Virtual Endorsement Date Set For Moore-Brown State Senate Battle

Incumbent Marilyn Moore and challenger City Councilman Marcus Brown will square off for the Democratic Party endorsement in the 22nd State Senate District via a Zoom meeting May 19 at 6 p.m. Brown is the favorite for the endorsement backed by a majority of the party infrastructure in Bridgeport.

This is familiar territory for anti-establishment Moore who did not receive the party endorsement in 2014 challenging incumbent Anthony Musto or in 2016 when as an incumbent she defeated Tom McCarthy, former City Council president, in a primary. She was endorsed by the party in 2018 with no primary opposition.

Marcus Brown
City Councilman Marcus Brown

In 2019, she challenged Mayor Joe Ganim losing a close primary. Ganim won the general election handily with Moore as a write-in candidate after her campaign failed to secure sufficient signatures to appear on the Working Families Party line.

The senate primary will take place August 11. Moore, given the power of incumbency and name recognition in the district, is the favorite.

The district includes portions of Bridgeport and Monroe and all of Trumbull. Presuming Brown is endorsed, Moore would need just 15 percent delegate support to qualify for the primary ballot which she should receive from suburban delegates. In lieu of that her campaign can petition onto the ballot.

State Senator Marilyn Moore

Moore and Brown are raising money under the state’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races that will provide both roughly $100,000 to spend for a qualifying grant.

Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill recently announced that her office will mail absentee ballot applications to all voters in light of the health care emergency.

The era of COVID-19 has added a surreal component to candidates with minimal retail campaigning and fundraising outside of live events.



  1. As a delegate to this convention I proudly support and will vote for Senator Marilyn Moore. Representing the entire Town of Trumbull, she is the only Democrat representing us in Hartford. As chair of the Bonding Committee she has brought vital dollars to the district. Ger seniority is important and not to be lost.
    She has been very responsive to constituent calls and needs during her tenure.

    We own property in Brown’s building and he represents the district on the CC. He has brought nothing to the district and has pushed through nothing to benefit us. He appears to be just a Ganim/Testa pawn with a partner employed in City Hall, We don;t need to chance his running for Senate in the 22nd District….if he does we might end up with a Republican. Rich Deecken or Elaine Hammers might be ready for another run.

    1. When it comes to borrowing money, why is Marilyn Moore just like President Trump?
      Answer: They both take credit for the money they borrow. They both know how to spend money but have no idea how to pay it back.
      Here’s the difference: Unlike Uncle Sam, Connecticut does not have a sovereign currency which means Connecticut will see its path forward slowed, stymied and by massive debt payments.
      Some people think her seniority should be kept while others think it should be thrown overboard and allowed (Ernie, are you with me?) to drift to shore.

      1. So, take a look at Marcus Brown and tell me what has he done in Bport to reduce its dependency on bonding? Nothing. He just goes along with whatever the Mayor tells him to do.

    1. Hey Marshall
      We know Lennie is an unforgiven SOB. Does Trumbull make up 15% of total delegates? If not, how about Trumbull and Monroe? Just wondering…..

      1. Bob,
        Trumbull gets 18 delegates. Some will vote for Brown. His campaign Treasurer is Anthony Musto (defeated in a primary by Moore years ago) and Musto’s wife has just become a member of the TDTC and is also a delegate. I think Trumbull may likely split evenly.
        Monroe gets 3 votes. I have no idea who the delegates are and how they will vote.
        I assume that the Bridgeport machine will control all the BDTC delegate votes and they wioll be cast for Brown as punishment for Moore taking on Ganim for Mayor.

        That said, Moore should have the needed 15% to automatically be on a primary ballot. She has won primaries in D22 twice before, She is an incumbent and well liked in Trumbull and Monroe (as well as Black Rock)and has great name recognition.

        Brown is an unknown in Trumbull and Monroe. There will be no door knocking which puts him as an extreme disadvantage in a primary.

        I do not think Musto can deliver Trumbull votes to beat Moore in a Primary.
        That said, these are interesting times and we are looking at a mostly AB election.
        They have been proven to be highly questionable in Bridgeport.

        My biggest fear is that we could end up with a Republican winning the seat.

