Remember Jan. 6–When Governments Lie, People Die

When governments lie, people die.

Republicans and Democrats lied about 9/11. People died.

Donald Trump lied about Covid. People died.

Trump lied about the 2020 election. People died.



  1. Rep. Andrew S. Clyde (R-Ga.) downplayed the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol, comparing the mob’s breaching of the building to a “normal tourist visit.”
    Republicans should hide their heads in shame!

  2. Lennie, let’s be fair with that honesty. 🙂

    Foxnews, AKA (Looney right ) Lying! However, it was someone’s bright idea to place the food trucks and the vendors on the backside of the building during the Port’s tree lighting. SHM 🤣

    CNN, Lying!

    MSMBC. AKA (Looney left/Antifa) Super Lying!!!!!!! 🙂

    Liberal/Democrat Socialist. Lying, except when the truth slips out. 🙂

    Everybody’s got to stop lying, butt in our nature though, However, it has been said, “the Lion will lay down with the lamb”

  3. If Biden and the Dems could put even half their energy they displayed yesterday into getting us what we need to fight this dam virus, our country would appreciate it. Where are the 500 million free tests??, why are people STILL standing in line for hours trying to get tested??,why are the states STILL struggling to get tests to give out??,why wasn’t this President who got elected on the narrative that he “will get a handle on this virus” prepared for the holiday season and cold weather by making sure testing would be available?? Why aren’t the antibody treatments widely available to the hospitals yet?? Etc,etc,etc..,
    Yes, I acknowledge Jan6th 2021 was a disgusting day, and yes it falls at the feet at that maniac Trump,but to hear the President put so much effort rehashing that day, while this virus runs rampant,with no direction or leadership by him, frankly disgusts me.

  4. Harvey, why, why why? The doctors tell us this surge is the surge of the unvaccinated, so where does your president fit in to this narrative? Biden or Dems didn’t tell people not to get vaccinated while secretly getting vaccinated with All of his family while Americans died! You’re quick to say forget about the Jan 6th Insurrection yet you talked about Hillary Clinton’s emails for years. With all that transpired on Jan 6th you and your ilk would vote for that damn fool again, right?

    1. Don,

      1.Biden has used the term “unvaccinated surge” as a way to cover up his mishandling of this wave.There are thousands of reinfections among fully vaccinated people,he knows it,but chooses not to acknowledge it.
      2.Please don’t put words in my mouth,I never said forget about Jan 6th,what I said was I wish he would put as much energy into fighting this virus.
      3.Find me one post where I talked about Hillary’s emails.
      4.And,as per usual,You &Ron try to turn every topic into a white vs black thing.So I take it,that when you say “you and your ilk”,you are referring to the fact that I’m white,therefore I would vote for Trump.If you notice,I refer to Trump as a maniac,so no,I would not vote for him again,however,I have no idea about who my ‘Ilk” might do.

  5. Harvey, my reference to you and your “ilk” was white male Republican and not implicitly just white. Also my reference to the surge of the unvaccinated was that of leading doctors across America and not that of Biden who’s an idiot. When I said you said forget about Jan 6th it was that you downplayed Jan 6th when you said he should put more effort in fighting the virus. Harvey, you know as well as I do that the re-infections of covid, of the vaccinated are less severe, less hospitalizations and less deaths than those unvaccinated. Harvey you know as well as I that scientists always said that the vaccinations were never going to be 100% effective. If I didn’t cover all of your concerns about what I said or what you thought I meant Holla at ya boy and I’ll try to set the record straight.

  6. Biden says any president presiding over as many deaths as Trump had should resign. Then he goes back on that when more died under him. Biden says he will end the pandemic. He says the federal government needs to lead. Then he says there’s no way to stop the pandemic and tells the states there’s no federal solution. Today he says the virus can be contained amidst the highest daily case counts ever. Joe Biden could not be any worse.

  7. Harvey, Americans are leaving tens of millions of COVID vaccines on the shelves. Biden can’t stop the spread until those damn fools who aren’t using those millions of vaccines that sit on shelves indeed use them. Is that Biden’s fault of 45’s fault?

  8. I couldn’t resist. 🙂


    A, Whenever you bring up Trump in a post or comment it is inherently “Bias”. You may have not implicitly referred to white in your first reply but you explicitly used “white” more specifically “white males” in your second reply. What about all those other Republicans or the “ilk” who voted for Trump, be it black males, women, both black or white, and any Latinos?

