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Evening Update:

Unofficial results, according to Democratic Registrar of Voters Sandi Ayala:

Library referendum question passes.

Working Families Party Board of Education candidates Sauda Baraka and Maria Pereira are leading the Republicans. If this holds up, bad day for city GOP. BOE, under state law, has minority-party representation.

Dems sweep council and Board of Education seats.

Longfellow School, Library referendum vote, 103 yes, 46 no.

Longfellow School, Board of Education, Working Families Party candidates run 20 votes ahead of Republicans. BOE Dems, of course, win big. Democratic City Council candidates Sue Brannelly and Marty McCarthy win big as well at Longfellow and Black Rock.

Black Rock School, library vote, 452 yes, 194 no.

Roosevelt, library vote, 101 yes, 41 no.

Blackham, library vote, 145 yes, 128 no.

Dunbar School, library vote, 139 yes, 34 no.

It’s a good night for library supporters.

In Trumbull, Tim Herbst defeats Ray Baldwin.

In Stratford, John Harkins over Jim Miron.

In Monroe, Tom Buzi goes down.

Good day for suburban Republicans. Lauretti wins in Shelton.

Election Day

In Bridgeport, for the first time in any town or borough in the state of Connecticut, voters today will decide whether one mil should fund library services. Library supporters found a little-known law that allows for this. The charter for the town of Bridgeport was not dissolved when the city was incorporated in 1836, thus a state judge ordered the city to place the referendum question on the ballot. Many city pols are working against this. They don’t want library books forced down their throat. Library supporters say we’re neglected, underfunded and it’s time to modernize.

City Council and Board of Education seats up for grabs. One thing’s for sure, the BOE will have lots of new faces to face off with Superintendent of Schools John Ramos.

If you hear of any kooky stuff let us know. Speaking of crazy stuff, Joel Speedy Gonzalez, former City Council member, set up an absentee ballot sting against South End District Leader Mitch Robles on Monday. Speedy is filing a Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission complaint. More on that Wednesday. Another OIB moment.

Gomes On Leave

John Gomes, deputy chief administrative officer, has been placed on leave without pay pending an investigation for an altercation with police, according to the mayor’s office.

From Keila Torres, Connecticut Post.

One day after being charged with surly behavior and interfering with police dispatched to quiet a rowdy social club, Cape Verdean Association President John Gomes, also the city’s deputy chief administrative officer, claims Strategic Enforcement Team officers who arrested him unfairly targeted his club.

“I don’t even know how to handle this,” Gomes said Monday morning. “I’m amazed by the things that transpired and what I read [in the newspaper]. It’s so far from the truth.”

Gomes, 39, of Alpine Street, and club member Vincente Santos, 31, of Taft Avenue, were arrested early Sunday on charges of interfering with an officer and breach of peace for allegedly cursing at officers and threatening SET Sgt. John Evans. Santos was also charged with inciting to riot, while Gomes faces an additional charge of reckless endangerment.

SET officers, investigating a complaint about a loud party, cited the club with violating fire safety laws by allowing too many people in the clubhouse at 233 Linen Ave., failing to hang a permit in plain view, sale of liquor without a permit and refusal of cooperation by permittees and backers.

Gomes said he e-mailed Mayor Bill Finch on Monday morning to ask for a meeting to “clear things up.”

YouTube Shot

Why do I get the feeling Dems will dump on GOP U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon a lot in the next year? When you have $30 million to spend against Chris Dodd you’re gonna take lots of return fire.

From Daniela Altimari, Hartford Courant.

Asserting that World Wrestling Entertainment has made illegal in-kind campaign contributions to the U.S. Senate campaign of its former CEO Linda McMahon, state Democratic party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

DiNardo says WWE staffers ordered YouTube to remove sexually-provocative WWE videos from its website after those videos became campaign fodder.

“A search of YouTube using the phrase ‘WWE’ continues to produce almost 500,000 results,” the complaint states. “Thus, it appears that WWE only ordered YouTube to remove the videos that may be damaging to Ms. McMahon’s campaign, and neglected to protect WWE’s other copyrighted material and intellectual property.”

UPDATE — Ed Patru, spokesman for the McMahon campaign, had this to say in response:

“It’s a baseless accusation and the campaign has complied with all FEC rules and regulations. This latest attack from Chris Dodd speaks volumes about just how worried he is about Linda’s campaign. Chris Dodd has an enormous credibility problem, and one of the reasons people don’t trust him is because of his apparent coordination with AIG executives in which he gave carte blanche to his political supporters instead of regulating them, and then arranged behind closed doors to have them receive millions in taxpayer-funded bonuses. It’s troubling that Chris Dodd’s political apparatus seems more concerned with watching wrestling videos on the Internet than restoring trust in government.”



