To My Loyal Legendary Readers

I’ll likely be gone for a few days. Some flesh-eating bacteria has crawled into me and is not letting go any time soon, maybe political ghosts of the past. So I am a bit disoriented, more than I normally am. My goal is to attend the City Council meeting Monday night. Meanwhile, keep our site–because it is your site as well–alive with your amazingly critical banter, float ideas, observations, critiques. Feel free to throw slings and arrows at me, it’s my therapy. Hope to be back soon.



  1. Wow! Lennie! Maybe too many long hours during this crazy election year. Thank God you were able to provide plenty of relevant news and savvy commentary for the politically active in Bridgeport during this critical election season.

    Get plenty of rest. I’m sure you’re under the best medical care. I hope they’ll allow you to promote healthy sleep with some nice, strong Merlot (or maybe your favorite Cognac).

    Healing thoughts and prayers being sent your way from this location.

  2. Sending healing prayers to the God of my understanding with your name on them. Sending serenity vibes to you so you may handle this health issue and maintain inner peace.

  3. WTF–“some flesh-eating bacteria has crawled into me and not letting go anytime soon.”

    Well get well soon, Lennie! I just made chicken soup (extra Garlic), just making the matzoh balls. My mother taught me well. I would be happy to drop some off! Take care, flesh-eating bacteria does not sound good at all. Is this the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse?

    Sending thoughts, prayers and positive energy your way! Very very sorry to hear this.

    A real shitty birthday gift to John Marshall Lee. You Bastard!

  4. Peace and health, Lennie, to you and your family. Part of the journey we face. Only one question today and you will provide the answer. Take it gently. Time will tell.

  5. You will be fine, Lennie. If it takes 2-3 weeks we will all be wondering how you are, perhaps you can give somebody the story-posting reigns to drop some news on yourself or a comment on the state of things. Don’t let the show stop too long in show business–Raymond Currytto. When you come back, I’ll post under my own name and we will all kick SA’s ass. Then I can use ‘Park City too’ to reply and agree with myself.


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