    B, You have to define what vaccinated and unvaccinated mean. As of now, it is unsaid in the medical community you are not fully vaccinated (unvaccinated) if you didn’t get your booster shot (or revaccinated) Which is why I believe the booster shot is now mandatory for Health care staff in CT

    C, You can say Trump secretly got vaccinated and told the American people to not get vaccinated but that is a lie, To be fair that massage comes for the “ilk’. of him (mostly white males)

    D, I know your Comrade Ron stated he received his booster shot. Did you? If not, you or anyone else who receiver their original vaccination 6 mounts ago or later is unvaccinated. I mean not fully vaccinated

    E, However, the racial demographics population of the unvaccinated is far from the “ilk” of those who listen to Trump, Republicans, or the ”ilk” Just ask Councilwoman Wands Simmons or the ‘ilk” For clarity, blacks who oppose vaccinations. ,

    G I am for science, it is just a means for understanding, but I highly doubt the reason being for Blacks unwillingness to get vaccinated is because of the “ilk” of Trump/Republicans anti-vaccine messaging, and you don’t have to be a scientist to know that.

    F, It’s not science to know people lie. Lennie’s OIB Jan 6 piece tough that, but a man, a renowned physics scientist, who couldn’t move his body author a book that fosters the big bang theory, and countless other “atheist scientific books including God don’ exist was able to achieve so much by a computer system being able to read his cheek movement and construct sentences of his thoughts in real-time was amazing beyond belief, for me. Like it’s was beyond belief that Trump was actually running the United States of America. Yet it didn’t thousands of morons from storming the Capitol. To be fair, it’s just as hard to believe geriatric Joe is now in charge.

    So if some group paraded a paralyzed man to further preach their atheist agenda/belief is quite devil-ist. if it is a lie. However, I can tell you this for certainty. I was shut down for doing a paper/presentation on the existence of God and received a “snow day” 🙂 for a paper/presentation on not burning the American Flag at NCC

    If my belief is wrong about Hawkings, except my apology.

    P.S I want to tip my hat off those programmers to help Hawkings on those quantum physics equations to unlock the universe. SMH

    BTY, There is only one lie in this world people. “Honey, do these jeans make my ass look fat? Noooooooo! Which is ironic. I love big women. 🙂
    Beyond that, “ you have the right to remain silent”.

  9. Harvey, 😂🤣😂 Fox News 😂😂😂 Fox News? Why aren’t I surprised? Fox News 😂😂😂 You’re better than this or at least I thought you were, Fox News 😜 🤣

        1. Don, CNN fired Chris Cuomo for supporting his brother former New York Andrew Cuomo who had to resigned as govrnor because of touch women, now what will FOX do to Sean Hannity who as helping 45 with the over-throw of Ameria. Why is it when we blacks people feel the need to bring up other groups of color when we mean what we are saying, we mean black.

  10. Comrade, don’t be 😂🤣😜😂 too much. Martha was on point, She has was happy she was vaccinated because it gave her some sort of protection. but she expressed you can’t just say this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated. They are catching it and dying from it. To the extent of it, I am sure it is wise to have some protection through vaccination. I don’t think the media is truly reporting on that too because it might be marginal or not that favorable as they would like it, especially to those more vulnerable group, the elderly. Which Martha also pointed out. How Japan takes extra precaution to the aging that we should adopt.

    This is a pandemic of the ages. Ballpark ( people how to succumb to covid)

    27% 85 and up
    26% 75-84
    23% 65-74
    19% 50-64
    3% 40 -49
    1% 30-39
    .006% 18-29
    .0008 0-17

    As Martha stated, there is some miscommunication with regards to vaccinating and the means of handling it. 50% of deaths are 75 and older, and I would bet those deaths are a high rate among the vaccinated. I am also would bet as the age group gets lower the unvaccinated have higher numbers. But pushing the vaccine on kids as a narrative who has a natural immunity of 99.9992% considering the negative effect the vaccine is having on them or long-term effects, that is an unknown, which I heard teenage girls are having reproduction cycle effects (menstrual cycle), might be a need for apprehension or even warranted.

    This is why now those who had advocated to shut down the schools in the beginning no longer have that position. Which Comrade Day I believe you had much to say about Testani letting the kids play. However, they are not saying the school should say openly because of the science/data of covid effects on kids they instead are saying it is unhealthy (mentally) for them to stay out while still pushing vaccination on kids, maybe even mandatory in some states. and some cities are actually still closing schools amid the wave with that data.

    At any rate, people should be given the true facts and data the vaccine, age, group they are in and other relevant information as Martha pointed out, and let people make their own risk assessment with mitigating efforts by the government and not the narrative of the “ilk: by either side. But to just say this is a pandemic of the on vaccinating (AKA Trumps and the ilk) is misleading, just politics.

    BTY it wasn’t always the case of just the elderly being the vulnerable group when Covid first appeared. Or at least how the media was reporting it to before it left China and hit Eruope. JS People. 🙏

    I will depart with the prophet Eminem. Peace out. Poeple,


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