Walker Issues GOP Endorsements

Bridgeport resident David Walker, the former U.S. comptroller general, came up short of the Republican convention support to make the August primary ballot for governor and eschewed a petition drive to wage a campaign. On Wednesday he issued several endorsements including for Bob Stefanowski, a petitioning candidate for governor. Stefanowski needs just over 9,000 signatures from Republican voters in Connecticut to secure an August ballot spot. He’s awaiting word from state elections officials.

From Walker:

The State of Connecticut is in serious trouble and the 2018 election may be our last chance to save the Constitution State from further decline. As a result, merit needs to matter more than ever. In addition, it will take a first rate Connecticut Turnaround Team to make and implement the needed tough choices and create a better future in the Constitution State. This team concept is one that I have advocated from Day One of my past Gubernatorial effort.

Since I announced that I was discontinuing my Gubernatorial Campaign, many of my supporters have asked me who I will support in the 2018 GOP Primary Election. In addition, several Gubernatorial and other statewide candidates have sought my endorsement and support.

There are a number of capable people seeking statewide office as Republicans in Connecticut. After conducting extensive research and engaging in numerous discussions, I have decided to endorse the following individuals for statewide office in the upcoming CT Republican Primary on August 14. I encourage all eligible individuals, including unaffiliated voters, to register Republican and vote in the August 14 GOP Primary. The stakes are too high and the consequences are too great to do otherwise. In addition, I encourage my supporters to consider supporting these campaigns financially and otherwise to the extent possible.

· GOVERNOR: BOB STEFANOWSKI–Bob’s background is the closest to mine. He is a former practicing CPA and a political outsider who has extensive executive experience in large and complex organizations. He is willing to make tough choices, has proven turn around experience, and is committed to a Connecticut Turnaround Team concept. Importantly, Bob has already submitted many more signatures than necessary to make the primary ballot. He has also assured me that he will participate in some future Gubernatorial Debates. You can find out more about Bob at www.BobforGovernor.com.

· LT. GOVERNOR: JAYME STEVENSON–Jayme is a leader with significant experience in both the private sector and government. She is a capable and multi-term First Selectman of Darien and Chair of the Western Connecticut Council of Governments. Her municipal experience would be very valuable in helping the Governor address a number of related challenges. You can find out more about Jayme at www.Stevenson4CT.com.

· ATTORNEY GENERAL: JOHN SHABAN–John is an experienced civil litigation attorney who is qualified to practice law before all relevant courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. He also has six years of experience as a State Representative. This combination of experience would be very valuable in discharging the responsibilities of Attorney General. You can find out more about John at www.ShabanforAG.com.

· TREASURER: THAD GRAY–Thad has decades of investment policy and management experience. This is the primary responsibility of the Treasurer. He is also well aware of the fiscal challenges facing the state and is committed to help address them. You can find out more about Thad at www.ThadforCT.com.

· COMPTROLLER: KURT MILLER–Kurt understands that the Comptroller needs to be an independent and yet constructive fiscal guardian for the taxpayers of our state. He has been a fiscally responsible leader as First Selectman of Seymour and is committed to the key concepts of transparency and accountability. You can find out more about Kurt at www.KurtforCT.com.

· SECRETARY OF THE STATE: SUSAN CHAPMAN–Susan is running unopposed but she deserves support. She is a Former First Selectman of New Fairfield and is dedicated to ensuring election integrity and improving service to businesses in Connecticut. You can find out more about Susan at www.ChapmanforCT.com.



  1. Here is what Dave Walker and Bob Stefanowsk and all of the other Republican candidates for governor support with their support of 45.

    CBS/AP June 13, 2018, 6:50 AM
    Virginia: Trump backer wins GOP Senate nod
    In a big Virginia race , Republican Corey Stewart – known for his ardent defense of Confederate symbolism – won the Republican primary to face Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine.

    President Trump weighed in on Twitter Wednesday morning, saying, “Congratulations to Corey Stewart for his great victory for Senator from Virginia. Now he runs against a total stiff, Tim Kaine, who is weak on crime and borders, and wants to raise your taxes through the roof. Don’t underestimate Corey, a major chance of winning!”

    Stewart surprised many by nearly winning last year’s Republican nomination for governor. He was the top aide to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in Virginia in 2016, but was fired for staging an unauthorized protest of the Republican National Committee. Stewart had accused the party of inadequately defending the candidate after the release of a tape in which Mr. Trump bragged about groping women.

    As a candidate for governor in 2017, Stewart spoke out against removing Confederate monuments, including the Robert E. Lee statue that prompted a deadly protest in Charlottesville last year. Stewart called efforts to remove the monuments “an attempt to destroy traditional America.”

    1. First, you’re wrong about Walker. That being said, you are absolutely correct to be on guard and examine the history of every Republican seeking office. Some seriously mentally and socially deviant candidates are winning Republican primaries. May the democrats and independents crush them in November. If I were in CT I would be working for and voting for qualified Republicans at the state level – with few exceptions, they are a very moderate leaning group. But it’s very good to be weary of every candidate in this day and age. In Indiana, I’m working to elect every qualified Democrat I can find.

  2. Jennifer of the current state Republican candidates all three said they would bring in 45 to campaign for them if they win. REALLY, that’s like telling Connecticut blacks to go to hell.

  3. Jennifer during the last debates the moderator ask the three Republicans candidates Mark Boughton, Tim Herbst and Steve Obsitnik all said they would want 45 to campaign for them.

    1. Don, again I’ve seen nothing where David Walker has spoken out about 45″s tax cuts and spending bills that are not paid for, plus those cuts prevents Connecticut taxpayers from writing off their property tax and their state taxes and that doesn’t include 45’s dog whistle comments. Dave Walker, I know that you are better than that.

    2. Thanks. Then they deserve to be defeated. Your list is far too short of people these candidates just told to go to hell, add women, add Jesus Christians (not Fox News Christians) add the LGBT community, add the any religion except Judo-Christian, add immigrants seeking and granted citizenship and ….


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