High Ho Silva–They’re Lining Up

Here we go, boys and girls.

State Rep. Chris Caruso.

Former Mayor John Fabrizi.

City Councilman Bob Curwen.

City Councilman Carlos Silva.

Maybe retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez?

And could State Rep. Andres Ayala be another?

And perhaps a candidate named Ganim?

Yes, there’s an election on Tuesday for City Council and Board of Education seats, but the real action will be in the 2010 gubernatorial election and 2011 mayoral. Look for Curwen, budget co-chair who represents the Upper East Side, to form an exploratory committee shortly after Tuesday’s election. Bob works for that irrepressible developer Sal DiNardo. Could Uncle Sal open up his pocketbook for Bob real soon?

I spoke to Silva the other day and he says he’s joining the mayoral action as well. The East Side councilman says his focus will be on economic development, claiming the city’s missing too many opportunities.

Judging by last week’s OIB poll of mayoral candidates if I’m Mayor Bill Finch I say come on in kids, plenty of room for all. The mayor performs best in a crowded field.

Meanwhile, Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa will be smack in the middle of the mix for both the guber and municipal cycle in 2011. We’re just six months away from a Democratic convention to endorse constitutional offices. The leading Dem candidates for governor are Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz and the outgoing Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy. Mario has a big bloc of delegates he can bring to the endorsement table. What will he want in exchange? Well, with SuBy running for the top job, her seat is open. Why do I get the feeling Mario’s gonna try to leverage his delegate count for a say in who gets the leg up for SuBy’s seat? And whom might that be?

Ah, the art (or maybe it’s a craft) of the political deal. If I’m Mayor Finch I make a play for SuBy’s seat. Call State Democratic Chair Nancy DiNardo, (Sal’s sister) a friend of Bill’s. It’s a free run for the mayor. He doesn’t have to give up his mayoral seat, unless of course he gets the nod and wins one year from now.

Decisions, decisions. Stay tuned.

News release from SuBy

Bysiewicz: More than 2,000,000 Connecticut Residents Registered to Vote for Municipal Elections Next Tuesday

Secretary of the State Urges Voters to Make their Voices Heard November 3rd; Complete List of Mayoral and First Selectman Candidates, Ballots from all Towns Available for Viewing Online

Hartford: Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz today is announcing that more than 2.04 million Connecticut citizens are registered to vote in Municipal Elections to take place on Tuesday November 3, 2009. Bysiewicz is also urging Connecticut residents to make sure they get to the polls to cast ballots and be prepared when they head to their polling place. Polls will be open next Tuesday from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. in 162 towns and cities holding Municipal Elections. The rest of Connecticut’s municipalities held their local elections on May 4, 2009.

“Towns throughout Connecticut are facing some crucial decisions on schools, local budgets, road repair and other issues, so it is imperative that voters make their voices heard next Tuesday,” said Secretary Bysiewicz. “Local elections are enormously important for determining the future direction of all of our communities. I urge all voters to be prepared to cast ballots by making sure they know where their polling place is, bring the proper identification and make a plan for when to vote.”

Secretary Bysiewicz is encouraging voters to visit the Secretary of the State’s web site www.sots.ct.gov to learn more about using the optical scan technology with paper ballots, the vote-by-phone system, acceptable forms of identification or to help locate their polling place. If you are a first-time voter who registered by mail on or after January 1, 2003, and you have to vote in person you must present to the checkers either a current and valid photo identification that shows your name and address; or present a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address. Connecticut voters are also reminded that any materials (including t-shirts, buttons or hats) deemed as campaign materials advocating a particular candidate or position are not permitted within 75 feet of the polling place.

