Gonzalez Files Police Complaint Against Pereira Following Sexually Explicit Facebook Attack At Family, Contacts Child Agency About Potential Covid Exposure From Pizarro Party

Fallout from a potential super-spreader party at the Trumbull home of city employee Danny Pizarro continues with former City Councilman Joel Gonzalez filing a police complaint against councilor Maria Pereira for attacking Gonzalez and his two autistic daughters in a vile, salacious Facebook rage.

The confrontation began after Gonzalez declared in the OIB comments section that Pereira’s 24-year-old daughter Myla Campos, mother of a young child, attended the party while Pereira was calling for resignations and terminations of public employees who had attended. State Attorney Joseph Corradino is looking into the matter to “determine whether any additional enforcement actions can be taken and proven to the exacting standards of the criminal law.”

Image from Pizarro party.

Pizarro has paid a $500 fine. Party attendants could be fined $250 for violating Governor Ned Lamont’s executive order covering large events. Videos and pictures from the event show maskless clusters of jubilant partiers of more than 100 people. Pizarro bragged it was 300 people.

Statement from Gonzalez:

In response to the reaction, behavior and evil act by Maria  Pereira against my wife and children, due to my OIB post stating that Pereira’s daughter attended Danny Pizarro’s Birthday bash in Trumbull, I have taken the following actions: I provided OIB with 2 photos of Myla Campos the daughter of Maria Pereira, taken inside Danny’s residence in Trumbull that night; On Sunday, I called the Department of Family and Children hotline and reported Myla Campos presence at the party and the risk to her child and others of Covid-19 exposure; On Monday, I filed a complaint with the Bridgeport Police Department against Maria Pereira in regards to the threat made during a text exchange on messenger and her Facebook posting that followed; I left a phone message with the Trumbull Health Department; I also called in my complaint to City Council President Aidee Nieves.

Gonzalez, a Police Department custodian, says he and his wife have two autistic daughters ages 12 and 18. They have legal guardianship of the 18 year old.

Pereira made clear in churlish Facebook messenger exchanges with Gonzalez, she would exact revenge. In doing so Pereira, the former two-term school board member who represents the Upper Side 138th District, continued an obsessive preoccupation of falsely highlighting the sexual plumbing of people on her enemies list, be they male or female.

(Full disclosure: she has Facebook-posted me twice with lies.)

Pereira postures veracity in public but her mendacious, sexually explicit rants on Facebook speak volumes about a troubling side of a woman who lashes out at people with jaw-dropping, bile-filled lies. It leaves her largely isolated from coalition building and potential advocates who just plain stay away from her.

Gonzalez asserted in the OIB comments section that Pereira’s daughter attended the party. In a fit of vile, Pereira unleashed a tirade against Gonzalez, first in Facebook texts to him, then on her Facebook page urging followers an exclamation to share “WIDELY.”

Pereira starts the Facebook post by highlighting Gonzalez’ 1994 amputation of his finger in Hartford to protest gun violence. She then insults his manhood, autistic children and wife.

It’s not the first time Pereira has dragged family members into her enemies list of rants. She has done it with elected members of the Board of Education.

Pereira castigated Gonzalez’s assertion that her daughter had attended the Pizarro party, but she doesn’t flat out say her daughter was not there either. She simply challenges the evidence.

So Gonzalez says he secured the evidence, pictures of Campos he asserts were taken at the party.

OIB has confirmed with a party attendee that Campos was at Pizarro’s soiree. Gonzalez emailed OIB two images, one capturing a portion of her face. See below image of Campos from her Facebook page following, for comparison, one image provided by Gonzalez.

From Myla Campos Facebook page.
Image of Myla Campos at Pizarro party, according to Gonzalez.

On January 22, OIB sent the following email to Pereira. There has been no response.

Maria, is your daughter willing to send a statement to correct the record? I’ll contact her independently of you if you wish, but I don’t have her contact info. I’ll leave it up to you. There are many video components in this matter so is this a case of your daughter saying I’m 24 and an adult and I don’t have to confirm or deny where I go, to my mother? Or will she say flat out I wasn’t there?

The only relevance I see in this story involving your daughter (if she was there) is your call for people to be fired or resign. If she was there then should she be subjected to a fine?

Police report and messages follow:



  1. Jesus. Lenny don’t you have anything better to post? They’re both lunatics and you are now officially on the lunatic fringe being mention in an official police complaint.

    1. Only a real POS like you Bob Walsh would downplay such serious matter, I’ve lost all respect I had for you. Lennie we agreed not to hold back on any facts I provided. Please post the entire messenger text exchange as I provided.

    2. Here’s the latest Trumpereira Facebook post:

      And now this piece of excrement, Joel Gonzalez, is posting about my innocent 4 year old grandaughter, my daughter’s father, my grandaughter’s father and accusing me of being required to quarantine implying I babysat my precious grandaughter the night of Danny Pizarro’s superspreader birthday bash in Trumbull. He seems to be obsessed with my family on the Only in Bridgeport blog.

      This POS has never seen or met my grandaughter, her father, her grandfather or my daughter and he is posting conspiracy theories as if he has any direct knowledge about any of them.

      He has failed to provide any indisputable evidence that my daughter was even at this superspreader party.

      Let’s hope his two mentally disabled daughters aren’t completely crazy and demented like he is. I would love to see a photo of his wife. What attractive, intelligent, articulate, self sufficient and emotionally and mentally stable woman would ever want to be with this mentally UNSTABLE individual?

      She either has very low self esteem or there is a possibility that she is being verbally, emotionally, mentally or physically abused, or any combination thereof, as no reasonably sound woman would ever choose to be with this horrible person.

      1. Obsessed with your family? Your daughter is the only one in your family who has contact with you. Let tell you about a relative of yours whom I remember. Hint: Lancers Cafe. Back in the days, a person dear to me worked for a major Cocaine dealer here in Bridgeport. If you listen to the Biggie Smalls song, WARNING. There’s a part that says: It’s those that smoke blunt with ya; See your picture; Then they wanna get their guns and come to get ya… I had heard chatter on the street that certain individuals were planning on robbing and perhaps killing this person dear to me. I gave him two options, stop selling for his boss or let me drive shotgun with him or follow him every where he goes. Yes, this included doing cocaine deliveries to your uncle at Lancers. So much for small penises Maria. It’s a small world. By the way, nothing ever happened to this person dear to me.

