)

  4. Ah….it’s always refreshing when you’re outside looking in, as I do from time to time, and learn that one of the many shithole blue cities like Bridgeport, keeps maintaining that beloved reputation.
    Hey! When’s Mikey’s trial for that ballot thing he was responsible for?!! 😂
    Hey…remember that I “fabricated” that, so pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain. 🤣


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