  1. At work and really feel to let people know they should vote no on the Library question. It is a waste of taxpayers’ money and the money can be better spent. Vote no today for a tax increase.

  2. It’s not a tax increase as you see it, look up the details at the library.
    I must say it is sort of fitting Bpt would be against a library and look away from the $20 million plus DiNardo owes in taxes, as well as the $2000.00 weekly pay plus benefits Timpanelli collects for doing some job that no one knows what it entails.

    1. Excuse me–how can you not see it as a tax increase? Or are you buying the song and dance of a “reallocation”–that money has to come from somewhere …
      I don’t think Bpt is against a library–but sensible people are against what is currently going on at the library.

  3. Vote NO on the library issue.
    It’s simple … no money to fund the mandate; now or in the immediate future.
    Solution? Get Silly Sal to pay the taxes he owes and earmark that money for the library.
    Phinch won’t do that because Silly Sal is “connected” and influential. Plus Phinch is too stupid to figure anything worthwhile out.

  4. Harding was very quiet this morning and the people I know who are voting are voting No on the library issue. Who is going to control all this money? Where are we going to get it from? The library is in great shape; I voted no.

    1. You have the 1 million dollar question!!! Who is going to control the money? An unelected board who has absolutely no accountability to the taxpayers of Bridgeport? The entire library administration is mishandling the library already–what are they going to do with more money?!?!?!
      Bring this issue up in the future when there is competent and accountable leadership at the library–then it would make sense.

      1. Another thought–who is going to benefit with more money going to the library? Who is going to get jobs or be be paid for “something”?
        In an ideal world, it would be the citizens of Bridgeport. This situation is definitely less than ideal.

  5. Interesting that Gomes was placed on an unpaid leave. What ever happened to due process? When Bill got popped for being popped up at Storrs was he suspended by the Bedco or the Senate?

    It sounds more like “Mountain Dew” process.

    P.S. I don’t condone the conduct of Gomes, if he threatened the officer with his job.

  6. I agree. Gomes is a schmuck. Always was and always will be. He’s a loudmouth jerk who thinks he can’t be touched. Who the hell does Gomes think he is threatening a cop with his job just for doing his duty? I say kick him out of city hall.

    But 7 squad cars to answer a loud party complaint? Come on. The calamarians want Gomes out … Gomes is out. it’s a shame. That doesn’t excuse his behavior. He deserves to be fired.

    Then there is the Troll. Stupid remark. Who wants a closet racist on the council? No one. Bye bye Troll. Another notch for Phinch. Troll must go. Right now.

    The one that really has to go in this orchestrated witch hunt is the Philistine Phool Phinch. Not since smilin’ Sam Tedesco pulled the same shit in the late ’50s and early ’60s has city hall done away with so many worthwhile employees so that the politically blessed can draw paychecks. In case you hadn’t noticed the city began its free fall under Tedesco’s watch. Phinch has accelerated our demise to a level from which we may not recover.

    Apathetic voters are to blame. Went to the polls today at 7am. No one in line. The poll workers estimated that 30 people had voted before me. Pathetic. Just Pathetic.

    1. Yahooy, if Gomes were a Calamarian, he would be suspended with pay or not at all. They pick and choose who they want to prosecute. No justice in this administration. ABF (Anyone but Finch!) in 2011.

        1. *** B/K, La madre tuya siempre se pasa dejando la tapa del toilet de su vida! Está Loca como tu, o será hombre de selva? *** Tu baja la tapa para hacer pee-pee? *** Eres “PUTO”. ***

    2. *** You don’t know the real truth nor the man, also you’re just going on a few rumors about the incident & you’re calling the man a schmuck & blogging that he should be fired! Yahooy, you need a Bpt 5-min bounce real bad to get you back to reality & the real meaning of the word respect. Your time will come, no doubt about that! ***

    3. *** 7 cars or more comes under Police Crowd Control Psych. (or show of force “101”) to detract any “?” notions of who’s in charge & in control. However with the minimal amount of staff on to keep overtime down, these types of responses could result in crime paying on the opposite side of town? The Cape Social Club is basically a family & friends oriented type of club where problems seem to be far & few! However when people have been drinking for a while, it can sometimes make a simple routine police call about excessive noise into a SmackDown event. *** Time will tell. ***

  7. No wonder why Dick or Jane can’t read. No school today because of an election that will bring out about 10% of the electorate. They have school on Primary Days with greater turnouts.