    3. Joel,

      You have no idea what my daughter even looks like, nor does Ernest Newton, yet you have the nerve to repeatedly post on OIB that my daughter was present at Danny Pizarro’s party.

      I am the elected official, not my 24 year old daughter who has a young child, does not reside in my home , does not live or work in Bridgeport and is 100% financially independent .

      Don’t ever claim YOUR children are off limits if I come for them.

      I hope I have made myself perfectly clear you POS.

      Like I said, “I’m sure Maria Pereira will have something to say .” There’s more Maria Pereira Breaking news. I posted recently. The very first person that came to my mind when I first heard your daughter was there was her daughter. I have 2 autistic girls. So, I understand where you come from. Take care of her she will be fine.

      Your two “autistic daughters will not be off limits from this day forward.

      I always say that I won’t start it, but I am more than happy to finish it.”

      I don’t want to hear a “peep” from you when I post about your two “autistic” daughters.

      What’s fair is fair.

      Shoot yourself on the foot…

      By the way psycho, did you see how your colleague Ernie Newton outed you? I can imagine what the texts you’re sending him…

      By the way x 2, I loved the act on channel 12 or was it 2?

      By the way x 3, it’s gonna be midnight, gotta go asleep.

      I can’t be “outed” you moron. I was not there. You are such a dumb f_ck.

      My daughter is NOT an elected ot appointed official or a taxpayer funded municipal employee you jerk.

      I used to warn my late soon about making poor decisions and having it come back to my name. Leave me alone. I’m trying to find out if your girl Marilyn Moore got a $300 fine.

      By the way x 4. I hope this is not what you’re using your stipend 4.

      What evidence do you have that my daughter was there? You don’t even know what my daughter looks like.

      You think you can just go around posting about people’s children.

      Well, I just posted about yours and shared it with my over 3,000 friends via messenger.

      That’s okay, you’re not just messing with my daughters, you’re messing with my WIFE’S girls. I’ll let them sleep in God’s Protection. Go take your meds in the meantime. I’ll show her this at noon.

      I asked everyone to share it WIDELY. Hopefully she will wake up to it in her Facebook stream.

      I’m sure Judge Carmen Lopez will be impressed when she reads it.

      Lennie tried the same thing. I do not report to Carmen Lopez and she is not my mother.

      After Lennie tried to “report” me for posing he had a “small dick;” I posted it again.

      Don’t you comprehend that NO ONE respects you. EVERYONE makes fun of you and considers you to simply be a nut.

      You don’t get it? Carmen Lopez is a respectable person. You, on plenty of occasions have posted, “Carmen Lopez is my mentor.” Ever heard the saying–quilty by association? Tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are? How you behave shall be used against her. It’s how people perceive. You don’t seem to think about others. I’m sure this truth will piss you off. There’s a reason why your daughter doesn’t live with you–YOU! It’s all about you. I never gave too much of a crap about what others think about me. By the way, how you know Lennie Grimaldi has a small dick? HMMMM!
      I know Carmen significantly better than you. Carmen is absolutely well respected unlike you.

      So I am the one ” who doesn’t seem to think about others” as if YOU are the victim. You posted about my daughter who hates politics and has never done a political thing in her life.

      Joel, no.one “thinks” about you. You are completely irrelevant. The only time I have EVER heard anyone reference you is to mock and disparage you.

      My daughter doesn’t reside with me because she is a 24 year adult with her own life which does not include politics.

      Of course she hates politics. Look at who is her mother. Wasn’t she at a house filled with the people/politicians you hate? I don’t see much wrong with her going to a party hosted by Danny, I envy your daughter. I’m mad at Danny for forgetting to invite me. You act like she was caught on tape spinning off a pole at a strip joint. She went to a party, had a good time and went home. What’s the fucking big deal.

      You tell me ,asshole.

      If it was no big deal then why did YOU post about my daughter?

      You cannot even identify my daughter yet you continue tovespouse she was there and you just admitted you were not.

      Put up or shut up.

      Where is your proof?

      You likely envy my daughter because she is stunning. Based on your looks we know your mentally disabled daughters are not.

      Your daughter is horrified of you, I wouldn’t tell you the truth if you were my mother. If you’re pissed at me, I can imagine when you first heard about it. It must have killed you when you heard Paoletto was there too. Next time, I’ll make sure Danny doesn’t forget to invite me. You could show up. Every body loves Maria Pereira.

      Anthony Paoletto is my political opponent in the 138th District..

      As my daughter told me, I am a 24 year old woman and will do whatever I want to do. Why would I lie to you? I am a 24 year old woman, I don’t live in your house, I pay my own bills and I don’t even live or work in Bridgeport. You can’t do anything to me or discipline me as I am a grown woman.”

      I am.much more loved than you will ever be with hundreds of neighbors and voters who support me 100%.

      You have ZERO proof my daughter was there and you just regurgitate your unsubstantiated assertions.

      I am going to post about you and your mentally disabled daughters repeatedly.

      You need to be taught a lesson.

  2. On the other hand, can you tell me how I can get a hold of one of these complaint forms because I want Seedy cited for wasting police time on this nonsense and for using his official city position in an effort to influence this poor office.

    1. You’re showing how ignorant you’ve become as you age Bob Walsh. The incident took place in Bridgeport so that’s where the complaint was filed. It’s common knowledge that I work at the PD; That Trumpereira has been critical of Chief Garcia and other officers; That Trumpereira is a member of the city council, etc. The matter shall be referred to the States Attorney.

  3. OIB has not given readers a quick summation of the story in this conflict.
    OIB has given support to Joel’s version.
    Until Maria Pereira is given equal footing, I think OIB should avoid this story.
    Here’s why:
    Joel Gonzalez is a member of Lennie’s inner circle (he even has a nickname).
    Maria Pereira — while wildly popular — is not posting here for whatever reason.
    Until Lennie Grimaldi goes out of his way to include Maria’s version I think OIB should cease discussion.
    The operative term is Journalistic Detachment.

