Watch: Gomes Press Conference – Filing Court Complaint On Tuesday Challenging Primary Results

The mayoral campaign of John Gomes on Monday announced it will file a court action on Tuesday to challenge the results of last week’s Democratic primary showing Joe Ganim with a lead of 251 votes.

Two accomplished election lawyers will go at it: Bill Bloss for the Gomes campaign and Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon defending the vote count on behalf of the Registrar’s Office.

This will take weeks to sort out with the contents of the drop box fronting the Morton Government Center key evidence for both sides.

At issue several videos released by the Gomes campaign, from law enforcement surveillance footage, capturing a woman dropping what appear to be absentee ballots a week from the primary. Did the drop box during the time in question produce a small or large amount of absentees?

Separate from that the Gomes campaign asserts it has uncovered several other areas of concern related to absentees.

The initial questions from the news conference, see above, center on how the Gomes campaign received the videos. The campaign sidestepped the questions focusing instead on the contents of the videos.

Gomes Campaign Manager Christine Bartlett-Josie leads the news conference at campaign headquarters attended by a slew of media outlets.

Statement from Ganim:

“I want to state unequivocally that I do not condone, in any way, actions taken by anyone including any campaign, city, or elected official, which undermines the integrity of either the electoral process or city property. The Bridgeport Police Department is actively investigating all these matters, and my administration will continue to update the public as we are able to obtain more information.”



  1. Pencil Box now I understand why you were harping on who/how the video was released. I was wondering why you were going after Lenniedo hard on something that seemed irrelevant, but defective. JS

  2. Lennie, with all the attention about Port’s AB fraud/game with Wanda. You seemingly didn’t post the breakdown of how this vote went down. I am interested in the count considering that the holier-than-thou “unrigged” Gen Now through some serious gas on that shit with their 20,000 AB mail drive. P.S While you’re at it give Rich an update DeFilippo case 🤣

  3. does any one know if they might or if it is possible for criminal charges to be filed against Geter and if so can each substantiated complaint/case count as a separate and addition count in addition to what is on video. if so, how much time cam be served for each count? or would it possibly be another penalty like a fine?

  4. Considering the current political/electoral climate in this country (and this city!), the type of suspected election violation captured by the video deserves quick, thorough investigation by the FBI and State of Connecticut. An investigation by our undermanned, possibly-conflicted, local police force is contraindicated on several levels… I would think that Police Chief Porter realizes that the BPD handling the investigation of this possible election-law violation situation is inappropriate and that the investigation must be handled by independent, outside agencies (FBI, SEEC, State Police), with the BPD playing only a supportive role… I would suspect that Chief Porter realizes this and has already been in touch with the FBI and state agencies in this regard.

    In the meantime, Bridgeport has a situation where the current, “viable” candidates are each, separately, enmeshed in controversy that engenders voter confusion and apathy/antipathy toward the electoral process — even as they are ensnarled in a vicious, purely-political, non-issues-related fight that has managed to obscure the core socioeconomic issues that need to be addressed in this dying city. As far as this voter is concerned, they are both unsuitable candidates for mayor of our ailing, abused city. Both of the aforementioned candidates bring far too much baggage and controversy to the job — not to mention an absence of vison and leadership.

    Bridgeport needs a fresh face in City Hall — which would at least allow the mood of the populace and perceptions of the outside world to have a chance for some sort of necessary reset….

    If the electorate wakes up by November 7, Lamond Daniels might just pull off some sort of quasi-default win…


    1. Calm down and compose yourself Jeff. If a complaint is filed with SEEC. The video must be presented as evidence. The complaint must include an explanation of how the evidence was obtained. In this case who provided the video. State Police? Nope! FBI, no federal office in this primary. But, wait! There is a Federal Violation by who ever leaked the video. The federal government has property in the Fusion Center in the for of NCIC restricted information. The person who leaked the video could have breached the system remotely if he (notice I still maintain it’s a he) had the access code or password to gain access. Has the Chief reported this breach to Federal Authorities? A breach or failure to report a breach can lead the Feds to suspend the Police Department’s privileged access to NCIC’s database. This means cops can do shit as far as checking for warrants and stuff relating to criminals. NCIC= National Crime Information Center. I will make the call/file the complaint if I don’t hear the Chief make such announcement by 8 p.m. tomorrow.