Voters can now see a complete list of candidates for Mayor and First Selectman as well as ballots for all 162 municipalities in Connecticut holding elections next Tuesday by clicking on the following links:

List of Candidates for Mayor and First Selectman:

www.sots.ct.gov under “2009 Election Results and Turnout”

November 3, 2009 Municipal Election Town Ballots:


In total, 131 towns are electing Mayors and First Selectmen. The top municipal offices are uncontested in 22 municipalities, representing 16.8% of the total. There are 54 women out of 279 total candidates for Mayor and First Selectman, representing 19.3% of the total. There are a total of 2,042,697 registered voters in Connecticut eligible to vote in Tuesday’s Municipal Elections. Included in this total are 760,510 Democrats, 414,344 Republicans, and 856,462 unaffiliated voters.

Secretary of the State Bysiewicz will dispatch teams to monitor the municipal elections on Election Day. Voters can call the Secretary of the State’s Office toll free at 1-800-540-3764 for any questions or problems on Election Day. Voters can also call the State Elections Enforcement Commission at 860-256-2940 to report any election irregularities or file complaints against candidates or poll workers.

AS OF 10/28/09               COUNT
------------------------ ---------
A Better Future                  5
A Sentinel Party                35
Canterbury First                 3
Chatham Party                   10
Concerned Citizens             234
Connecticut For Lieberman      107
Democratic                 760,510
Enfield Taxpayers Party          2
Friends Of Saybrook             13
Green                        1,824
Guilty                           1
Independence                 1,119
Independence For Montville      10
Independent                  6,428
Libertarian                  1,278
Norwich for Change               1
Pro-Bethel                       5
Reform                          94
Republican                 414,344
Swing                            1
The Hampton Party                5
Unaffiliated               856,462
Waterford Independent            1
We The People                   50
Winsted Independent             45
Working Families               110
======================== =========
TOTAL                    2,042,697


  1. My votes will go to these candidates on Tuesday: Nate Snow, Maria Pereira, Raul Quiroga for BOE. Mitch Robles, Mike Garret, Dennis Scinto, for city sheriff. Susan Brannelly, and John Slater for city Council.

  2. A number of days ago I told people on this blog that Curwen and Silva were candidates for the mayor’s job. A certain contributor to this blog said I was spreading rumors and was full of it. To that person I say read Lennie’s article again. I told you so.
    It is my hope that Finch does run for Secretary of State and takes his band of incompetent and nasty advisers with him.

      1. I don’t have any problems least of all with you or your opinion. I was right again. Get a clue. Stop being the nasty wannabe tough guy and try to use the intelligence I know you have.

        1. *** You stop trying to be a Mr. Fix-it & assuming you know it all. Or maybe you just can’t help it; Gemini probably? Also, I’m not trying to be a tough guy, just calling it like I see & hear it that’s all. You know, you may get more bees with honey but sometimes they’re not all honeybees so you may have to swat a few before they try to sting you that’s all. *** It’s still early yet, lots of people may claim to be running for Mayor but that doesn’t make them actual candidates now does it Sherlock? ***

  3. The only thing the Philistine Phool Phinch should run for is the exits. Why on earth would we want this ignorant sycophant running for higher office at the state level? I do not want this putz in charge of elections (can you imagine putting a consummate calamarian in charge of ensuring election creditability?) and the fostering of the business climate in the state (he did a bang-up job developing business in the city).

  4. Well off subject a bit. Read this morning’s paper and see that there were 2 more large parties hosted by SHU students. The Bridgeport parlor police (no slight intended to the hard-working street cops) were called to both locations. They again found underage drinkers at the parties but not before announcing their presence with flashing lights. The drunks were allowed to go home in taxis. Those that stumbled into the police had their names taken and those names were turned over to the university along with the names of who were leasing these dwellings.
    Didn’t the police bother to listen to the North End residents when they held their neighborhood meeting? They wanted these lawbreakers arrested.
    Did the PD turn over the addresses of these illegal dwellings to the Fire Marshal or the proper city agency? I don’t know but my bet is that they did not.
    It is time to stop kissing SHU ass and time to think about the residents and their rights. You have been turning kid’s names into the university for years and that has not helped the problem. To the PD remember you work for the residents of Bridgeport not SHU.

