Three Young Dems Endorsed

News release from Young Dems:

Yesterday, three members of the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats (GBYD) were nominated by the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee for positions across the city at the annual nominating convention.

Jessica Martinez, Democratic Town Committee Member, was nominated for Bridgeport Board of Education. Maria Zambrano Viggiano, former GBYD Vice President, was nominated for Bridgeport City Council for the 136th District and Rowan Kane, current GBYD Vice President, was nominated for Bridgeport City Council for the 130th District.

Democratic Town Committee Member and endorsed candidate for Board of Education, Jessica Martinez, stated: “Thank you to the GBYD for believing in me and supporting my run! Before me there were so many great leaders that served on the BOE and initiated effective changes, but eventually hit that political wall. I will make my mark and leave a legacy, I’m sure not absent of growing pains. I can promise the children, teachers and parents of Bridgeport, I will think of you first, I will set out to be a bridge builder not a bridge burner, to remember there are hateful people in my city that need love too, to use intellect over emotion and most importantly to learn and grow with every mistake! It’s go time for this campaign, time to get to work! Lord knows the children, teachers and parents have been waiting long enough.”

Former Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats Vice President & endorsed candidate for City Council in the 136th, Maria Zambrano Viggiano, stated: “I’m proud to stand with my fellow Bridgeport Young Democrats running for local office this year. We are passionate and hardworking leaders energized by our love for Bridgeport and our commitment to serving the community we call home.”

Vice President Rowan Kane, and 130th City Council endorsed candidate stated, “I joined the Greater Bridgeport Young Dems because I believe in this city and want to be a part of its future. I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done so far and the commitment of so many young people across this community. Being nominated to run for City Council is a great honor and an opportunity to create the change we in the GBYD are working toward here in Bridgeport.”

Constance Vickers, Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats President, congratulated the three candidates: “I am very proud of Jessica, Maria, and Rowan and wish them the best for the campaign ahead. They have been integral members in rebuilding the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats over the last two years and all have an admirable commitment to the future of our beloved Bridgeport. With Vice President Kane now running for office, we have agreed that I will take over the endorsement process to continue with our rule that no candidate nor anyone working on a campaign will be involved in the collection and logistics of endorsements to prevent any conflicts of interest. Let me be clear, Rowan Kane was not a candidate during the prior endorsement process or selection. I find it incredibly inclusive that we endorsed his now opponent.

Once all endorsements are submitted, all voting members of GBYD will have a vote for each candidate seeking our endorsement at our August 14th meeting. To be endorsed, candidates must earn 2/3 support of voting members present at that meeting. I encourage all candidates to submit their questionnaire before August 11th. We organized our endorsement process in this manner to allow for a vote independent of the DTC or any other body, and therefore we may endorse candidates on both sides of their respective primary in September depending on how our voting members decide on August 14th. We vote on individual candidates not on tickets or running mates as a whole. Onward to September.”

The Democratic Primary is Tuesday, September 12th.



  1. *** Even though I’am a registered Dem. it would be nice to see other smart and strong political candidates from other party’s step up to the plate for some different venues in the city’s political future. Instead of the same old shit that’s got Bpt. In the negative nightmare it’s been in for the last decade. ***


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