It’s Time To Examine The Hypocrisy Train For Mayor

After tattooing Mayor Joe Ganim supporter Wanda Geter-Pataky with the worst crimes in all hell’s creation, via leaked police video, the hypocrisy train has flamed the mayoral campaign of John Gomes between the eyes.

Oh, yes, so much for moral standards. Several Gomes backers were also nabbed on camera stuffing the ballot box in the days prior to the September 12 Democratic primary, the outcome to be determined by a superior court judge.

Previously, Gomes Campaign Manager Christine Bartlett-Josie declared before a media frenzy news conference: “You never touch somebody’s ballot.”

Translation: unless we rationale it’s legal.

The Gomes campaign seeks vindication on the dubious claim all those deposits were on behalf of family members. Really? How many family members does it take to stuff a ballot box?

The Gomes campaign promises affidavits (as those really matter) by the suspicious parties declaring every one of those things you saw dumped into designated absentee boxes were on behalf of family, allowed by state law. Sounds like the family gene pool pooped out new relatives overnight.

I wrote weeks ago when the Gomes campaign leaked that video beware of the collateral damage. All the Gomes supporters castigated me on social media: you’re on crack, you’re in the tank, you’re this and that. My friends in the media wrote me offline: why that narrative? Because no campaign camp is pure in this process. They both play the game. Some get caught, some live to survive another day.

Gomes’s unintended consequences have now emerged, with more to come.

Now, let’s go back to the surveillance tape of Gomes supporter Maria Agueda making numerous absentee deposits.

(Full disclosure: I’ve known Geter-Pataky and Agueda a long time. Do I like them? You bet. Good people. If I ran into them in the street I’d give them a huge hug – hang in and lawyer up. Geter-Pataky has one of the best in the business. The Gomes operatives in question should do the same. Playing this game of chance can only exacerbate the outcome.)

Agueda made, according to video received by OIB, at least eight deposits. I hear there are many others from both campaign camps.

Most telling, in a nuanced way, is deposit five. See video above. Agueda is seen reaching down to pick up ballot (s).

Come on, who drops just one ballot to the concrete?

Either way, all the Gomes-backer deposits were on behalf of family? They were all sick? Couldn’t make it to the polls?

See, Christine Bartlett-Josie cares about one thing: winning to pad her resume for another pay day. John Gomes cares about one thing: becoming mayor. They play the game. No beef here.

John Gomes, Christine-Bartlett-Josie and Wanda Geter-Pataky backing Ganim in 2019. They loved her then. Now, she’s a convenient target to pad their ambitions.

Here’s the problem for others…

Signing affidavits, for pure political cover to acquiesce the candidate or campaign manager, is asking for more trouble. Because if you’re implicated otherwise, they will throw you under the bus.

Everything is…we do everything right (until it’s not)










  1. Deliberate election fraud, on a massive scale, was the false claim made by the Trump insurrectionists regarding the 2020 election. It was that suspicion of election fraud, by the easily led, emotionally labile Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol and killed Capital police officers, that nearly upended our elected government and nearly upended our very form of government… Political insurrection, instigated by political manipulators/agitators seeking to install an autocratic despot as US dictator, was accomplished by way of playing on the hopes and fears of impressionable, anti-democratic racists/bigots with respect to the illegitimacy of a democratic election, stolen by way of “ballot stuffing,” per the false claim that was refuted by many exhaustive audits of contested voting districts/precincts, nationwide.

    The political shenanigans seen — on thousands of hours of official BPD video recordings — by the whole nation, and beyond, depicting the stealing of an election by “ballot stuffing,” plays directly into the political narrative/rationale for violent insurrection/civil war of the racist, far-right factions of our society/electorate, putting the whole nation at political and even physical risk in the next presidential/congressional election cycle. The dangerous, racist, far-right, will say “Look what happened in Bridgeport!”

    And we can be sure that they will be citing the demographic statistics of our city when they deride us, the Democratic Party, and democracy in general as they shake their heads and spit verbal bile as they mourn the Trump loss and Democratic sweep in 2024… It won’t matter that the eyes of the nation and the world force a squeaky-clean election. All that will matter is that massive ballot fraud was perpetrated in one failing, DEMOCRAT city, that, in reality, is run/politically-controlled exploitatively by and for the benefit of those that don’t actually live in the city, in order to keep the regional, socioeconomic status quo, and political/economic benefits available for enjoyment by said “absentee landlords” (puns intended)….