      1. Lennie posted the text exchange out of order, which skews the conversation.
        Lennie has been blocked from conversation with Maria. He may have claimed to have emailed her, but it can’t get through to her.

        I have it in good authority that Joel admitted to consultations with Joe Ganim and city attorney before filing SEEC complaints against Marilyn Moore,
        I also have it on good authority that Joe Ganim showed up at Danny P’s super spreader borthday bash after 11:30 PM.

        Things got hot and JG spent a week away from City Hall. I heard he was hanging out in Boca. A RED State on the CT quarrantine list.

        1. Marshall, you condone Pereira’s attack on an autistic family? Yes or no? Pereira has emailed me many, many times and even tried to phone me the other day while posturing publicly she wants no contact with me. She’s a serial liar. There is no skewing of her attack on an autistic family.

          1. Lennie,
            There is no such thing as an Autistic family. There are families with members who are on the Autism spectrum.
            That said: I do not read an attack on the two children (one actually an adult) of Joel Gonzalez, who he says are autistic.
            I see words that could be an attack on Joel’s wife’s fidelity.
            I see an attack on Joel’s lack of beauty and the claim that because of that the children could not be stunning, as Myla is reputed and pictured to be.

            SO, I cannot condone or refuse to condone an attack I do not see in print.

            I do NOT condone bringing family members into political differences and fights. But, in this case it appears Joel brought up the alleged actions of Maria’s adult daughter first. Myla is NOT a Bridgeport resident, a minor or dependent on her mother for support. She is not part of her mother’s political operation. She does not canvass, phone bank or otherwise campaign for her mother. As a resident of Ansonia, she cannot even vote for her mother.
            My interest in the Danny P party and fallout is twofold. We are Bridgeport property owners and taxpayers. Danny lives in and held this party in my town: Trumbull.
            I am on the Town’s Long Term (Disaster) Recovery Committee. This Pandemic is both an economic and health disaster with long term affects on our community. I have spent hundreds of hours this past year (unpaid) dealing with our response to the pandemic and how it affects Trumbull residents and businesses, as well as non-profits, schools and government. Resources are stretched thin. Last March when there was no PPE to be had for our Police and First Responders I used personal contacts to bring in masks, gloves, gowns, goggles from China and provided them to the town for free. When schools started this year, My wife and I provided masks for every school bus driver and every Trumbull public school teacher, in school administrator, para and office staff. Again, we provided them with no cost to the town or recipients.
            I helped procure a $100,000 grant to address the ongoing issue of food insecurity and income for our restaurants during this continuing crisis.

            To put it bluntly. I’ve worked to damned hard for this self entitled, smug birthday boy to hold a super spreader type birthday bash in Trumbull.
            Damn, Pizzaro and every public employee, board or commission member who attended, no matter which government they work for. i don’t care if it’s Bridgeport, the State (Chris Rosario), New Haven (Maritza, I only stopped by to drop off a present Bond). I want every attendee fined. Some should lose their jobs as well,
            This is not a joke, how many more hundreds of thousands of Americans have to dies because assholes like Pizzaro need to hold a birthday bash in violation of the state’s capacity regulations,

          2. You’re myopic. Sad. You’re now officially a Pereira apologist. You missed the part about “Your two autistic daughters will not be off limits from this day forward.” You and Pereira must have received a blood transfusion from Donald Trump.

          3. Excuse my typo: TOO damn hard. I know it has two Os, but I have carpal tunnel and typing is very painful right now

          4. Yes, Lennie
            I am Myopic, but I have worn prescription eyeglasses for almost 60 years correcting my eyesight to 20/20

            I did not apologize for Maria. It’s not my place.
            I did not miss ‘from this day forward,; that is not an attack, but a warning there may be an attack.
            I certainly did not have a blood transfusion from Trump. I would like to see that POS get the Romanov treatment along with his whle grifter family.

            I’d also like Bridgeport politics cleaned up and the Ganim gang gone from running the city (extremely poorly, I might add).

            I read every word in the texts you have posted and the supposed attacks are not on Gonzalez’ children.

          5. Never assume MM that the demagogues (you’re buying into) who “want to clean up Bridgeport politics” are any better than those they want to replace. In some cases they are worse. Be careful of the quicksand.

          6. Pereira issued an attack on his children. In multiple ways. Except the children are incapable of defending themselves. Think about that, for a second, albeit while you’re mesmerized by Pereira’s narcissism. Those children cannot defend themselves which makes it worse. You chose to defend Pereira’s 24-year-old daughter who was at that super-spreader party based on an abundance of evidence. You’re suffering from a bizarre form of Stockholm Syndrome.

          7. Who needs a blood transfusion now?
            Marshall Marcus and Maria Pereira were never on Donald Trump’s payroll.

          8. @Lennie
            I think you need new glasses.
            You do not find a single word posted by me defending Myla.

            I don’t know where Myla was on the night of the party. I don’t know Myla, and would not know her if she walked by in front of me.
            My only comment was that she looked stunning in a picture I saw (posted on line by her mother).

            I think Joel Gonzalez is a piece of crap. What is his fization in offereing his old penis to other men? I’m not interested. If he wants the BPD to handle complaints of a sexual nature, maybe I should swear out a sexual harassment charge against him for what he has posted here,
            I wouldn’t waste the taxpayers’ money handling the complaint.

          9. Myla Campos has and does depend on her mother for support. She babysits for her mainly on weekends. Unless you can show that she pays her mother to do so. I noticed you skip her place of employment. I’m hearing more and more that she works for the Town of Trumbull. Since Trumbull is your town, prove to us that she-Myla-doesn’t work for your Town of Trumbull.

          10. Here you go again Marshall Law. There’s such a thing as Autistic Family. In our case, we figured that it’s best for us to put ourselves in the Autism Spectrum with our children in order to best understand and deal with any issues they may have. Yes, we are an Autistic family.

            “…Joel Gonzalez, who he says are autistic… So, you dare to question the professional doctors who evaluated and confirmed the conditions of our daughters? Let alone question my statement to the fact that both of me daughters are Autistic. I TRIPLE DARE YOU SAY THAT TO MY FACE.