      1. I’m not playing games McGruff:

        Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division
        1000 Custer Hollow Road
        Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306
        Hours of Service: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
        Telephone: (304) 625-2000

        1. Considering that the hours of service are 9 to 5, I’m moving the reporting time to 3: 00 p.m. tommorrow.
          My NCIC certification is still active (2 years). All police and civilians are required to be in compliance with training, background check, and having passed a test (I scored 95). Hey John Gomes, is your daughter up to date on her certification. Did Craig Nadrizny take the certification test? He should have as he is the guardian of all passwords to security systems of all city buildings. Should I call officer Cari and ask these questions?

          1. The rules are clear and strick to the point.that anyone who knows or suspects a violation of NCIC rules MUST report it and NO gag order shall prevent the reporting of a violation. I’m obligated to report it. If John M Gomes has any doubt about this, all you have to do is call my Police Chief Rebbeca Garcia.

  5. Listen in at about 18:30 in the video to the only row A Candidate Leslie Carballo was the only candidate brave and honorable enough, to speak out against the reprehensible behavior that took place at city hall. Let her be an example to the rest of the row A candidates to at the very least to publicly condemn the city hall ballot box stuffing.

    Shame on the rest of row A for remaining silent, either from cowardice or self preservation. Defy the gag order and rise up and speak up for the voters who were robbed of their rightful votes.

  6. NCIC Violation protocol stipulates the suspension of NCIC access until such threats to NCIC system is resolved and removed.

    “…sometimes the end justifies the means when it comes to the public interest.”

    This is definitely NOT the time. Who published the video and who provided the video to the person who published it? Remember what happens when one lies to the feds. Give up the mold now.

  7. Question: Was there a quid pro quo behind this video plot?

    Let’s say it was John/Joao Gomes daughter:
    “Take one for daddy’s team baby and I’ll reward you with a better paying position when I become the mayor.” Quid pro quo

    Let’s say it was. Craig (Hit list) Nadrizny:
    John Ricci: “Like I told you before, get Wanda Geter on video and you stay as Public Facilities Director. John’s little girl is taking the hit.” Quid pro quo.

  8. Was there a Quid Pro Quo behind this video plot? Please

    While I think the actual release of the footage is/was trivial the plot has thickened, to say the least.

    Regardless of who/how it was released, it put the BPD back in the spotlight that lands on the lap of the “logical” choice, and we know the shit that took place with his predecessor in the BPD. This leak can open them up.

    Wanda, fuggedaboudit, Clear Port’s AB is a collective, and if Wanda has something to say to help her, well this thing could get messy. There’s a lot of open questions.

    Pencil Box, I get you Holier-than-thou taking point but candidate Leslie Carballo had to know how the Port election/AB game operated. If she wants to make a feel-good political statement and take for for Gomes fine but don’t expect others to follow suit. Especially if Wanda wasn’t stuffing that box on G2’s behalf.

    There could be ironies all over the place.

    Joel, there’s too much actual positive change for Port and its residents for the usual Port’s Quid-Pro We must band together to keep our “Quid Pro Quo.

    Since G2, Gen Now knows the revaluation/tax thing, @payyourfairshare. Not only have minorities made advancement in employment in higher racking positions in city government replacing Ricci, and the likes. Since 2015 the Ciry practical hired an entirely new generational police force that is now led by the logical choice. However, more importantly, the city/Port has a vision a direction.

    P.S. Joel this Quid-Pro-Quo plot being served seems more like an Arlington Road than Mario’s paste.
    Hypotenuse speaking. JS


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