Watch: Ganim, School Chief Announce Master Plan For Closing, Repurposing Schools

Following three public forums last week that sought parental input, Mayor Joe Ganim and Superintendent of Schools Carmela Levy-David announced on Tuesday “implementing a master plan focused on repurposing and, where necessary, closing certain schools to better serve our students.”

The superintendent had initially announced that her proposal, requiring school board backing, would begin in June, but has revisited the timeline to take a more deliberative approach.

The plan involves closing six underperforming schools, including BLC, Edison, Hall, Dunbar, Cross and Bryant. Simultaneously, efforts are underway to repurpose Dunbar and Cross for specialized instruction, promising a modern and adaptive learning experience.



  1. Education as a public mission? Certainly.
    The future of education in the City of Bridgeport as a deliberative approach including a place at the table for the public (in addition to Superintendent of Schools and Mayor who must balance budget increases with ways towards positive outcomes)? Again certainly.
    “Underperforming schools”? Does that mean the older, not up to modern standard buildings are not performing as expected? That the educational professionals are failing in some way? Or is it other things at work, or failing to work? Likely, but then what factual data would we consider for info TRANSPARENT, HONEST, OPEN to all and therefore ACCOUNTABLE for results?? Perhaps a public “report card” with year by year posting of results of significance for tier level expectations compared to actual results, location by location?
    My goodness if such an effort were undertaken, and posted on the City website for all to see, consciousness of and conscience concerning may be stirred enough to get folks moving in a better and similar direction?
    Would more folks come out to vote at elections? Time will tell.

      1. Joel,
        Perhaps you and your three admirers would wish to re-read the document you reference above? (That is a question, yes.) And then by looking at the Bridgeport School District Performance Report for the academic year of 2021-22 you can point me to the location by location information that I requested above? Since “Equitable Allocatopm of Resources among District Schools” is the final narrative of the report, it must stand for something important, perhaps a suggested conclusion to a reader that all is “fair and just” for youth and families of Bridgeport.
        Only when the public knows the broad results regularly and annually, at least, can they assemble the results and discern trends. Are those trends positive or negative, and for whom?
        I have looked for answers and do not find them in a form that is useful to Bridgeport citizens and voters. How about you? What conclusions can you draw from the report you bring to OIB attention? Surely, you can suspend your violent fantasies from three months ago regarding a “revolution” that includes the bombing of Black Rock, and settle down to genuine research that includes questioning, rather than “smash down” answers. Time will tell.


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