    1. Gee, high school students carrying guns on school grounds and inside school buildings. Beatings of students in our schools getting posted on YouTube; most of the beatings and fights go unposted on YouTube so that the perpetrators can’t be identified and continue their reign of terror; and all TC worries about are SHU students drinking in private parties.

  5. Nice work this weekend by the 21-cop patrol. They busted up 2 SHU wing-dingers. Collecting up a bunch of 18- and 19-year-olds who were caught drinking and sending them off with a stern warning but no arrests. The cops were also providing SHU with a list of all those whom they caught. (What do you think SHU is going to do with a list of students caught off campus drinking? Maybe they’ll tell their mothers.)

    At least something has been done. The cops caused the parties to break up early. They took car keys from the kids who were drinking and called cabs or put them on an SHU shuttle. (Sounds like this may have had some SHU/BPD orchestration).

    A good first step. Let’s see if they can keep the pressure up.

  6. The following is a comment from last night, as usual, Mojo has and will again put spin to it. A spinning Mojo; now that’s a first!

    Joel Gonzalez // Nov 1, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    Denese Taylor-Moye and Leticia Colon (D) 131st District, have accomplished a feat that Mojo could not in 8 years in the City Council–they got Mojo’s street paved. The section of Wordin Avenue between State Street and Railroad Avenue is as smooth as Obama.

    We hardly hear about the positive things that takes place in Bridgeport neighborhoods. I’ve mentioned a few and I’m sure that they are not the only positive things or improvements that have taken place. It’s only fair to give mention and credit to those who may be responsible for the improvement.
    It has been days since Wordin Avenue was paved, one would think that Mojo would have taken his time on OIB to tell us something positive–give credit–about the elected officials responsible for his street getting paved. On Behalf of all Drivers and Residents Much Thanks to Finch and the two Ladies representing the 131st. Mojo, this justifies my attempt to replace Alberto Negron with Michelle Retamar. I always believed that a woman could better represent the district than the men interested in the post.

    1. *** Hey stupid, your reply was answered last night at 12:21am. No need to thank anyone or play roving reporter like you; Wordin Ave. is a main artery to I-95 & next to Wentfield Park. It’s been on the back burner list to be paved by the city for some time now, stop lying & making up B/S that makes no sense. You’re an outcast; family, friends, co-workers, political parties are turning their backs on you, or haven’t you noticed yet? Get a life man, stop fronting to be something you’re not (smart)! ***

  7. SET made their presence known a little early, giving the kids a golden opportunity to sneak out the back door to avoid being arrested for possession of alcohol by a minor. Yahooy is right: a good first step.

    Now, if they could only clean up Black Rock. I am fully aware that Hallowe’en fell on a Saturday this year. If I had the disposable fundage I would’ve been out indulging in grog and victuals myself. Sunday morning was a different story: empty beer cans, liquor bottles, broken glass, candy wrappers, pizza boxes (interesting that the only pizza joint on Fairfield Avenue that does not put their name on the box is Marty’s), puddles of vomit, etc. All decorated by the Autumn leaves. The police officers patrolling the west precinct were camped out on School Street while the wandering hordes of intoxicated revelers staggered from bar to bar to bar, hoping that the next establishment might award a prize for best costume.

  8. TC:
    I know where you are coming from on student drunks and sympathize. I think it would be outstanding if Bridgeport police jailed a few of these college kids with a few crack addicts and assault suspects in the city lockup. However, that’s a pain in the ass for the cops to keep student drunks separate from drug-addled humanoids. Although if drunk, I can’t argue that the students aren’t that much different than the druggies.

    It can be argued that the college punishment system is better than the criminal justice system. Maybe. That’s if you trust the college. Why should you? They’ve spawned these students to begin with.

    The best way of handling this problem is to compromise the reputation of SHU. The students don’t care about that. Administrators do.

