1. How can you trust what Joe Ganim is saying plus Jimfox had it right when he said,
    “Governor Ganim, for Eight Month’s ran this city through his cellphone, somehow his words ring silent

  2. He’s so smug,that he thinks he can just give a speech and everyone will sit there and believe it.But kudos to Mr Livingston of Exact Capital,you know Joe wanted him to say a few words about the theater development,obviously there isn’t funding in place and Mr Livingston wasn’t going to lie for Joe.

  3. Ganim and company or maybe the other way around, follow many simple rules whenever the need arises:
    —Tell them what you think they want to hear on ANY topic they might be interested in at that moment.
    —just tell them a lie because they’re stupid anyway and it doesn’t matter.
    —tell them anything you want because it also doesn’t matter, we’ll get the votes anyway.
    —nothing matters as to what we do or don’t do because it’s Bridgeport and they just check off the Democratic box in November.
    —the masses are ignorant, uninformed, and unintelligent so nothing matters and we’ll still get the votes.
    —no one questions much anyway and those who do don’t get listened to anyway.
    Etc etc etc…….
    Then there are those who think, we’ll, there’s not much you can do about it. Unfortunately in many cases, they are correct. Sad.


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