Vazzano Charged With Obstructing A Sexual Assault Case At His Restaurant

UPDATE: CT restaurateur charged with bribery, hindering prosecution in connection with sexual assault case (

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

A well-known restaurant owner has been charged with bribery and hindering a sex assault investigation.

John Vazzano, a former Barnum Festival ringmaster and owner of Vazzy’s restaurants in Bridgeport, Stratford, Fairfield and Monroe, surrendered to State Police at the Rocky Hill Police Department Wednesday morning after being notified there was a warrant for his arrest.

He was charged with one count each of bribery of a witness, third-degree hindering prosecution and interfering with a police officer.

Vazzano’s arrest comes after an investigation into allegations that in November and December 2019 a longtime dishwasher at Vazzy’s Restaurant in Bridgeport and another kitchen employee sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl in the restaurant.

More: CT restaurateur charged with bribery, hindering prosecution in connection with sexual assault case (

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  1. Wait now,if I have this correct… A couple of employees of Vazzano allegedly sexually assaulted another employee (16yrs old btw) of Vazzano…So when it happened last year,Vazzano called Ex chief Perez and wanted the investigation squashed right away for some reason that hasn’t come out yet…. now fast forward a year, and Vazzano is STILL trying to hinder this investigation by trying to bribe the girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted??… Why does Vazzano want this to go away so bad that he would get himself arrested in his attempt? Am I missing something here?

  2. Lennie,
    Thank you, for providing a sample of community comment from February, 2020, short only a week. More than 50 readers with much to say. One year later we find that Bridgeport “friendships” trump the law, protection of minors, and continue to create lack of trust in too many quarters for public safety officers, those who hold positions of City responsibility in law and finance, and ultimately in Ganim2, as in “What’s going on, Joe?” across too many fronts.
    The public always likes ‘stories’. What is the story line that can inform, instruct and entertain the citizenry about City employment process, care with taxpayer funds, and future thinking towards City economic development? Time will tell.

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    1. Rich,I doubt we will ever know a lot of the facts of this case, there are so many missing pieces, the biggest as far as I’m concerned is why Vazzano is protecting the alleged suspects so vehemently, hope that little detail comes out soon..

      1. Harvey, I’ve been saying that from the begining, there could be a lot more than just this case with AJ Perez and David Dunn that haven’t been looked into. Are there other caes out there in which AJ had some type of say so in and for Duun, are there other city employees who goot a hookup on test and what about the testing company who allow Dunn to change the professional testing standards for the exam to heLp AJ.

        1. Ron,there’s is not a doubt in my mind that Chief Perez had his hands in a myriad of different things.AJ was a good soldier,he did what he was told,he bent the rules for “the chosen ones”,he even ran around for Mario collecting/delivering AB ballots while on duty.He would do whatever was asked of him,why do you think Joe demanded him to be one of the top three candidates for the job to begin with??…There seems to be a connection between Joe and his “trusted” inner circle,most of them feel above the law..

        2. Cubano friend (city worker) Raul Lafitte had a DUI in Trumbull and AJ And Trumbull Police Commissioner John Vaz made it disappear….How many other things do we not know about? #powertrip

  3. *** This cover-up gets more & more smellier as more info. is released. Also if it was one of the regular workers @ vazzy’s, I believe this case would of been a done deal by now with no interference by anyone! Which leaves a real close, long-time worker or a family member of someone @ vazzy’s to try & protect as-well the negative publicity to the business? Time its a gonna tell, no? ***


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