    Borrow a page from the kids when they protest some political thing or another. Get some people dressed up as skunks, pigs, rats et cetera and have them demonstrate at various locations–like the college. It is past Halloween. There has got to be an excess of costumes right now. Take plenty of pictures. E-mail them to AREA newspapers. E-mail them to higher-ed publications. E-mail them to the Diocese of Bridgeport. If you go to Puerto Rico, take a picture with the sign at El Morro. Post them on the Internet. Give the Website a studenty-type name, something like SHUSUCKS.COM.

    From the adult end, have the pols have the cops release the name of the property owner and the rental agent when they bust a party. Bridgeport pols are a little handicapped. The college is in Fairfield. Encourage them to think “outside the box” to hose the college the way they hose Bridgeport. Ask the pols the cheapest places to get lawn signs. Post “SHU Sucks” lawn signs at the appropriate locations–say the parkway and turnpike. Inside Bridgeport is fine. Around the region is better.

  9. SHU has evolved into a fine college from the first days of classes in 1963. Now, they reject 5 out of every six applications and place an impressive number of aspirants on a waiting list. Do you think SHU cares what the neighbors think? For every residential college with students living off campus anywhere in the country, the exact same problems exist. IT’S NOT THE COLLEGE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENFORCE THE LOCAL LAWS. A regular police presence is the only way to quiet the neighborhoods. A few arrests would do wonders too.

  10. News item: The Connecticut Post endorses Mark Lauretti for mayor of Shelton. The editorial board at 410 State has never met a Testacrat it didn’t fall in love with. Now it’s branching out, endorsing corruption-tainted candidates in the suburbs as well! Prediction: If he runs for mayor when he’s finally sprung from the slammer, Joe Ganim already has one endorsement he can bank on.

  11. Like Joel G said, vote with your head tomorrow. John from Black Rock will you give us updates from Black Rock school throughout the morning and early afternoon? I will be taking the metro north back up to vote at 6pm and I will report the numbers from Black Rock school, so look for my update at 6pm on election day!

  12. Leonard –

    Now that you have fired the starting pistol for Bridgeport’s “Running of the Bull,” generally known as its mayoral race, it’s only fair we ask the candidates to stop at the library and check out the books below. You have included every possible candidate, so they better get there quickly while the city still has a library!

    Let’s review some books:

    Common Sense–Thomas Paine–1776
    A Revolutionary War era tome titled with two words depicting a concept rarely used in the Bridgeport;

    Plunkitt of Tammany Hall–William Riordon–1915
    One of my favorites, I specifically like the discourse on the difference between “honest graft and dishonest graft;”

    All the King’s Men–Robt. Penn Warren–1946
    An entry from the South, and I don’t mean the South End, where life is more genteel (LOL);

    The Last Hurrah–Edwin O’Connor–1956
    A classic portraying the waning influence of my forebears in urban politics;

    The Power Broker–Joseph I. Lieberman–1966
    A true classic, written by Connecticut’s own-and-now-borderline-neocon Sen. Joe in the days when you were either a Democrat or a Democrat;

    Boss: Richard Daley of Chicago–Mike Royko–1971
    The only book to ever grace the desk of former Mayor John C. Mandanici (but I can’t swear he ever actually read it);

    All the President’s Men–Woodward & Bernstein–1974
    The modern day classic of a fallen leader … and they still fall today. Some even go to jail!;

    Primary Colors–Joe Klein–1996
    Written before the world really knew the heart of Bill.

    Trivia Time: Other than Sen. Joe, are there any other Nutmeggers among these authors?

  13. tc, you can be sure if they were a bunch of black or Latino/Hispanic young adults at PT or the Green Apts or Marina Village or Trumbull Gardens the police would not be calling any cabs, more like the SWAT team and paddy wagons (or whatever the correct term is).

  14. Big P you are on the money. The SHU people are a bunch of spoiled brats that get away with things that regular young Bpt kids would not. That’s why I’m voting for a change tomorrow from the failed leadership tomorrow if it is one thing I urge voters not to vote for is Patrick Crossin and Leticia Colon do not vote for them whatever you do!!! They were appointed by Finch! Vote change! We did it last year let’s do it again and yes there will be 3 shocks at the polls tomorrow and that will be a higher vote total than expected; 2 John Slater will win; 3 Question 2 will pass.

