Tsunami Tuesday Has Arrived

How many times have you voted today? What, only once? You’re destroying the city’s indelible reputation for voting early and often. So what that city political operatives tried to break records for absentee ballot voting … after all, this is the favorite sport in town.

If you hear anything crazy out there today, let us know. Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to post updates today and results as soon as possible after polls close at 8 p.m. Could be a long night for some races.

One last local roundup:

Statewide, Republican voters will choose a gubernatorial nominee between Tom Foley and John McKinney. Bridgeport resident David Walker is also on the Republican ballot as a candidate for lieutenant governor.

Four Democratic primaries for the state legislature are also on tap.

In Connecticut’s 22nd Senatorial Marilyn Moore takes on incumbent Anthony Musto in the city-suburban district that includes about one-third of Bridgeport, all of Trumbull and a portion of Monroe. Moore will perform best in Bridgeport, Musto in the suburbs.

In the 23rd Senatorial City Librarian Scott Hughes is hoping he will not be overwhelmed by freshman incumbent Andres Ayala’s absentee ballot operation. The district covers about two-thirds of Bridgeport and a portion of western Stratford.

In the 124th State House District school board member Andre Baker faces Ernie Newton who’s trying to reclaim the East End seat he once occupied. Political operatives say this race is shaping up as a close contest in the closing days.

In the 128th State House District incumbent Christina Ayala’s in a battle with the city’s anti-blight chief Chris Rosario, former corrections officer Teresa Davidson and city fire commissioner Dennis Bradley. Will absentee ballots decide this race as well? The district covers the East Side and Hollow .

Don’t know where you vote? Call the Registrar’s Office, 576-7281, or check out polling place link.



  1. Went to vote at 7AM. Moved from unaffiliated to party affiliation last Wednesday. My name was not on party listing and neither was my spouse’s. (Different parties.) Same was true of another voter who had changed last Thursday.
    Hiccups in the ROV office? Names should have been on back page of party listings and were not in either case. Well, back home to get my letter of Change Notice. Now I can vote without a problem? Time will tell.

    1. Put the system to the test, JML.

      “To report any issues or concerns on Primary Day voters are asked to call 1-866-SEEC-INFO (1-866-733-2463) or send an email to elections@ct.gov. Both the hotline and email alert will be monitored throughout the day by staff from both agencies to assist voters with any problems encountered.”

  2. Tsunami? Really? This has been one of the most uneventful elections I have ever witnessed in the City of Bridgeport. I had a nice conversation with so many people at Hooker, Winthrop, Blackham and Central. I stopped off at Ayala/Rosario headquarters as well as Scott Hughes. I spoke to Andres Ayala at Hooker and many Scott Hughes supporters. In the North End I must admit it was all Moore supporters at Winthrop. Mayor Fabrizi, Scinto, Ian Anderson, Ms. Washington, John Marshall Lee and Musto had Mayor Finch and Mr. Testa later in the day. Surprisingly no Michelle Lyons but a short visit by AmyMarie Paniccia. Blackham had Marilyn Moore looking confident and had a nice conversation as well as meeting Donald Day and many Moore supporters. Surprisingly for Musto I didn’t see Tom Lyons but did meet Tom McCarthy’s father and later Tom McCarthy but stopped back an hour later and there was only a gentlemen from the Veterans party supporting Tom Foley. Central High School was totally dead. No supporters outside or voters. I was extremely disappointed at the lack of support for Musto but that doesn’t mean people were not voting for him. I did tell Moore if she were victorious this evening then she was welcome to put a sign on my lawn. I am curious as to who ran the Musto campaign in Bridgeport. Very unenthusiastic low-key operation. I voted for Anthony Musto at 11:30 am. I do not expect Musto to do well in Bridgeport but the results will definitely reflect poorly on Mayor Finch. Although we can all say we will work together but Finch and Testa are not naive. If they can not deliver Musto they know Moore supporters are all anti-Finch. At this point I wish all well. We are all in this together and I have many friends and acquaintances on both sides of the fence. Good luck and get out the vote before the sky opens for torrential flooding. Good luck, Musto. 🙂

      1. Thank you Mr. Fox, even if that were true, it would not look good for Marilyn. I think we both know most people do not react to signs. I am certain Musto did well in the North End considering Moore had more bodies working the polls. I however, talk to the neighborhood. I am sure of all the schools in Bridgeport, Musto held his own in the Winthrop area. Even with the Moore army in place. It’s a Steve Auerbach thing. I do wish all well and the cards fall where they may. When I support a candidate, I do not need an army. I stand alone and I happily dealt with all the Moore supporters. If Moore wins I’d support her. I would prefer Musto get another shot and make this tough race, a real wake-up call. I do not expect any candidate to walk on water. I thank all candidates, winners and losers, for taking the time and making the effort to attempt to serve the bigger losers who sat on their sad asses today but chronically complain.

      1. Excellent Ron, I even asked Donald Day to send you my regards. Marilyn was energized and clearly enjoying herself. Her supporters deserve credit for a well-run campaign. I know Mayor Finch cannot be too happy.

      2. Steven Auerbach, as you kept posting your support for incumbent Anthony Musto and your not supporting Marilyn Moore because she was not acting like a cheerleader for Mayor Finch and for Bridgeport as you would like. Many people challenge your point especially Bob Walsh, Donald Day and myself because we could tell you really didn’t know Ms. Moore. Let me say just a few things about Marilyn Moore. She is not a cheerleader, she is a worker who does things. She is not only smart but she does her homework to get the facts on how to solve an issue. She knows how to build a team and to explain where she is going and where she is coming from, you are going to be pleasantly surprised to see how much of a leader she will be and not a follower. Steve, Donald did text me to tell me you said hello and I agree with what Don posted about you, “met Steve Auerbach who seems more likeable in person than on OIB.” I truly believe both Musto and Mayor Finch let you down and now Musto is paying the price and Mayor Finch will also pay the price just like Musto, you just can’t turn your back on voters.

  3. I voted at Central High School this morning. I think I was the 25th or so person to vote based on the count on the ballot-eating machine. There was little activity outside the polling place and I entered the school without being approached by anyone. That being said, I believe Ms. Moore was at Central this morning with a handful of her supporters. I did not see anyone from Senator Musto’s campaign at Central.

  4. Just got of work about to head over to Black Rock school to vote. I will be voting for Moore. As I passed Winthrop school earlier today, I saw John Fabs the former mayor there.

  5. I had the honor and pleasure of driving senator elect Marilyn Moore around to the polling places today. We were at Central from 6am until 9 or 9:30, the turnout was extremely light. No Musto supporters. Left there and went to Cross where the turnout was extremely busy. We were there for about two hours and there was never a time when people didn’t come to vote. Ed Gomes was there and he knew every single person who came to vote and every single person said they were voting Moore. No Musto supporters. We went to Blackham, very light turnout, met Steve Auerbach who seems more likeable in person than on OIB. I heard by 2:30 only 527 had voted on Trumbull and 2/3 of those were Republicans and about 100 had voted in Monroe. I met JML at Winthrop, a real nice dude and the voter turnout was light while we were there. We went to Bassick and the Aquacenter and the vote was extremely light at both places.


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