    So, yes; Bridgeport’s “Ballot Gate” is an “exploding scandal”, per mayoral candidate Daniels observation. But it might also prove to be “explosive” — in a more literal sense — in the aftermath of the 2024 elections, if there aren’t thorough investigations, leading to appropriate legal consequences for any wrong-doing discerned thereof, completed in a timely way, by appropriate law enforcement agencies pursuant to a legitimate outcome in the current, Bridgeport mayoral election cycle…

    Hit the RESET BUTTON for Bridgeport’s future! Vote for Lamond Daniels for Mayor! (No absentee ballots in his trunk!…)

  2. i think this all misses the point. why are we juxtaposing burger king vs McDonald’s here when its the fast food industry that’s the problem. in other words it’s the Bridgeport political machine which has for years catered to outside interests and Has abused its power internally in Bridgeport By needing to hire politicians as employees or their family members. To the extent that the political machine is so unpopular that they lose at the polls and need to rely on fraud. The political machine has pushed this fraud so badly that any competition will need to play the same game. so please let’s save the “he did it too” argument. it’s is so pointless. Testa and his puppets have fundamentally altered the landscape of voting in Bridgeport making it vitually impossible for the public to shape accountability through their voting. and THAT my friends is the root of the problem.

    1. “Bridgeport political machine which has for years catered to outside interests and Has abused its power internally in Bridgeport By needing to hire politicians as employees or their family members. To the extent that the political machine is so unpopular that they lose at the polls and need to rely on fraud. The political machine has pushed this fraud so badly that any competition will need to play the same game. so please let’s save the “he did it too” argument. it’s is so pointless.”

      You’re the “pointless” here. You’re referring to “political machine”. Singular? Can’t you see that there are at least four (4) political machines at play here?

      The dominant machine is the DTC operated one and as such is most likely to win a primary. The 2015 primary stands as a unique exception as the incumbent mayor was defeated by Joe Ganim who’s story we all know about.

      The second place machine is made up entirely of key players (I was the king maker) from the 2015 Ganim Machine.

      The other machines are made of old, broken, junk parts from machines of the past and Lamond Daniel’s machine is a good example.

      1. your point says that mine is pointless but then pretty much repeats my point by confirming the dominant machine. and my “pointless” comment received 8 likes to your 0.

        1. Don’t flatter yourself. You missed the quotation marks– it’s not a repeat.

          It’s four (4)! I repeat: It’s four (4) machines at play here.

          One of your 8 likes is from me. Why? Because I “like” how stupid you come across.

  3. Lennie hypocrisy? It’s only hypocrisy when you get caught. 🙂 Besides, AB ballot stuffing is a Dem thing. Wouldn’t you say 20, 000 AB drive Gen Now? Besides lawyering up, per the defense, I say Trump it. NO COLLUSION here people. Wasn’t me. 😂

    P.S. Does Anyone honestly believe most of these Port AB drops were one AB or that these few individuals are the only ones stuffing the ballot in Port’s AB game? Please. If so I got some stakes for sale. 🙂

  4. Steaks, 🙂

    On the bright side of a steak selling in a drop box delivery, reality show host, real estate developer, country club simpleton moron presidency it showed the “bias”, (being kind) in everyone along with the fundamental flaw in democracy. Good Job people. Good luck democracy, Christ is rooting for you. See you at Bible study. 🤣

      1. John, neither campaign camp, Ganim or Gomes, set the world on fire for total turnout. Turnout was anemic, the lowest in 40 years that I have covered or participated in primaries. Close to 30 percent or so of the vote came via absentee votes, a sizable number but still plenty of walk-in votes to make the day. The raw total turnout was more than 2,000 votes less than the Ganim-Moore primary in 2019. Both campaign camps missed their turnout goals by wide margins. The Gomes campaign got what it wanted, a head-to-head matchup against Ganim, no splitting of the anti-vote, backed by plenty of financial firepower. If Gomes camp had reached its turnout mark, Gomes would have won handily. Same for Ganim. Gomes has another crack in the general election but in a wider field. Even if he comes up short, there may very well be another primary. We won’t know for several weeks likely and then how long will an appeal take?


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