Americo The Beautiful’s Political Stickup–Latinos Lean On Malloy For Jobs In Election Year

Americo and Eziquiel Santiago
Americo Santiago, standing, with son State Rep. Ezequiel Santiago.

One thing is certain, no one can accuse former State Rep. Americo Santiago of inconsistency in an election year. The Bridgeport political operative will leverage any possibility to secure a payday for himself or his peeps. Anticipating Governor Dan Malloy facing a tough reelection battle, Santiago sent a message through a story in CT Latino News, with an assist from his son State Rep. Ezequiel Santiago and State Senator Andres Ayala, that Malloy needs to hire more Latinos. Translation: take care of us if you want our votes this year.

Latinos represent roughly half the Democratic registration in the state’s largest city, the largest Latino voting bloc in the state, and it cannot be ignored. Problem for Latino leaders wanting to cash in a payday? Their peeps’ percentage vote is still at the bottom of city demographics. The Latino vote has not escaped Malloy. Thursday night at the Bijou Theatre Malloy will attend the Latinos United for Professional Advancement (LUPA) “Here’s to You” recognition event, where he will present the “LUPIAN of the Year Award” to Supreme Court Justice Carmen Espinosa, according to a media advisory. LUPA is an organization that promotes the advancement of the Latino professional community in Connecticut.

Santiago, who manned Malloy’s Bridgeport campaign headquarters in 2010, is sending a message for another payday. From CT Latino News:

“The Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission (LPRAC) has over 500 resumes in its databank of qualified Latinos in the state of Connecticut ready to be appointed to positions,” said Americo Santiago, a former state representative from Bridgeport, “so there’s no issue about having enough qualified people in the state.”

“Personally, my biggest disappointment with Malloy is the fact that leadership of his administration is not reflective of the capabilities and contributions of Latinos in this state,” said Americo’s son, current state representative Ezequiel Santiago (D-Bridgeport). “I am part of a local organization of Latino elected officials here in Bridgeport and I can assure you that we all feel the same way,” said the elder Santiago. The Santiagos’ words reflected a broad sentiment among Bridgeport residents in attendance Friday night that their community has had limited access to opportunities in Hartford.

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  1. Don’t let that first name fool you. The Democratic party is a “big tent,” full of volunteers, but Americo Santiago wants 500 Latinos under its protective umbrella to receive paychecks.
    That’s called selective socialism. He wants to exchange 500 resumes for 500 paychecks and get hailed as a hero for doing it! He wants to turn the upcoming election into a full employment program.
    In 2010, I did it for free.

  2. Ah! It’s that time again. Mr. professional Puerto Rican Americo Santiago is again looking for the blackmail dollars. He has quite a thing going and no one in politics will tell him to take a freaking hike. He really delivers very little
    in the way of votes and money.
    I remember a few years ago Santiago wanted to replace the TC in the 136th district. He stated the Puerto Ricans were not getting a fair shake. He said this even though both council people were Hispanic, the state senator from this district was Hispanic as was the state rep. This guy is an out-and-out racist.

  3. Ah, now this is serving up the good stuff, or as the case may be, the BS.

    I’m sure Mr. Robles in the 131st District is happy to learn Mr. Santiago is such a political powerhouse.

  4. *** Whites and blacks have been (so-called) “sticking up” politicians for jobs and support in their communities forever. And now that Latinos, one of the largest-growing voter base in America have started doing the same it’s being questioned as something bad? Give me a break! It’s always been a very large political pie in which the Latino Community ends up with very little. Also, using Rep. C. Ayala’s past personal problems while new up in the capitol as an excuse for not helping the Latino Community is “baseless!” Besides, most of the jobs qualified Latinos with an education get out of these so-called pies are either “landscaping or custodial jobs!” ***

  5. Let’s be very clear about Americo Santiago. There is not a bone in his body or a bone in his head that is concerned with anything other than the advancement of Americo Santiago.
    He lacks credibility, honor and truthfulness.
    His history of political betrayals is his political record.
    It is only having had to deal personally with Americo that I was able to determine how deeply flawed this man is.
    Be warned Governor Malloy, not the kind of help you want from this man, not the kind of man you want help from.

  6. Lennie great picture of the Santiagos, the only thing missing is a photo of Mitch Robles. If you put these three together you have hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

  7. If you think Santiago is a good guy then to me that means you are just as self-centered as he is.
    BTW Santiago and people like him have done a lot of damage by perverting the voting process.

    1. Wasn’t it Americo who characterized himself as a “political whore?” I think it was on OIB where he proudly said he went with the highest bidder.

      1. I have seen the enemy; and it is Americo.

        From what I have seen, he goes with the highest bidder, and then the higher bidder and then the higher bidder and so on.

        The consummate bottom feeder. I have three words for anyone who falls for his greasy lines: Shame on you.

  8. The good news, good people, is this: If any half-wit believes they need Americo Santiago they are mistaken. Let me be clear, if I were running for office, I would love for the Santiago family to cast their votes for me. Other than that, I do not believe Finch, Malloy or any other candidate need give him any credence. It is so typical in Bridgeport politics to believe an individual like Americo delivers votes. Get real. He is not the only one. I can name dozens in both the Republican and Democratic camps who believe they deliver a minority vote. It is an insult to the Hispanic community. Honestly, Americo is a nice man, I met him a few times. Giving him this much credibility is nonsense but perfect for this blog. The good news is that younger, educated Hispanics do not even know who he is or what he does.

    1. Good to see Steve Auerbach has appointed himself as spokesperson for younger educated Hispanics.
      Or is it Hispanics; Educated and Younger Latino Voters!
      HEY Latino Voters!!!
      Keep up the good work, Steve.

    1. Let’s not give him too much credit, the voters had enough. I think if the 136th ran Howdy Doody and Rootie Kazootie they would have won that primary. Bob, you surprise me; what do you owe this leech?

  9. I’m not surprised, maybe he’s trying to use this as a way to get more family/friends into high-paying positions they’re not qualified for!!! *cough* ex-wife *cough*

    I don’t understand how Latinos represent half the voting bloc when they are only 1/3 of the population. Anyway, that’s always been Americo’s deal. He’ll always choose a less-qualified Latino candidate over anyone else simply because of their ethnicity which is wrong to the very core.


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