  2. *** Its Senator M. Moore by a landslide win; cause if its not broke, it don’t need fixing, no? *** What would M. Brown bring to the State Senate that Sen. M. Moore hasn’t either done or could do? Why is it that everytime the city of Bpt. gets a good understanding person in a political seat, along comes a newbie who has not payed their political dues in general and trys to un-seat the incombant who’s doing a good job. ***Just-Saying***

    1. Harvey,
      Moore didn’t give up Trumbull, so why would we want a Testa/Ganim pawn to replace her?
      D22 only covers part of Bridgeport but ALL of Trumbull. Unlike this Blog, it is NOT Only in Bridgeport.

      BTW, I just cast my votes at the Democratic State Convention a few minutes ago. I didn’t have to drive to Hartford and pay $15 to park this year

  3. Great question Marcus, now Harvey how about a great answer? Marcus, Harvey bitches incessantly about Mayor Ganim and Mario, yet he understands, being a reasonably intelligent man, it’s either her or a Ganim/Mario disciple. Well maybe he doesn’t because we went through the same BS with the mayoral election.

    1. So Don, I guess from here on in, we should vote for whoever runs against who Mario chooses,no matter what, regardless of qualifications or their platform?.. Surely you’re not advocating that are you?

      1. Harvey, who did Maria support for mayor in the Democrat primary so that change could come to Bridgeport? This past primary was the best chance for the voters of Bridgeport get Ganim out of office and to take Mario Testa out of power but where was Maria voice and influence on taking Ganim and Mario out?

        1. Ron, you’re giving Maria wayyy to much credit here, Bpt did what we were asked to do,vote for Moore in the primary, and we did.. next all Marilyn had to do is have an organized campaign and to make sure all her ducks were in order by filing the necessary paperwork to get on the ballot, which she didn’t, after that she gave up…

  4. Harvey, Marilyn did not give up on Bridgeport. Every day she was out campaigning. Every day she was trying to build a campaign.
    I’ve said this before. If your looking for someone to blame start with the Working Families Party. They could have had their first mayor in CT but failed to deliver.
    And believe me every day she looks back at this election and it hurts her more than it hurts you.
    But you and Lennie don’t get. You were Moore by proxy and act like she betrayed you.
    Give it up would you.

  5. Harvey, yes I am advocating just that. I defy you to name one Ganim/Mario disciple who’s worth a DAMN or that has the best interest of Bridgeport and its residents in mind? Go ahead I’ll wait! If they support them, then the first thing that should be asked, what wrong with her or him? It defies credulity that you are this hard on Senator Moore yet you gave Bill Finch a pass when he did the same thing. Being a Black man in your America leads me to ask why the Senator and not Finch and the answer is, well you know what it is without the benefit of my opinion.

    1. Don, Harvey wants to start the process at the third step, first Maria, Harvey and Rich could have put up the candidate that they thought who would be the best person to run the City but they didn’t anything. Senator Moore places her name up to run for mayor in the Democrat primary. Step two is the Democrat primary in which. Senator Moore defeats Mayor Joe Ganim at the voting polls by over 300 vote. The next part of the primary was the absentee ballots and Joe Ganim beats Senator Moore by 270 votes with those ABs are added to the total votes. Before I go to step 3 what did Maria do during the primary to defeat Joe Ganim and to keep Mario Testa out of power? Don, Harvey and Rich are the biggest supporters of Maria on OIB so what did their star do to get Joe Ganim out of office?

  6. Hey Ron,
    Did you see the article in the CT The family of Jayson Negron has sued the City of Bport for an undisciplined police force.
    Looked for that report from the former DC Police Chief but still no word on it.
    Maybe we could start a Go Fund Me campaign and buy a copy of it. This is a cover up if ever there was one.

    1. Where has chief Perez been these days anyway?.. haven’t seen him in the news in months, no quotes, no pics etc.Hope he is well during this crazy time..

    1. The penalty for a stolen car is death just like in Glynn County Georgia where a retired police officer along with his son shot killed a 26 year old jogger back in February, they just got arrested yesterday. Harvey is ok for a untrained Bridgeport Police Officer to shoot and kill someone?

  7. If a 15 year old wasn’t shot dead by an untrained Bridgeport Police Officer there wouldn’t be all these protest and lawsuits either.
    Which one would you prefer?

    1. Bob, I would prefer none it happened quite honestly. All I have to go on is what the court decided,and that is the officer was justified. Fact of the matter is Negron was driving a stolen car, was trying to elude capture, and when the officer opened the stolen car door, Negron put the car in reverse and tried to again flee,the officer was scared for his life( according to court papers and shot his gun, striking Negron. Like I said,none of us were there, including any of the protesters, so all we have is what was said in court..

