1. So, fucking full of shit. No one ever gave a shit about your rules. You folks and your rules are simply worth less. Toothless tiger is an understatement. You want more money to solve this problem? Cameras? Have you read my recent posts on OIB. The best way to protect the integrity of elections is by people getting off their asses and going out to vote.

    1. If you compared my complaints with any others, you notice that mine where all evidentiaryly based on the information provide by committee treasurers and submitted under oath as being factual. I followed the money in ways no other have done. I never rushed to conclusion and took years to show a clear picture of what had been taking place. Nothing has changed. As far as John M. Gomes goes, all he is looking for is a much bigger account to pillage and so is Marilyn Moore. Ask her or ask the Department of Consumer Protection what’s the status of my 2019 Complaint against the Senator.

    2. Hey Lennie, forget about me smelling a rat for now. It’s my duty to RAT on the real Absentee Ballot Queen who I saw in pictures posted on facebook wearing a John Gomez for Mayor T-shirt.

      Her name is Carmen Hernandez I believe. SEEC is very familiar with her name and she was the principal target in my biggest and last AB probe. SEEC did conduct a very good investigation and they tried hard to find the key witness. When Hernandez received notice of a SEEC complaint filed against her, she started to threaten and bribe all the people named on the complaint. Weeks later, she slapped the shit out of the key witness (a male) who had signed a sworn affidavits and dared to enter her residence with another friend during a brief visit. I’d love to slap her with a stack of AB ballots. I know she’s on camera somewhere out there.

  2. Lennie, take a look at five (5) State Elections Enforcement Commission Findings & Conclusions ALL complaints filed by Maria Pereira (You know, the one who thoroughly does her research).

    All Five (5) Dismissed and the investigation shows a pattern of conduct and harrassment of Seniors, other operatives and false/misrepresentations of facts. But, still the FBI entertains her.

    See Complaint File. Numbers:
    2018-077 vs Robert Barr
    2018-079 vs Maria Valle
    2018-080 vs A whole Family
    2019-038 vs A whole Family

    Then you have the Braking and Entering video. I’ll bet the State Prosecutors will miss the above pattern of conduct when she is charged.

    The Wanda Geter video is weaker than the Mitch Robles video. In it one can hear Mitch telling my niece she can’t tell anyone he filled the ballot for her. My complaint included a sworn affidavits from my niece. The commission interviewed Robles and just because he denied it, the complaint was dismissed. SEEC investigators made zero (0) attempt to interview my niece. Let me see if I still have the video.


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