    1. I saw one operative this morning that felt that the 130th will have about one thousand voters. Best line of the day came from WFP Brd. of Ed. candidate Maria Pereira: “Vote for a school parent not a politician.”

  8. *** Not a bad weather day, maybe the polls will pass the 11% mark? *** Anyway, the city seems to find money for everything else that’s not needed, why not the libraries? VOTE “YES” on the library referendum & if you live in the 131st district, vote for “me” while you’re at it. Lord knows I could use the votes! *** Last but not least, if the cape social club melee had been handled like the S.H.U. keg party, Gomes would be working today! But if you throw your employee weight around trying to influence cops, you may find that your problems may become a bit bigger issue than needed! *** “If” in fact that was the case here??? *** Time will tell. ***

      1. The operative word is FORMER. He ran on Caruso’s ticket in ’07, causing more than a little dismay amongst the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee leadership. They chose to vote him off their particular island as punishment for such bald insubordination.

        He still hasn’t gotten around to using Listerine to wash the taste of sour grapes out of his mouth.

        1. *** Someday you’ll get an opportunity to repeat all your B/S in person, face to face. So make sure you’re wearing Pampers ’cause you won’t have time to go to the Ladies Room. *** By the way, what’s your claim to fame in Bpt or community involvement besides living @ the Rescue Mission ’til you got the boot? *** “KID”, farmer’s nickname for a “GOAT”. ***

    1. There is no hate. There is only concern and caring. Concern for the taxpayers’ money and how it is being handled. Caring for an institution that is in serious need of competent management.
      Before you vote yes, ask some serious questions re: accountability, future plans, staffing, why some neighborhoods have been punished for not having enough voters (or perhaps not the right voters?). Find out what is going on before you cast your vote–otherwise, let it go away this year and bring it up again when answers are there.

      1. *** You maybe right (L/L) on finding out more info. if not sure how to vote. However, this referendum & lots of info. has been out there for all those that really wanted some answers. And if by chance those that still have questions or feel a bit sceptical, you can be sure that if the referendum fails this time around, it will be back on the voter’s ballot @ the next city Mayor’s race in Bpt. Maybe by then all those that are not sure or voted “NO” this time, might change their minds? ***

    1. Have you been sniffing glue? The 130th is about as competitive as a one-horse race. I didn’t even bother voting for a council candidate. The DTC-endorsed candidates are bought and paid for, ready to do the bidding of their master(s). Guess what? The best interests of the people of the city of Bridgeport are not going to be served by the City Council. The best intentions of those members that actually give a damn will be negated by the special interests of the King of Pasta, the Big Squid, the Emperor of Madison Avenue.

      BOE? Forget about it! No one, and I mean NO ONE, is going to have the ability to improve the quality of education in Bridgeport. Why waste time and a vote on that charade? Public education in Bridgeport will improve only if and when the Connecticut Department of Education takes over and throws the self-interested, lame-duck careerist bureaucrats out on their fat useless asses.

      Could all of you weak-suck elected officials and do-nothing political appointees do the rest of a big favor and JUST GET THE FUCK OUT?

  9. Library Lover:

    Kindly offer me a Bridgeport resident/name or a list of “sensible” people of equal or greater personal character, honesty, commitment and dedication to a public library who carry out their “fiduciary duty” to a fault compared to the current serving “unelected” members of the Bridgeport Library Board and I’ll pay attention to you. Otherwise, you are a mere yelping voice in the wilderness as I long suspected you are. Stay behind your oxymoronic OIB webzine handle and yelp away, or be bold and come out and say “hello” … we’re a friendly group at the Bridgeport Public Library Board.

    1. Looks like I hit a nerve. For your information, I have spoken to you in person (being “bold”) and was shut down as soon as you didn’t like what I had to say. I also have to admit at that conversation that you seemed uninformed about some things at the library–perhaps you were not “in the loop” at the time. Since your comments directed towards me in this forum have been both insulting and rude, I see no reason to subject myself to another encounter.
      Now please listen. There are serious problems at the library. It is an unhappy place where it was once a refuge for users. As for the truth–explain why there has been so much campaign literature in the library and on library property? Why have I seen certain library staff and admin campaigning so heavily during time the library is open? Are they on vacation time? Or on paid City time? Has library/city equipment and supplies been used to create the campaign material? Doesn’t seem too honest to me–I believe there are laws that may be being violated. Guess it’s time for me to go do some research–I do like to be knowledgeable when I make comments and you can be VERY sure I don’t make any without good reason.
      Oh–by the way, how’s your plan to move out of Bridgeport going? Sold your house yet?