  15. How do you compare the crime of underage drinking and pot smoking to the type of criminal behavior that exists in the projects? The gangs in the projects are running around with rods looking for trouble. The Gedulding Gang is running around with a different kind of rod, but they’re chasing unsuspecting coeds.

  16. Sadly, I must ask you to vote NO on the library referendum. This administration is too stupid to reallocate so a library mandate will only result in a higher tax burden.

  17. Ummm, maybe that’s because the SHU students aren’t carrying MAC-10 machine guns … unlike the “young adults” in PT or Marina Village.

    But yeah, the SHU thing is outta hand for sure.

    1. The problem with youth gangs in housing projects dealing drugs, committing murder and assault has little, if anything, to do with race. It is all about money, or the lack of it. Poverty sucks, man. I know that firsthand. If a bunch of teenagers living in P.T. or Marina Village or Trumbull Gardens or Green Homes organize themselves into a gang to sell heroin and crack cocaine to suburbanites, can you really blame them? They are only trying to empower themselves.

      Please don’t interpret this as an advocation for criminal activity; it is not.

  18. The police department has to tread a fine line here. Parents spending more than $20,000.00 a year to send their kids to an elite educational institution aren’t at all comfortable with their sons and daughters getting arrested for drunken activities and will think nothing of burying the city under an avalanche of lawsuits.

  19. TANNED

    There ought to be a rule against former Post-Telegram political reporters blogging here.

    “Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption, and he passeth from the stink of the dydie to the stench of the shroud … There’s always something … Oh, and Jack? Find it.”

    I’m not sure you want to call our author a Nutmegger, really. More just an American. I’m game either way.

    1. Bridgeport Kid, John Slater and John Weldon have stated that in the event that the library ref doesn’t pass they will seek to increase or reinstate funding for the library the way it was. Listen Kid trust me when I tell you that these two Republicans will be held accountable if they don’t deliver … Vote Republican, Kid.

  20. Cape Verdean Fear?

    Was that a Finch administrator that became a city-stat on early Sunday morning at the Cape Verdean Club?

    He allegedly threatened a police officer about his job after being busted. Paging Bill Finch and Tom McCarthy!!!

  21. Bridgeport official caught in social club melee
    By Keila Torres
    Updated: 11/02/2009 03:47:44 PM EST

    BRIDGEPORT — One day after being charged with surly behavior and interfering with police dispatched to quiet a rowdy social club, Cape Verdean Association President John Gomes, also the city’s deputy chief administrative officer, claims Strategic Enforcement Team officers who arrested him unfairly targeted his club.

    “I don’t even know how to handle this,” Gomes said Monday morning. “I’m amazed by the things that transpired and what I read [in the newspaper]. It’s so far from the truth.”

    Gomes, 39, of Alpine Street, and club member Vincente Santos, 31, of Taft Avenue, were arrested early Sunday on charges of interfering with an officer and breach of peace for allegedly cursing at officers and threatening SET Sgt. John Evans. Santos was also charged with inciting to riot, while Gomes faces an additional charge of reckless endangerment.

    SET officers, investigating a complaint about a loud party, cited the club with violating fire safety laws by allowing too many people in the clubhouse at 233 Linen Ave., failing to hang a permit in plain view, sale of liquor without a permit and refusal of cooperation by permittees and backers.

    Gomes said he e-mailed Mayor Bill Finch on Monday morning to ask for a meeting to “clear things up.”

    However, in a statement Monday afternoon, Finch said that “swift and appropriate disciplinary action” would be taken in the matter. “Behavior of this sort is unbecoming of any employee and will not be tolerated by anyone in my administration, regardless of their position,” the mayor said. Elaine Ficarra, the mayor’s spokeswoman, said a meeting between the mayor and Gomes was scheduled for later Monday.