      And let’s que up Ron/Don, they will turn this into a black/white thing without a doubt, just like most every topic on here

  8. *** Not sure if this Negron is the young teen who was shot on Fairfield Ave. apparently driving away from the police? If so, the issue is not so much that the car was stolen but that the teen was driving in the opposite direction from the police & still drew fire which killed him. The assumption that protests & lawsuits would not be necessary if the car was not stolen, is brainless to say the least. ***

  9. Harvey, let me be the 1st to oblige you on this Black and white issue. According to you and the courts, the officer was scared for his life. When hasn’t a Black man, woman or child that was killed by a cop and he didn’t fear for his life? How can white men kill Black men jogging down the street because they too feared for their lives? Why aren’t white cops and men killing white men because they fear for their lives?

    Harvey, as long as this is the same America that has killed Black men for hundreds of
    years, that has discriminated against Black’s for hundreds of years, then I will continue to call attention to the obvious, RACISM IS ALIVE AND WELL AND EVERYTHING IS ABOUT RACE!

    1. Don, the time has now for blacks to carry guns and especially here in Connecticut and to have the State vote to have open carry laws like in Georgia. We need to get back to the days when in California in the 1960’s where the Black Panthers Party were able carry their guns openly but guess what Don, whites got scare and California pass the strictest gun law in America and the NRA, you know, some of those who are carrying guns at the State Capital in Michigan try to force the governor to open the State, well they didn’t say a word about guns owned and carried by blacks in California.

  10. Harvey
    Just because the Police Officer was not found criminally liable you can be sure the city will be found civilly liable. This police man did not follow procedures and they will throw the book, check book that is, at him.

  11. And this is Mark Anastasi and the City Attorney’s office trying to avoid that report from being published.
    They will claim that it is still in draft form so it is not FOIable. That must be a damning report on the BPD.

    1. That’s right Bob, Hamilton Burger will go into his usual stalling act. There could be a civil lawsuit and a lawsuit against the City, the Police Commission, the Police Department, the Police Chief AJ Perez and the training officer for improper training, remember how the body of Jayson Negron left in the street for over 4 hours uncovered with no respect given Jayson Negron family, the body left out like an exhibit in a zoo for people to look at.

  12. This feels like deja vu, Senator Moore was challenged by Tom McCarthy just because. No real reason that was apparent to those not close to the decision makers, he just challenged her because he could and was convinced to. If memory serves me he lost by a three to one vote. I like Tom McCarthy; he’s smart, friendly, has geniune credentials, and I believe he will one day hold higher office. I further believe that the next time he will make his own decision. I supported Senator Moore then, and in her previous run. For reasons unknown to me, she never reached out to me for assistance in this election, she never acknowledged that I suffered an unspeakable loss of my child, she never thanked me for the help and support I willingly gave her in the past. That should be enough for me to do nothing for her in this election, but, I couldn’t live with myself if I sat back while that “wild card” opportunist, Marcus Brown, who is a dangerous scam artist, never to be trusted by anyone, challenges her. I will do the politically prudent thing and support Senator Moore, dispite her treatment of me. She is a good candidate, and I will rise above my prsonal feelings because if I didn’t, it would go against all the many years I dedicated to the City I love, and would give credance and credibility by adding to the garbage we have shoved down our throats. When Marcus Brown turned on Evette Brantley, one of her campaign pieces referred to him as an “opportunist.” I admit I was confused by that reference, but now it’s crystal clear. I don’t pretend that my help will stop this bizarre chllenge or the outcome, but my conscience will be clear, and if only to me, my intentions will be for the good of the City by giving my time to the better candidate.

    1. Lisa,don’t take Moore ignoring you personal,from what I saw,the only person she reached out to was Tony Barr,she even ignored Chris Caruso,and he was on her ticket..Ponderous..
      And the state is mailing ballots to everyone this year,it’s going to be tough for Moore,Mario will send his minions to all four corners of Bpt,Trumbull,Monroe to make sure Brown wins..

    2. WOW Lisa!!!!!! That’s deep, you came out up front and honest to say what you did to State Senator Marilyn Moore and I hope listens to what you wrote because I have heard the exact same thing but I didn’t do what you have done, I didn’t say anything. I agree with what you wrote, it’s business as usual with the DTC. As for Tom McCarthy, he has the skills and ability to move up the political ladder but he needs to let communities who he is so that they both can feel comfortable with each other so that there’s a trust factor.


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