Unofficial Returns, Newton Concedes To Baker, Chris Rosario Over Christina Ayala, Andres Ayala Over Hughes

Andre Baker
Andre Baker wins primary over Ernie Newton.

Ernie Newton has conceded his State House race to Board of Education member Andre Baker. Newton tells OIB: “The people have spoken. It was competitive. We didn’t have the money that they had. You gotta go by the will of the people.”

In the other Bridgeport State House race Chris Rosario is the unofficial winner over Christina Ayala.

Democratic State Senator Andres Ayala also defeated Scott Hughes in Connecticut’s 23rd Senate District.



  1. Mayor Finch personally stood at both Harding High School and JFK asking voters to vote for Andres Ayala and Andre Baker. Both of these candidates are completely bought and paid for.

  2. It was a given that Christina Ayala was going to take a beating at the polls. After all, her first act as an elected official was to leave the scene of an accident. She also managed to get into a domestic beef with her boyfriend, smacked his current girlfriend around, set fire to his car, got loaded at her father’s dive bar and also faces allegations of voter fraud.


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