Watch: Superintendent Levy-David’s Second Public Forum Addressing Future Of Six Schools

Second public forum behaviorally smoother.

First forum… In a sometimes contentious atmosphere Tuesday night, Superintendent of Schools Carmela Levy-David conducted the first in a series of public forums about her plans to close and repurpose six schools.



  1. The condition that those 6 schools are in is embarrassing!!!….They want to have new schools built. They want to be able to provide the kids with the needs that they all require. Maybe take a group that would represent the parents and go tour a school in the Suburbs. See the condition that they are provided. Is one of the issues that the parents wont have their kids a block away ? Is it because of the lack of convenience that they are upset about? Just wondering because watching that CHAOS of a meeting is ridiculous.

    1. Folks, see why it’s a waste of time to have these types of meetings. Parents can’t leave the ghetto home.

      Superintendent Levy-David MUST set aside one of the schools to teach mannerism for so called parents.

      It’s about time a Superintendent seriously addresses the challenges of Special Education.

    2. I have 2 daughters with Autism. My oldest had to wait for spot at CES in Trumbull. My daughter was accepted because my wife demonstrated her commitment to work with CES staff in all aspects of my daughter’s special needs. CES is not controlled by a BOE type of system and there goes the difference between in-house Special Education Services and out- of-district Special Education Services.
      I hope those ghetto parents in this meeting don’t have Special needs children. You all see how they would handle themselves during a critical situation with a special needs person.

  2. John BTW are you about this? 🤣”
    “When people speak up in turn, with respect for others, and active listening, those conversations offer democratic activity. When such conversations are secret, restricted to a few, limited as to schedules, minutes recorded, or rules followed, and resisting regulation, we have attempts at pursuit of AUTOCRACY, not DEMOCRACY. Got it? Time will tell.”

    Let me fact-check this. 🙃

    1. Thank you for reading and republishing my comments on necessary and vital conversations among our public members. Just setting out several parts of the equation that include a place at a table, where all are includedin speaking (with respect and civility), and listening (amazing what facts you may learn that change your mind) and encourage you to participate at various election times by actually voting, as an infromed participant.
      I believe in the practice of democracy daily by me, personally, as well as all neighbors, and more than even when I pay my legal share of income and property taxes, or vote as an informed elector, or serve as a member of a public body using experience, common sense, skills, and values to their maximum, or when I gave up six months full time from starting a new business in its first three years (many years ago) to serve in the military. These are just some of the things you do for others, as well as yourself. And when you have enjoyed the life experiences with diverse well meaning folks, with equity of outcomes for all, you can celebrate, rather then demean, because the polity, life in the public square is determinably better. Time will tell.

  3. More on topic, This seems like a mixed bag.

    I can see closing/consolidation to smaller older schools, Hall, Edison, and the BLM.

    Dumbar and Cross are different; the others will work themselves out in time I guess.

    However, I am disappointed in Maria’s argument. Are you saying building a new state-of-the-art-ish Harding was wrong because it left the 100 old schools abandoned and it devalued the surrounding property? So much for the kids and their education. 🙂

    That being said, I am not sure why the BPS system is dedicating resources allocated for the kid’s education to repurpose state-of-the-art adult learning/welcoming centers. Outside of Maria’s point and not wanting to leave a closed school abandoned.

    Clearly, money is at play, however, my thought process is if the BBOE plan is to close Dumbar because it is a failing school, As well as Cross. What makes them think they can teach students with special needs if their plan to stop BPS from failing schools is to close them and spread that failure to other schools in the Port? SMH

    I say find some Joe Clarks for Dumbar and Cross and fix the actual education going on in these schools.

    Then get state funding to repurpose the old Bassick school for a state-of-the-art special needs school. But that to SIMPLE.

    Y’all make me sad inside people. The way you use kids. If it wasn’t a joy watching them you wouldn’t even exist anymore, You bunch of lying ass heathens, 🙂

    P.S. I hope the Port’s special needs school has an ice cream machine. 🙂 I;m out of here

  4. BTW if the Adult Learning/Welcome Center is needed for the parents/adults as an asset, the old Bassick can double as a special needs school and the adult center. JS


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