        2. Hey, Marshall Law, want to make yourself useful? Ask Trumpereira if she was babysitting her granddaughter on the night of the Danny Pizzaro Birthday bash. It wasn’t the grandfather on Black Rock Avenue in Bridgeport. It wasn’t the father as it seems he left town. Is Trumpereira on quarantine? If so, what is she doing appearing on news 12 when she’s supposed to be on quarantine? Paging Frank Recchia. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP…

    1. You can go to Maria’s Facebook page and read her bullshit version. Notice she barely mentions the text exchange but, didn’t post any of. My conscience is clear. Both my daughters are absolutely mine biologically. I’ve been married for close to 20 years of which I’ve been faithful to my wife and I’m 200% sure she has been faithful and an ideal example of a mother to 2 Special Needs children.

    2. For the members of Trumpereira’s circle:
      “I just love when scumbags play victim.”
      Will one of you tell Trumpereira not to be so harsh on herself?

      I just love when scumbags play victim.

      Joel Gonzalez is a former City Councilman who is a Bridgeport city employee who is a custodian at the Congress Street police station. He also chopped off his trigger finger on the Capitol steps to protest gun violence.

      He has never seen, met or spoken with my daughter. Several days ago he posted on Only in Bridgeport that my daughter was at Danny Pizzaro’s superspreader Covid-19 birthday bash. When not one person liked or commented on his post; the next morning he posted “Bracking New,” because he is not the sharpest tack in the drawer and cannot even spell, that my daughter was at Danny Pizarro’s party. In fact, he and Councilman Ernest Newton have repeatedly posted about this on OIB within minutes of each other.

      When Joel Gonzalez filed those two complaints against Senator Moore, he personally told me he had met with Mayor Ganim and the City Attorney prior to filing those complaints.

      Whose dirty work is Joel Gonzalez doing? Hmmm…

      I tried to address this with him privately by messaging him and he and I went at. He admitted he was not at the party and when I asked him to provide proof that my daughter was present all I heard was crickets. Now he provides OIB with a still photo of her as if that proves she was at that superspreader party.

      Now he has called upon BPD officers, who he works with in the police headquarters, to file a police report against me because I posted about him and his two daughters. He also reported me to City Council President Aidee Nieves as if I report to her. I find it all amusing.

      He has also announced he filed a report with the Department of Children and Families against my daughter asserting she placed her 4 year old daughter at risk for Covid-19. Did he file a DCF report against State Rep./Deputy Majority Leader Chris Rosario for placing his elementary school daughter’s health at risk for Covid-19? I think we all know the answer.

      I am going to post here what I told my daughter and posted on doingit.local well over a week ago. My daughter is a 24 year old woman with her own child that does not live under my roof, does not live or work in Bridgeport and is 100% financially independent of me. She is not involved in politics and strongly dislikes that I am involved in politics.

      She refuses to answer any of my questions about Danny Pizarro’s superspreader event because her position is she is an adult and does not report to me , which is true.

      As I told her, if you were at that party and are fined $250, arrested by Trumbull P.D. and your private employer decides to terminate your employment; those will be the consequences of any poor decisions you may have made.

      I have never subscribed to, nor will I ever, that elected officials or their friends and/or families deserve special treatment. The law is the law, and nobody is above the law.

      Joel Gonzalez is a public employee as I am an elected official which means we have the least protection under the first amendment. If he wants to sue me civilly, please do. I would love to have him deposed under oath about who provided him with photos and who directed him to repeatedly post about my daughter on OIB.

      I will not apologize for or retract one thing I posted on my personal Facebook page. Period. In addition, I blocked Lennie Grimaldi’s ability to call, text or email me over 6 months ago,, therefore I am unable to receive any communication from him which is exactly how I want it.

      I am tired of “boys” like Joel Gonzalez and Lennie Grimaldi from OIB whining like little b_tches. Don’t think you can come for my daughter and I am going to remain silent. Don’t start what you can’t finish. I’m a mama bear and I am going to protect my only cub.

      P.S. Can someone let Joel Gonzalez and Lennie Grimaldi know that Walgreens has their brand name EXTRA, EXTRA SMALL condoms on sale two for one which provides them both with an excellent opportunity for savings. They can go 50/50.

      1. Maria Trumpereira wants to know how did Speedy get a photo of her beautiful daughter inside Danny’s Party Central?
        Drum roll please!

        I sent my spy to deliver a Birthday Cake to Danny. My delivery spy filmed and snapped photos for 15 minutes. Now who the hell I learned that from?

        1. Trumpereira 2019:

          “I planned for this, therefore I had a large cake delivered to Chris Taylor at 155 Davenport St. two weeks ago. My guys gained access to the second floor and video taped their visit. There was no bedroom, no television in the lounge area, nothing decorative on the…”

        2. For those who may be wondering or trying to justify for or against the practice of securing video or photo evidence, there’s an old OIB term for this. The term hasn’t been mentioned for quite a while. The term is: OIB Blackmail Picture.

        3. Did Joel report his spy to DCF for endangering children because he was at the party?
          Will the spy get a $250 fine for attending?
          Will Joel be subpoenaed to provide the name of the spy to police, so the spy can be prosecuted.
          Or is Joel full of it?

          1. What makes you think it was a he or has any children or wasn’t wearing a mask. NO fine for a fine job. Subpoena? You’ve been reading too much into Trumpereira’s BULL SHIT. She is waiting in anticipation to put me on the stand. She has no standing whatsoever to sue as she has NO guardianship or power of attorney over her 24 year old Party loving daughter. Your question would have been a reality if we were under Marshall Law. Maria Trumpereira used to spend her time ‘grasping for straws’. Like the Covid-19 virus, she has mutated. She is now grasping for any small penis she can find. I see she has recruited you Marshall Marcus. Leave my penis alone.

          2. Joel….
            Learn to read and understand pronouns. The word his refers to you, not your spy of unidentified gender. The fine is for being at the party in excess of the state mandatory indoor gathering limit during the Pandemic.

