Video Captures Club Brawl Leading To Shootings, Police Seek Assistance

A sweet 16 party Saturday night at a North End social club turned violently sour exploding into a brawl with guns blazing leading to five gunshot victims. Police officials seeking information have released a video that captures the violence. See above.

From city Communications Director Av Harris:

The Bridgeport Police Department is asking for assistance in identifying anyone pictured in the showcased recording taken from inside the Club Sportiva Italian Social Club at 2500 Park Avenue on Saturday night November 12, 2016. Anyone with information please contact the Bridgeport Police Department utilizing our TIPS line at (203) 576-TIPS (8477).



    1. Frank, what did you expect? Remember the three Bridgeport Police officers in the video on OIB showing the three officers kicking a man in Beardsley Park? What kind of outrage was there behind that story? None.

  1. What’s the point, here is another fine example of people who do not know how to conduct themselves. Whatever the issue was here, this was not the place to sort it out.

    Another example of a gun in the wrong hands.

    Where is the outrage from the representatives of this area? Where is the outrage from the clergy?

    Why did this club have a party when there was another shooting in June at another party?

    I heard a family member of Eric Gardner say “Police violence is not the same as gun violence.” My take on that is this behavior must be okay. It’s okay to go to a party with a gun just in case. All those eyes and no one saw a thing.



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