    Gomes said he was putting his Halloween costume away in his car about 2 a.m. Sunday when he saw seven patrol vehicles approach the association’s clubhouse. Minutes later, he said, another seven patrol cars appeared. “Fourteen cop cars, for what? All you had was family and friends there,” he said.

    Gomes disputed police officers’ claims that music at the club was too loud and that there were 156 adults in the club.

    “We understand maybe we’ve outgrown the facility, but we would never do that,” Gomes said of the overcrowding claim. He said the bar does have a capacity for 37 patrons — as police cited in their report — but that the dance floor area has an additional capacity for about 90 people.

    Gomes admitted that the club’s liquor permit, which he said expires in 2010, was not stamped by the City Clerk’s office and that the association did not have a posted Bridgeport Health Department inspection permit for the kitchen. But everything else in the report was “not accurate whatsoever,” he claimed.

    The police report states that Gomes told SET Sgt. John Evans “watch what happens to you [Evans] on Monday,” an alleged threat to his job security, However, Gomes contends that he never cursed at officers or threatened their jobs.

    “Everyone who knows me in the community and at work knows this is not a reflection of who I am or my character,” Gomes said. “If I behave that way, it’s a complete disrespect to the city and the administration.”

    During the incident, Gomes said, he did call a police captain who knew the association was having a Halloween party that night because he thought the captain could help clear things up.

    Gomes also said the club’s surveillance footage would prove that officers’ claims that Evans asked Augusto Depina, 58, of Hart Street, to turn down the music several times are untrue.

    “The way this went down you almost feel like you’re set up,” Gomes said. “There was a plan in motion. There was a goal. It is humiliating and embarrassing how this is playing out.”

    Asked why police would want to set him up, he answered: “That’s a question I’d like an answer to.”

    Gomes said the Cape Verdean Association scheduled an emergency meeting for Monday night to discuss how to handle fallout from the incident.

    1. donj did you know that John Weldon is white? Weldon is running with Slater. John Weldon has a girlfriend who lives with him in Black Rock. His girlfriend or mate is Black! Yes, Weldon is White and his Mate is Black. For a time I suspected that Weldon was Yahooy. But yahooy is much older and has been married for 38 years. Happy 40th anniversary yahooy!

  22. *** It may be different between the type of conduct & crimes that sometimes goes on in public housing areas, compared to an S.H.U. keg party & the types of police restraints used. However, money, political power, who you know and race all influence just how situations are handled by law enforcement @ times! The S.H.U. keg party debacle seems to be getting some well-needed attention @ this time by putting it back on the school admin. to see how it’s handled. If pressure continues to be put on the School & City Hall by the community due to lack of any “real” change, then the city should step up their approach on how the situations are handled & start making arrests. *** As far as the cape social club melee is concern, there’s always 2 sides to a story and somewhere in the middle you may find the truth? But if S.H.U. keg parties were handled in the way they handled the social club melee, it probably wouldn’t be such a problem today? “Maybe.” ***

  23. *** Also, Finch lived up to his part about getting jobs for certain individuals (Gomes) after the Mayor’s race. However it will be interesting to see if he actually gets involved in how a police matter was handled for Gomes? After all, he’s paid his debt so to speak & he did look the other way on a prior 3-day suspension given to Gomes this past summer, if in fact the so-called rumor was true? *** Time will tell. ***

  24. *** Well there you go B/F, apparently Finch had a good opportunity to get rid of Gomes & did just that! (Again providing the rumor is true.) Too bad, Gomes seems like a nice guy. Whether or not he was a good city manager for the new CitiStat dept. that has been a complete failure, I really don’t know? He didn’t seem to have much political juice nor a good staff or admin. backing him seems like? Well, another manager’s spot for a family member or political payback is open! Maybe they’ll offer the job after the Xmas holidays to Joel? He would be good as a roving manager for CitiStat getting into city workers’ business, etc. Hell, he can have C.H.S. transferred to his dept. with a much-needed pay raise that is (so she can stop complaining) & catch up on all the city gossip during smoke breaks! Wow, now that could work if Joel gets it in writing that the Mayor’s Admin. would allow the city council instead to make the final decision on any recommended departmental cuts come budget time! *** Maybe both would be too busy to blog rumors, complaints & general B/S on “OIB”? *** “NICE”! ***