            You don’t have to worry, I’m not interested in your pxxxs or any part of your body. In fact if I never saw your name or read about you again it would be just fine with me.

      2. Maria Trumpereira acknowledges that the photo is that of her daughter. She then states that the photo does not prove she was at Danny’s Birthday Extravaganza on that night inside the residence. NO PROBLEM THERE FOR ME. I’m asking Lennie to have the photo sent to Ray so he can Geotagg the photo so tja Maria Trumpereira can shut the fuck up once and for all. Here’s how Geotagging works: https://medium.com/hd-pro/understanding-geotagging-in-photos-d67097b5bd44#:~:text=This%20uses%20the%20GPS%20coordinates,this%20information%2C%20including%20social%20media.

        1. How about you proving the imbedded info in the picture with geotagging, Joel.

          You can’t because there is no imbedded time/date and location in that picture to prove it was taken at Danny P’s party in Trumbull that night.

          Put up or shut up.
          Stop doing Joe G’s dirty work.

          Ganim can’t control Maria, Maria gets elected and can turn out the votes. Your vindictive attacks for Ganim and company are minor league Trumplike shenanigans,

          And your bullshit about reporting Maria to the City Council President is horseshit. Aidee has no power or control over Maria’s words and actions.

          Those committee memberships taken away for headlines? Well Maria is back on committees. The Council needs someone who actually researchs issues, knows the laws and isn;t there to be Ganim’s rubber stamp in exchange for a job for self or family.

          1. Marcus Marshall, was I not clear enough when I told you to STOP grasping for my penis? I see you’re the Kinky type. I don’t have to prove shit to you of all people. I see that you’ve been communicating with Trumpereira. I see you’ve been snooping around and asking questions in Trumbull. Let me get wind of you trying to influence Trumbull officials at the PD or Health Department. It’s obvious that you feel entitled to ask and be told any details. I hope you’ve kept your GPS off during your probe. It’s obvious that you believe that Trumbull officials are doing some “dirty work” as I’ve done the same work they’re doing. You’re just another POS who simply want to harm our elected and appointed people while worshiping Trumpereira of all people.

            Now read this carefully you blind fool. You fell for Maria Trumpereira’s accretion that she had video footage of 155 Davenport? Has anyone ever seen any of the footage she claims “her guys” obtained that day? Any Geotagg of a video that never existed? She filed a complaint falsely alleging she had video footage of 155 Davenport with the State Elections Committee. Drum Roll Please Lennie: True that two men delivered a cake to 155 Davenport. One was to film the interior. The name of this Individual is Jonathan Rodrigues. He is the same person who inadvertently filmed the petition drive activity inside the headquarters of Senator Marilyn Moore. The other person shall remain anonymous and don’t assume he is or was the one who spilled the Goya Beans. Rodrigues did try to film the interior of 155 Davenport with his cell phone. He pushed the wrong button and failed to capture any footage. I’ve been there–See Mitch Robles Sting from 2009 in my YouTube page. PAGING CHRIS TAYLOR. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. You see what you’ve caused for grasping for my penis after being warned?

        2. @Joel Gonzalez
          You don’t know what the hell you are talking about.
          I have no interest in your male parts.

          I have made no inquiries at Trumbull PD and do not try to exert influence on town government. This isn’t Bridgeport and DTC members don’t act that way. No sense of entitlement.
          Youi LIE when you say I’ve been snooping around the PD or Health Department. OI haven’t had any contact with the TPD in more than a year when I complained about a former tenant stealing property when he moved out. In 2019 I took a child to the Trumbull Health Dept for a TB test.

          Apparently you just invent things out of your sick, perverted mind.

          155 Davenport Ave…not on my radar screen. I didn’t fall for anything.

          I don’t hide the fact that I oppose the Ganim/Testa machine and supported both Maria and Marilyn Moore in their election attempts. Donated money to both campaigns. I like strong women. not your penis.

          I put forth in detail in my reply to Lennie why I am so incensed about Danny P’s party in Trumbull.. All who attended should be made to suffer the consequences.

        3. Joel, your Geotagging is dependent on Ray and Lennie’s completion. Beware of quicksand!
          GeoFencing is my expertise — it’s the big brother of geotagging.
          Before you couple Trump and Maria make sure you can de-couple Grimaldi and Trump.

          1. My plan is also quicksand proof. Careful with the traps I set. No one mentioned anything about Geotagging until I raised it. Of course I knew there was no Geotagg on the Myla photo. The plot thickens.

      3. “When Joel Gonzalez filed those two complaints against Senator Moore, he personally told me he had met with Mayor Ganim and the City Attorney prior to filing those complaints.”

        Whose dirty work is Joel Gonzalez doing? Hmmm.

        Since when I’d filling SEEC complaints “dirty work?” Is that what you’re doing when you file SEEC complaints? IT’S PROVEN that you Maria Pereira are one “dirty”, rude, nasty, shameless and poor excuse of a person. I had explained why I went to the city attorney’s office. First, I’m pretty sure that it was Milta Feliciano who spread that rumor which incorrectly identified the wrong city attorney I spoke with. When I inquired about viewing all petitions circulated during the primary, I was told that I had to make an FOI request. I went to city hall and asked to speak to a city attorney and argued my case. I was asked what I wanted the petitions for. I responded, “with due respect, it’s none of your business, but if it makes you feel more comfortable, it’s not against Ganim.” Ganim got the party endorsement. Therefore, there were no Ganim petitions to examine. Every point raised above by Pereira is pure BULLSHIT.

        1. Ok. I thought she told me that she refused to participate here under any circumstances and that it was her decision to not be here. Maybe I got it wrong. I guess it doesn’t matter because either way she’s not here. It is unfortunate though.

          1. Rich, her side of the story is totally not true, it’s much deeper than that bullshit she told you.

          2. Rich, the post is a copy and paste I got from Trumpereira’s Facebook page. She has me blocked but other ways are always.

    1. MOJO, explain your assertion that I’m being “vindictive.”

      “What if he chops off something else?”

      What if that “something else” was her head? Would that been “nuts”, the act of a lunatic, crazy, or just a “vindictive act?”