      1. *** You’re making comments now without so-called research or good reason? You’re obviously having a senior moment since you’re pretending to be a State’s Prosecutor making claims of possible wrongdoing by the library staff in general? If you live in Bpt just vote “no,” that’s easy enough. If it’s meant to be & the voters feel strongly about it, it will pass. If not, there’s always next time if the library board decides to try again. *** Time will tell. ***

        1. You need to read more carefully. I do not pretend to be anyone nor am I making claims. I said I believed there might be some violations and would use my reading abilities to see what I could find. Perhaps you might want to read this. www In particular, look at the sections re: use of public monies or equipment pp. 31-32. For example this direct quote “Any expenditure of public funds to advocate a result or influence any person to vote for or against the referendum is prohibited once the referendum is pending. This includes the dissemination of printed materials, preparations of video or web site presentations, the use of school or town facilities, supplies, equipment, postal permits, etc., in any form to advocate a position on a referendum.”
          All I commented on in my previous post was viewing library employees during library hours campaigning and promoting. I even asked if they were on vacation. Perhaps some questions should be asked–this is the same concern I have expressed over and over.
          Yes, if the small percentage of voters participating in this election vote for the referendum, so be it. However, ALL the taxpayers will be paying. I’m surprised that you are not asking for accountability for that amount of money.

          1. *** Since when does any dept. associated with the city of Bpt honestly account for all of the amount of Tax $ in general used? Besides, they can’t account for something they have not gotten nor has been approved. *** Seems like you’re grasping @ straws because of your personal opinion on the referendum? *** Time will tell. ***

  10. Mojo is correct in his analysis that the SET Team showed preferential treatment to the SHU students as opposed to the members of the Cape Verdean Club. We have been part of the community as an organized Association for 27 years. We find the manner in which our members were depicted to be appalling. Someone made the wrong decision by targeting us. We are not green, we have members in every fabric of society and guarantee both sides of this story will be heard.

    1. Capone, a heads up. Mayor Finch is taking his advice from Lawrence Osborne, the worst labor relations director in the history of the city. Get yourself a good lawyer. Osborne hasn’t won a case yet.

    2. We Cape Verdeans are proud, hard-working people and it does not benefit us to have arrogant, self-serving men who seek only to elevate their personal agendas using a venue that was established for the purpose of enhancing our culture and connection with our communities, to discredit or degrade it to some nightclub. Mr. Gomes is no Moses, as he seems to be portraying himself in view of these events, and more importantly, we are not in Egypt. This is not an issue about our community being targeted as a race, it is simply an issue about the misuse of a community organization and that of a city official being publicly rebuked for misconduct. Simply put, he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and now is trying to pass the crumbs off as dust.

  11. *** Getting a bit off Elections Day, Stop & Shop near P/T is a bit smaller in size & doesn’t have as many choices or sales as some of the other stores, say King’s Highway or Villa Ave. However I’ve noticed that at most stores especially during the 1st & 2nd days of the month when many State, Social Security, Pensions & food stamp program checks come out & people in general are out buying groceries, etc. there’s plenty of grocery “SALES” going on! However @ the P/T Stop & Shop there’s always very “little” grocery items on sale during this time? Why? And at a store that’s located in an area where “sales” can make a big difference in stretching those budget dollars! If you go to the other S&S stores, you’re sure to find a variety of sales on an array of items anytime! This is just an example of some of the things that your average person that’s not too familiar with the real differences between those who have & those that don’t, would recognize. The sales usually will start back up a week after checks have been issued & cashed. If you think I’m just making this up, compare those 3 S&S stores @ the 1st & 2nd days of the month yourself. And there are a lot more incidents & examples that affect lower income people in which those that are better off sometimes are quick to ridicule the poor without actually realizing the facts. It’s things like this & more that can affect race relations among other things, and why Bpt in general is looked at still as a negative place! *** Big Local News Flash, Mojo has defeated both political parties getting all the votes in his district! *** No negative replies allowed ’til “Hell” freezes over please! ***

  12. East Side, what up in your district? Did Maria Valle pull it off?

    Mr. Lawrence Osborne is taking credit for the Gomes suspension. He don’t need no investigation because he believes the police. End of story. The city better hire another outside attorney because Gomes will sue for sure. And we all know that Mr. Osborne is not an attorney and loses most of his cases. What a fucking joke.

