Tracking The Candidates For State House Special Election

On May 7 a special election will take place to fill the State House seat of the late Ezequiel Santiago. Connecticut’s 130th General Assembly District covers Downtown, South End and portions of the West End and East Side. Who’s your candidate?



  1. Stevie Auerbach thinks Kate Rivera would make a GGGGGREAT candidate!!!!!
    Oh, wait a minute. He just got a call from Mario. He’s behind Antonio again. Only kidding Mario. He would never support anyone but the endorsed candidate unless you tell him otherwise.

  2. Antonio Felipe said in the video that he’s NOT from here, if the voters vote for him then he’ll come back but if he’s the loser then he’ll stay where he is in Stratford, thanks for nothing.

  3. Governor Ganim lived in Easton, then got Elected Mayor of Bridgeport, rumor has it, he still lives in in Easton!
    I believe you have Ninety days to move into the District.

  4. In the state, you can run for a district and not live in it.
    Now Mark Anastasi says in the city you have to reside in the district but he won’t tell you what his definition of f “residing in the city”.
    Obviously Mark thought Elinor Guedes lived in the city even though her daughter, who lives with her, lived in Trumbull. Go figure.


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