      Perhaps Trumpereira and some of you evil, hateful, POS, would have thrown a Party bigger than Danny’s in celebration of my suicide after reading her Facebook post.

      Worst yet, you think Trumpereira would have accepted responsibility had I murdered my family upon reading such evil post? Lunatics, crazies, nuts are not made like me. When I die, there will be a need for three caskets; one for my big mouth; one for my balls; one for the rest of my body. My question is: Which one of the funerals held in different locations on the same day and time will you attend? Considering Trumpereira’s sexually explicit rants, I’m sure she’ll attend the funeral of my balls.

        1. I’m using the very same words Trumpereira used and continues to use against me and my family. Want to post something? Post her most recent Facebook post. You of all people should feel somewhat offended by the acts of this evil woman. You’re disable and walk with a cane. How would you feel if someone made rude comments and or jokes about your physical conditions and looks? I am much more handsome than you are. 🙂

  4. City Councilwoman Maria, your daughter is stunningly beautiful, and an adult who made a choice, just like many others to go to Danny’s Birthday party, and the ones you are calling to reign or be fired. But to attack Joel’s autistic daughters, his manhood, and his wife in a visceral public post is extreme of an elected official What happens to people who hold public elected officialsneed to be held to a higher standard?

    Joel, you want to go at it with Maria or point out Maria’s daughter as one of the attendees at Danny’s party while she is asking those who she is politically against is one thing. But to call the Department of Family and Children is behind extreme, that was wrong and fucked up on many levels. You have to know control over what can or will do to her or her child. All because she attended a party, and you and her mother are acting like a childish asshole.

    You two want to go at via abusive language or the endless childish complaints to government agencies in one form or another against each other or your political opposition is one thing However, using your daughters as a means or to attack each other is another thing.

    Maria, understanding that side of your so-called mentally disabled/autistic. To attack people with learning and development challenges shows the lack of compassing that resides in you, and Joel, chopping off your finger to make a point., well let’s just say it seems your demons are getting the best you both of you.

    Good luck with that fight. Just when you think Port Politics couldn’t get any F-ing lower than a crack and drug use that resulted in a pissing contest (drug test), voila. Danny has a birthday party. SMH


    1. RT, I didn’t start the messenger text exchange with Trumpereira. I wasn’t the first nor only one the state the her daughter was there. I gathered the facts and proof as layed out before you. Who was I supposed to call to report a child and potentially others in danger of Covid-19 exposure due to neglect of a parent and grandmother who obviously in denial to say the least, Ghost Busters? You don’t seem to give a shit about other children who may need interference and protection. I had 2 complaints involving my girls. One by a teacher and one by a neighbor. We fully cooperated and both complaints were closed. DFC is not there to simply take children from their parents unless it’s strictly necessary.

        1. Not fascinated with it, Just pointing it out. BAM! 🙂

          Joel, I felt what Maria “said” about your daughter was wrong, as well as you calling the Department of Family and Children on her child. As for your complaint about on Maria to BPD, I expect nothing less from Port Politics. 🙂

          You were wrong to call, take the hit and move on. 🙂


      1. That not the point. Did you call them on Christ Rosario and the risk to his children? You did it as an attack on Maria and it had nothing to do with your concern for her child. There’s a risk with this covid virus. Like a side you and Maria what to go at it in this shit called Port Politics ,fine However please save it that your act to call Department of Family and Children was out of concern for Myla’s child. I was F- up to Myla. As Maria was putting your daughters on blast to attack you.

        I will not speak on complains about you.

        1. I can’t recall a single time in which Chris Rosario and I had a conversation. Perhaps it has to do with the SEEC complaints I filed years ago against him and many of his political associates. I did hear good things about his wife and her relationship as a mother to their children like her involvement with the baseball league they play in. I’m sure she has taken the necessary steps to make sure that Rep. Rosario’s presence at the Trumbull Party doesn’t affect the family’s health. That’s what true momma bears do.

          1. Please, you snitched on young mother in the name of “dirty Port politics”. Apparently, you didn’t check yourself before you wreck yourself. You can try to spin it any way you want, but A, you can say the same about momma bear Myla, as you said about Christ’s wife. B, it seems your giving Christ a pass for his recklessness that you are bestowing to momma bear Myla, who you called the DFC on for attending Danny’s party right, not Trumbull Party. Oh that’s right I believe you were defending Danny before you found a way to “snitch” a young mother, again, in the name of ‘Dirty Port Politics. JS

            “”””Joel Gonzalez says:
            January 18, 2021 at 4:51 pm
            Super Spreader is a term preferred by those of the BOOGEYMAN mentality. Sounds so scary I’m going to refuse to go to work. Super heard immunity advancer perhaps? Danny is rich because of the assessment of his properties? I’ve had few opportunities to chat with Danny for a short time. I’m familiar with some of his rental properties and his tenants. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the state issued a moratorium prohibiting evictions of tenants. You think all his tenants are up to date on their rent? You think the Ctpost is interested in publishing an interview with Danny Pizzaro on this? You think Joe Ganim gives a shit about Danny having to go through this? Sure he works for the city, how much he pays in taxes? If he doesn’t pay his taxes on time, Joe Ganim is capable of letting him go, irrespective of his explanation.

            Joel Gonzalez says:
            January 19, 2021 at 5:08 am
            “Mayor Ganim needs to fire this arrogant fool and hire someone that will serve the city with honor and dignity.”

            In other words, fire Danny Pizzaro and hire Joel Gonzalez. Is this what you’re finding difficult to say?

            Joel Gonzalez says:
            January 18, 2021 at 4:13 pm
            How often must come here and suggest that poster should consider the flip side of their views and opinions? Let’s look at the flipside of this situation. Herd Immunity. Ever heard of this? Like it or not, heard immunity will continue to naturally take place. The vaccination itself is a form of heard immunity, just more complex and expensive to implement, it’s not natural.