  13. Before the final count is in, I would like to take one last quick moment to add a final line to the Latino/African-American/Filipino community leadership count and give out a special political “big cojones” award to two of our Bridgeport African-American community leaders: Andre Baker and James Holloway of the East End.

    I started this morning at 6am-9am at Black Rock School for Liberate Libraries (LL) with John from Black Rock and saw a steady line of voters … Lennie’s reporting above shows a win for LL there.

    This evening I went to Dunbar School from 5-8pm and got the final numbers for OIB as shown above. Another win by a 4:1 margin. Thank you, East End. But what impressed me most tonight was to see palm cards/literature from the Bridgeport DTC asking Democratic voters to vote “Yes” on question 1 and to vote “No” on question 2: the library referendum question, but Andre Baker and James Holloway had the “cojones” to paste over that part and stick on their own individual stickers covering the “No” vote and asking Democratic voters to vote “Yes” instead… The East End has one of the saddest-looking library branches and that neighborhood and their residents deserve better. That’s cojones I can believe in. Thank you, Andre; thank you, James!!! … and James we have to ask the principal of Dunbar to turn on some of those lights on the sidewalk on election nights so we can avoid bumping into each other in the dark too many times.

    To the LL team: great credit goes to our City Librarian Scott Hughes for his far-sighted vision and leadership to uncover this statute and promote this initiative for the sake of the BPL. To our Board President Jim O’Donnell for his unwavering support and fantastic legal skills in winning the court case to get the initiative on the ballot. To our campaign manager Maria Zambrano who ran an unbelievable campaign on a shoestring with no time, no pay, no food; and to all the volunteers who gave of themselves selflessly; and lastly to the Bridgeport voters who made their voices heard … let’s see the final count in the morning.

  14. Dear Library Lover at 1:46pm on 11.3.09

    Sorry, I missed you at that posting … okay, let’s try to do this one more time …
    First of all, if we’ve met before I don’t know about it because I don’t know who you are. You should realize that as an anonymous webzine participant, you’re hiding behind a facade on the internet, which is okay by me … it’s part of the internet protocol and OIB policy, and I participate knowing those limitations. However, you write as if I would know or remember talking to you when you know I have no idea who you are … for all I know you are Scott Hughes’ other twin because after all I see Scott Hughes as Library Lover Number One in Bridgeport. You could be a close second.

    Okay, I’m listening … on to your list of issues … (1) “Looks like I hit a nerve.” No, you did not. (2) “There are serious problems at the library.” What serious problems exactly? A leaky roof? We know. A bookmobile that’s been collecting dust in the garage due to a lack of funds? We know. Make your point, please. (3) “It is an unhappy place where it was once a refuge for users.” Pardon? Who is unhappy? No one I know goes to the library to be unhappy. It was and is a refuge for users … yes, I know. I take refuge there as a user. (4) As for the truth … “why is there so much campaign literature in the library or on library property?” As far as I know we prepared some informational fliers/brochures to hand out to library patrons who want to be informed about what the referendum question is and what it means … it makes sense to have that available for the inquiring public and not left on a park bench on McLevy Green (5) “Why have I seen so many library staff campaigning during library hours … are they on vacation time or city time?” You should have not seen one library staff member campaigning while on official work time, except for the City Librarian … I think you’re seeing things. No staff member has ever been asked to work on the campaign, unless they volunteer, such as John from Black Rock. He is a true volunteer, not a draftee by the Library Board or the City Librarian. (6) “Have library materials and equipment been used to create campaign materials?” No. Campaign materials were paid for with donated funds raised for the campaign. (7) Do your research and get back to me. I too want you to be knowledgeable before you make any more comments because I want you to make SURE you do not make any without good reason. You will sound more intelligent, more thoughtful and will be a happier person in general.
    And by the way, the move out of Bridgeport is going okay. Thank you for asking. The condo has not sold yet, but the process is moving along. You know how it is, there’s the mortgage guy, house inspections: radon, lead paint, termites, asbestos, brownfields, flood lines, the appraiser and appraisal, closing dates, extensions, lock-in rates, points … it just goes on and on.


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