    1. Mojo, I’m interested in the weights and measures position.
      I’ll accept the position if the mayor agrees that I can continue to come here to weigh and measure the issues and comments at OIB. Finch needs to be fair and appoint Republicans to good-paying positions.

      1. *** The city has done away with that position since they decided that a big mistake was made giving me my walking papers, after I posted the highest revenue returns in city history over a 120-day period. After numerous calls from the city begging me to come back without so much as a return call from me, it was decided by a higher power to do away with the 2nd position @ Ws & Ms. See Joel, you’re not the only one who has done outstanding work & above duty for the city of Bpt! Even though no one could ever come close to your personal services in sacrificing your index finger in the name of “GUN” rights, etc. I did try one time by getting a paper cut during a Budgets Meeting! How about that & I didn’t even have to change political parties either. Oh well, I tried! ***

    1. They’ve been looking for an excuse to get rid of Gomes since the Lisa copier incident. Remember, Gomes insisted that Lisa stop sitting on her ass all day and actually do something. Lisa said “how dare you” and ran to Big Charlie who used his influence to get Gomes suspended for 3 days. That’s not a rumor. That’s the absolute truth. Instead of making Lisa work, they suspended Gomes for complaining about it. OIB.

      I’ll hold comment on the Cape Verde raid until I hear both sides. Unlike Finch & Company, I believe in innocent until proven guilty.

  25. No Joel, I was not in on a raid of the club … but I can say that I and many, many officers have eaten at John’s establishment and I have never found him to be anything but a gentleman and a stand-up guy … again, here’s hoping he survives this ordeal.

    1. I know John is a polite and respectful person. He is the last person who I thought would get mixed up in such an ordeal. I’m sure he won’t be the last one finding himself in legal trouble for allegedly breaking established rules.

    1. *** Once again the Phillies came up short due to errors, inconsistent pitching & stranded runners left on base in game #4. This Yankees Team knows all too well how to take advantage of shortcomings and mistakes! It’s all on the Phillies in game #5 with their ace pitcher Cliff Lee, do or die; pressure is on. I hope it goes to game #6 at least, or it’s time for Caribbean League Baseball after the holidays. ***

  26. Something smells fishy in this Gomes affair. Interesting timing with the phone message from Walsh to Brantley as well. Politics, politics, politics … when will it end?
    It will be interesting to see how these two stories unfold. I am comfortable in saying that neither Gomes nor Walsh are extremely well liked by the current administration … a fact they both should be proud of. The administration will use these opportunities to rid themselves of two men they see as being problematic and work to replace them with two people more inclined to toe the party line.
    For those of you keeping score at home … Finch-2; Concerned Citizens-0

    1. Gomes also ruffled some feathers in Public Facilities. Remember, he’s the one who exposed the abuse of the take-home cars and the fact that some top administrators (Charlie) do not have municipal plates which is a violation of our charter. He made some good recommendations which were totally ignored. Now he’s looking into the anti-blight initiative and ruffling some more feathers with Tom Coble.

      Unfortunately, when you expose the wrongs of this administration, you find yourself out of a job. Too bad. We could use more employees like John Gomes.

  27. *** While you’re at it Lennie, what’s the next chapter in the upcoming Walsh debacle? I’m sure the city admin. is salivating @ the thought of the council, etc. making an example of Bob, if at all possible. *** Time will tell. ***

    1. I actually agree with you, Mojo. They will do anything to get rid of Bob. But Bob is a smart guy. I find it hard to believe that he would say a racist remark, never mind leave it on someone’s answering machine.


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