            Still think Danny is a monster so far? It is a fact that the center for disease control is recommending the use of donated plasma from people who have been exposed/infected to Covid-19 virus. It doesn’t matter how or why they got the virus, it’s a good thing. I’m not sure what I had last March 2019 during the early stage of the pandemic. All I know is that 3 days after getting order to wipe down all areas possible in the Bridgeport PD, I had some symptoms except fever. I was pretty much told to call my doctor when I’m spitting blood. I have two daughters and a wife and I had to quarantine for 2 weeks at home. The more people are exposed voluntarily to the virus, the sooner we can return to as normal as possible. If you accept immunization for Covid-19 the virus will be introduced to your body as if you were in a stadium full of people with the virus mask or no mask. Is it wise to take precautions? Sure it is. Is it wise to take the vaccine at 94% effectiveness. Yes, I’m waiting for the city to call me. There wouldn’t have been such an outcry if Danny had no ties to Joe Ganim. Before anyone starts to bark at me, consider the flip side to your bark.”””””

            let me High light an excerpt
            ” It doesn’t matter how or why they got the virus, it’s a good thing.”

            You calling The Department of Family and Children was F-up in the name of dirt Port politics. Own up to it. The rest is just shit Port Politics.

            As I said you to basket cases want to go at it fine, but IOM Myla was used by both of you. You to attack Maria, and Maria’s endless need to fight someone.

            You are the “one” who owns her an apology. I will stay tuned and thanks for the Jeol channel. 🙂

            P.S were you of sound mind when you departed with that finger? BAM!


          2. P.S Jeol, while you and comrade Day debate who’s a POS, you are a laxative, and remember shit splats, and you, my friend, will ways miss the point and forever be view and label as a SNITCH who ratted out a young mother attending a party to feed your Inspector Gadge, alter-ego. 🙂


          3. Hey Basket #3, #4, #5 and #6. Did you not volunteer for the Joe Ganim 2016 campaign? Yes or No. Nothing wrong with that.

          4. Yeah, as well as Maria, burn the tapes. 🙂

            He kicked me out of their campaign headquarters and called the cops on me. Ironically because of OIB LOL and Billboards. 🙂

            BTY Basket case # 2 You should check yourself before you wreck yourself.

            “You claim in your own police report against Maria that her comment to you. You “believe she may have been attempting to incite you to commit some type of act of violence against you or possibly you wife or children”.

            Considering your prior posts and views (above) on January 18 that Danny’s party wasn’t a big deal to those who attended it. You only change your mind when you became aware on January 19 that Maria’s daughter was one of those attends. That lead to you making “incendiary” or ‘incitement posts toward Mari’s daughter and even called DFC on Myla, the young mother of a child for her recklessness for attending that party with limited prove she was there and the welfare of said child. Yet you praised Momma bear (Christ’s wife) even though he, Christ expressively said he did in fact attended Danny’s party. but you didn’t feel the need to call DFC in him.

            So one can make the claim based on your completely opposite view of Danny’s party after you found out “allegedly” Maria’s daughter was there, and the posts of your new-found views. on January 19 after you believe Maria’s daughter was in attendance at Danny’s party. And you are the one who is “believed to have premeditated and intentionally made that post about Maria’s daughter and called DFC out of willful and intent to incite and cause harm.

            I’m not a lawyer or prosecutor but what say, you people. 🙂

            P.S Billboards, people 🙂


          5. To be fair to Joe. Danny, Roach kicked me out of a fundraiser held at the Stress Factory., I didn’t comply. Joe did seemly suggest I’m welcomed. To be fair to me I did comply after the show. 🤣

            Jokes aside, you two basket cases need to cut this baby in half and end this childishness. The shit isn’t ever high school. It’s grammar school Facebook shit.

            P.S Joel! based on all those posts, Povit! 🤣


    2. You really think you’re battling with me? I’d describe this as the first OIB gun battle which will last for weeks. I has nothing to do with you and some others. You volunteered to enter this OIB gun battle with a rusty knife.

      Do you remember me from/at the Ganim headquarters on Capital Avenue? Let me refresh your memory. One early night, the headquarter was closing. I dropped in to pick up some materials and I offered you a ride home. I drove you home to a street off of Park Avenue near Central High School. I remember the conversation in which you said you was going to run against Tom McCarthy. I didn’t cracked up laughing until you went inside your home. I gave you another ride a short time later. You should be careful who you accept rides from. You could be riding in a van of a crazed lunatic who like chopping fingers off or a SNITCH others may be gunning for. You know, ‘birds of a feather ride together.’

      The snitch subject is an old one that we’ve addressed a long time ago. I still laugh about Hector Diaz comment about walking around with an “S” on the chest. In order not to repeat my self, you can Google search: Joel Gonzalez OIB Lennie Greenmaldi. Copy and paste the link of article so others here on OIB can read the flip-side of the snitch label. In a nutshell, it’s never snitching when what one says or writes is the truth of factual.

      1. Don’t assume I know what you are talking about. My snitch label on you pertains to you calling DFC on Myla. It was F-up and shit Port Politics. IMO

        By the way, do you remember seeing Maria at Ganim’s headquarter in 2015 helping Joe get reelected?

        See, one can rationalize why Joe kicked me out of his headquarters in 2015. But Danny in Joe’s reelection fundraiser at the Stress Factory might be complex to understand.

        BTY are you sure it was me you gave that ride to that late night?

        This is not a gun battle and I am not a politician. Though I kick with them for a minute on OIB.

        Who am I, but just a renegade. JS I am out of here. BAM! Happy Easter.


      2. Joel please refresh my memory on the S on the chest comment. I have used it to describe some people who may have a Superman Complex, trying to figure what or how I used it.

        1. Hi Hector, as I recall the subject was about snitching. I’ll try to see if I can find it. It’s better and easier to find OIB post by Google search than searching OIB archive.

          1. You can’t snitch on yourself it called confessing. Snitching is more about giving up someone to help yourself who is equally complicit with regard to prison. Your scenarios are off base. Infroming is not snitching per se. If someone robs you and you identify the robber. Are you going to claim you are snitching on them? It’s a loose term. I will give you that.

            So tell me what you did to Myla, whatever you want to call it, wasn’t out of concern for her child. That’s a fact. And I thought it went to far and a poor choice in your game. The police reports were not snithching on Maria just part of the game.

