Walker’s ‘Comeback Connecticut Campaign’

David Walker
Image from David Walker’s exploratory campaign website.

Bridgeport resident David Walker’s on the campaign trail exploring a run for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor. The former U.S. comptroller general is raising funds through Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program of publicly financed campaigns. In an eblast fundraising pitch to potential contributors Walker emphasizes many of the themes he’s shared in OIB posts, like “Connecticut ranks at or near the bottom of all 50 states in connection with a range of key financial and competitiveness factors.”

On January 13, I announced the formation of an Exploratory Committee for the position of Lt. Governor of Connecticut. I plan to do so through conducting a Comeback Connecticut Campaign. You can find out more about my Campaign and how you can help at www.WalkerforCT.com.

As you know, Mary and I moved to Bridgeport in early 2010, and we have grown to love our home, community, and the Constitution state. Since then, I have studied the financial condition and competitive posture of the state and its major cities, including Bridgeport. I have been shocked and saddened by what I found. To the surprise of many, Connecticut ranks at or near the bottom of all 50 states in connection with a range of key financial and competitiveness factors. While a vast majority of people in our position would chose to leave after learning about Connecticut’s financial condition and competitive posture, Mary and I have decided to stay and fight to help create a comeback in both Connecticut and Bridgeport.

Given my background, I can help to make a Connecticut comeback happen in partnership with the next Governor. Importantly, if we can achieve victory in this state, it will be heard and have an impact around the country. After all, many of the challenges that Connecticut faces are also faced by other states. It may also help to spur action in gridlock ridden Washington, DC to action in connection with our nation’s key fiscal and competitiveness challenges.

I hope that you will consider making a modest investment in me and my campaign. I have decided to cap contributions at $100 per person as part of my effort to qualify for voluntary public financing. Your contribution, and anything you can do to help reach others, especially in Connecticut, invest in this effort, would be greatly appreciated. You can donate online at www.WalkerforCT.com



    1. David Walker running for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor and he will follow and do whatever the Republican nominate for governor tells him. He will make NO decisions. Walker will not bring any new voters to the Republican ticket, he cannot deliver Bridgeport, the only thing he can deliver is Black Rock. Walker has been a Washington bureaucrat for a long time and has never run in electoral politics and he does not like anyone questioning or challenging his positions.

      Republican tickets cannot win unless they get Democrats to vote for them and like Steven Auerbach said, “They will never win a big election these days. The Democrat will lose. I do not believe the Democrats are willing to lose an election.”

      1. You can bet you will be hearing a lot of anti-labor rhetoric for Mr. Walker who has long been dedicated to eliminating public employee pensions. Also expect a Scott Walker type campaign against collective bargaining rights and support of anti union so-called “right to work” laws. Walker has also been a supporter of privatization of govt services and in fact supporting privatizing some of the US Postal Service.

      2. Who are you, The Amazing Kreskin? How can you proclaim to know what a person you have no relationship with and have never even met is thinking, or what he will do?

  1. Good luck, David Walker.

    Perhaps someone should try to persuade the state GOP (not my party) to run with Lowell Weicker’s idea this week for an open primary (source: CT Post 1-22-14: Weicker: High time for open GOP primary in Conn).

    And maybe someone could point out today’s reported call by GOP leaders in the state assembly, House Minority Leader Cafero and Senate Minority Leader McKinney, to spend the state’s temporary surplus (source: CT Post: State GOP: Give $247M surplus to taxpayers) is short-sighted–and very odd, coming from so-called “conservatives”–when Connecticut is projected to face a deficit of more than $1 billion for the first new state budget following the November 2014 election (source: CT Mirror 1-7-2014 “Economist: Post-election budget deficit threatens CT’s economic gains in 2014”
    from that article:
    “… the $1.1 billion deficit nonpartisan analysts are forecasting for the first new state budget after the 2014 elections has the potential to derail Connecticut’s recovery”).

    1. Actually Pete, the not-your-party suggested giving the surplus back to the taxpayers, not spend it. While I agree the deficit must be addressed–since we are the #2 most taxed per capita state (CA is #1)–giving back a portion of what we have paid into the state coffers with a projected surplus is not completely disagreeable to me. As to the surplus:
      www .ctnewsjunkie.com/archives/entry/op-ed_dont_be_fooled_by_surplus_smoke_and_mirrors/

      1. Jennifer, from Bigelow’s 1-24-14 opinion piece you kindly point to:
        “So now what? The surplus does exist, for now, and there’s already chatter about how best to spend it. Republicans want a tax cut. That would be nice, but we could also use it to pay down the debt, or maybe throw it at the black hole of our unfunded pension liabilities.”

        We all see the words “how best to spend it” immediately followed by “Republicans want a tax cut,” right?

        1. It is a projected surplus based on market performance–and remember the government accounting practices are not what standard businesses use with regard to debt. I long for the days when government budgets were 1 – 3 = 2, you know, the same way we balance our checkbooks and budgets. I suppose giving surplus revenue back to the taxpayers who paid into the revenue is a tax cut to some, but I think we agree on the basic idea of pay down our debts and/or fund our liabilities. If not those two options, return it to the shareholders.

  2. Good luck … I believe David Walker is a very qualified and a very smart candidate. I believe he has many good ideas and given the opportunity, he could add some serious debate to the next gubernatorial election. The biggest drawback for Mr. Walker is he is a Republican. He is part of an antiquated party where the majority are afraid to fight the status quo. I could not allow a Republican to get my vote until the party removes religion and social issues from their platform. It is truly amazing a major party refuses to jump into the 21st century. They will never win a big election these days. The Democrat will lose. I do not believe the Democrats are willing to lose an election, so it will be an uphill climb. I am sincere in my good wishes for Mr. Walker, a man I have never met. I will not vote Republican until some members with balls attack the ridiculousness of the party platform. You will definitely have no problem getting the older white Christian men over 65. Good luck with all other nationalities, religions, woman, most people under 40 and of course the gays, Jews and Muslims. We had a great Republican governor in Jodi Rell. Unless you are pre-scandal Chris Christie, forget about it!

    1. Have you ever considered voting for individual candidates instead of painting all candidates with the broad brush of an overarching perception?

      Antiquated? And you don’t think refusing to look beyond one’s registered party is just as much of an archaic thought process? One could argue maintaining a party-line posture is the premier reason for the gridlock in Washington.

      Can we be the change we want to see?

      No offense meant Mr. Auerbach, sincerely.

      1. None taken, Bond Girl. My favorite pasttime is debating my Republican friends. They have also become disgusted with the party platform. I have always voted for the individual, but these days will never vote for an individual who supports a party platform that is vulgar to me. If they have no problem alienating everyone, then they deserve to lose all elections.

  3. Rumor Mill:
    As he tours the state, David Walker plays to small but crowded rooms. He is a practiced speaker and is encouraged by the response he gets. His message strikes a chord with Connecticut voters and prompts them to discuss the issues with their neighbors. I know of no other candidate who is running a genuine statewide campaign today.
    Wait until he hits his stride …

    1. Local Eyes, what is his message and does he ALLOW people to challenge his positions? Local Eyes, nobody knows who David Walker is, the voters in Bridgeport don’t even know him except in Black Rock.


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