1. Comrade Ron, this is why people say it more about the political race card/angle with you and Comrade Day. It wouldn’t even matter though. If Moses was there he would have been called sell-out to his people as he had with that recent vote for Steele Point.


      What it looks like it was Jim’s higher tide Blackrock council members were there, and that program for internet access, I highly doubt it’s was aimed to assist those white passengers living in Jim’s Blackrock boat, not considering, the Port’s public schools are over 90% minority, However, they do represent PT.

      It’s funny, you hear a lot about the need for diversity with regards to race inploitics, Yet you never hear about the need for diversity of ideas. Comrade you are not saying look at all those Democrats. Where is a Republican among theme? Be it black or not for the would be just a sell-out. JS

      P.S Gamin didn’t even stay. He walked out on the press conference as he quit. 🙂


  1. Glimmerings of John Kennedy’s attitude toward using executive power to achieve civil rights progress couldbe seenat almostthe first momenthe became President. As the new Chief Executive sat in the reviewing standon January 20, 1961, watching his Inaugural parade, he reportly noticed that there were no Black cadets marching with the Coast Guard Academy. That evening he telephoned cabinet member C. Douglas aaDillion, whose Treasury Department seved as the bureaucratic home for the Coast Guard, and urged that vigorous recruiting efforts be instituted so that Blackcadets would be admittedto the Academyenroled Black students for the first time since its founding in 1876 and even hired Black faculty members.

    Robert E. Gilbert
    Associate Professor of Politiical Science Northeastern University

  2. Comrade, you’re missing the broader point. You have two (I believe) BlackRock council members who happen to be white. The school superintendent, a state congressman, the mayor-ish 🙂 along with business representatives for access to the internet and the ability for tech/distance learning that affects BPS students, the majority of them being minority students.

    It is not like there’s no black representative. There are probably twice as many black council members than white council members But that’s the political racial game being played jsut calling it out. It’s no different than when Gen Now, Jim, and others who use teh race game/emotion to oppose a development citing gentrification, and the return as white flight moving back to the Port.

    A more meaningful discussion about this topic would be, now that Port students have access and the ability for distance learning let do way with snow day makes, Have one day on a month on Friday for distance learning, and start teh students school year after Labor Day, and end it after the first week of June, giving teh student a decent summer vacation.

    I am sure the teachers and staff wouldn’t mind having a relaxing day without students in school, giving them a chance to catch up on the thing, It would be like a snow day for teachers and staff. That will probably be able to save the system money as well. JS

    P.S Comrade it not that you are wrong. It is just you need to look at the bigger picture. Let me put it on a parable. It’s like a man trying to get to the second when he’s already on third. 🙂

    Also, the Native Indians are being played in the race game. American will have its “white” Cowboys without their rivalry, the Washington Redskins on the national football team representing the country’s capital. Because it was told that it was racist. Again what team name is really the racist one. someone is lying. SMH

    On a brighter note.

    At any rate, think about the show days and summer vacation, vis distant learning. 🙂

    Peace out people, ESL Class dismissed. 🙂


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