            P.S “S” on superman stands for Hope. Damn 2012 that’s like 9 years mustash man. You better hope you still have a Job when going up against the Piranha 🙂


  5. Maria Pereira is a qualified POS and for her to excoriate Joel about daughter’s and make light of their disabilities is beyond reprehensible. You miscreants that still want to extol the virtues Maria, you are no better than her. Like Joel I am apoplectic with anger that she would say that about his daughters, but there are those among you that don’t find her actions deplorable. Shame on that bitch and Shame on you that still support this level of vitriol.

  6. Jeol, your complaint on Myla, who is very attractive beautiful young woman, Maria was “wrong” because you defended Danny who hosted the party, and didn’t make any complaint to any government agency about him. Did you?

    Councilman Maria, in your “extreme” behavior you called out Lennie’s manhood because his sensor your extreme behavior.

    P.S funny thing about attractive physical beauty, and endowed manhood. I mean be happy, but it not like it’s an a accomplishment, and time is going to take care of that, plus were you want to put it God was doing you a solid.

    Lennie, middium .

    Bam I’m out of here. 🙂


      1. It was a picture of me. It was the act of her taking a picture of me that took me aback.

        Really, Joel. we are going there to justify your “Ghost Buster” call.

        P.S No mustache needed not lonely to fall head over heels but I was fascinated. Love let me count the ways. 9 ….BAM 🙂

        However, I do love myself. Sometimes I feel like a rock star. 😂


  7. Do take it out on the messenger.

    Lennie and Joel, Maria want you two to go 50/50 on protection for your manhood, and she was not referring to covid and masks.

    Maria, you are so unbecoming for an elected official, even with Port standards. 🙂

    In the words of Missy Elliot, “let me search ya. To find out how hard I got to work ya”


    1. RT, let me share this strange thing that happened to me just before Trumpereira started the text exchange. I was parked outside my home in my vehicle. I was listening to Biggie Smalls. (Note: Pereira the artist’s last name has nothing to do with the size of his member). You know the part of his song that says: “Beep, beep, beep… Who the fuck is this? Paging me at 5:46 in the morning, cracka dawnin, wipe the cold out my eyes, whose that paging me and why…”
      Then Trumpereira first text came in.

      1. Look, Maria is not Myla and your daughters are not you. Maria definitely overreacted by the claim on IOB that her daughter was at Danny’s party. Personally, I think she just used it as a means. However you “snitching” your Ghost Buster call on Myla wrong, and it was not out of concern for the child. Let’s face it you didn’t call on Christ for his child welfare. As I said you two basket cases went to go at it, fine. She a young mother who doesn’t need the Department of Family and Children knocking on her door because to Page Six on OIB. Speaking of mother’s Happy Mother’s Day.


  8. Marcus, who’s your authority?

    While I do “LOVE” some OIB page six soap opera love triangles. let’s face some facts though. Lennie’s choice to ban Maria (basket case # 1) because of her “inspector gadgets” skills is like a transgender male competing in woman’s athlete’s sports, an unfair advantage. Not absolute but generally unfair, who seemingly is everybody at some point. 🙂

    We can conclude since Joel (basket case # 2) didn’t call the Department of Family and Children on Rep. Rosario in concern for putting his child at risk for going to Danny’s party. His concern for Myla’s child not sincere and targeted at Maria. So you can also conclude his complaint on Moore was also targeted that Joe, in a way. However, every what is without a doubt is Port politics is shady and Moore was not above it.

    Yet that shadiness goes way about Joe, Moore, Maria, and so forth when her name didn’t appear on the ballot. I will not get into all on the “good authority” I have regarding that “shadiness”.

    P.S. Myla, how you doing. 😍

    Just playing Maria. Don’t need you putting me on blast like Joel. 🙂 However, I do recollect a story like “Operation” undercover cake ” against a BBOE and some pictures of someone’s kids in charter school uniforms in your battle against Charter Schools. JS 🙂

    As I said, “I love me so OIB page six soap opera”.


    1. Atlhletic
      benefited Joe
      omit, every.

      Speaking of Athletics, just want to touch on the school BBOE member not to vote on allowing the kids to play. you did a disserive to those kids. Let’s not also forget people. Maria once said being on the BOE is not about the kids but to control a 250 million dollar budget. So can we assume the BBOE member went along with the cancelation because of budgetary reasoning. JS

      The only one who called for a vote that wasn’t second on BOE was someone who was arrested for kidnapping and awaiting trial. These are the day of lives. SMH


  9. Look at it this way:
    Maria Pereira is the biggest story on this blog. She frequently dominates these pages and Lennie can’t even get her to post here.
    She’s awesome. In her own absence, she rules like a queen!

    1. Council Woman Maria like to say how elected official need to be held to a high standard. Basket case #1 should check herself. Just because someone made the claim, be vindictive, incitement, incendiary post about one of the attends as Danny’s party was her daughter. Her post to call out Joel daughter and marital infadality is unbecoming of an elected official and an embarrassment to the Port. I don’t expect you see it because, well it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

      P.S Really don’t feel like shots with you, It’s two early in the morning. I know it 5 o’clock somewhere, in your “Local Eyes. But it’s 8.30 in the moningh, and you have been up since 7. Why don’t you put on those brand new kicks you bought and go got some ice cream. BAM! 🙂


          1. Angry?
            I won’t be happy until you send OIB a postcard of you hugging a photo of Maria Pereira.

          2. You freak, you trying to get my rainbow? (Skittles) 🙂 Your drunk ass better brings your A-game and grow a mustache. 🤣

            Or do you want that picture of me for above your bed. 😂

            To back to sleep, you’re drunk. BAM. 🙂

    2. Sure, she’s an “awesome” jerk. She continues her attack on my children and wife on her Facebook. She can keep shooting herself in the legs. She would like y’all to believe her entire family were respectable members of the community or of perfect mental health. She won’t stop to think that I’ve been around for many years feeling the pulse of Bridgeport’s diverse community. Like my mother used to say, “No one can cover the sky with a finger.”

    1. Keep your Skittles. I’ll meet you halfway.
      If you show me a postcard of you hugging a life-sized picture of Maria Pereira and I’ll place it over my bed, send you a photo of it and build a shrine in your honor.


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