The Money Race For Mayor–Ganim, Gomes, Daniels

Ganim on track to raise what he needs to make his case.

In the race for the mother’s milk of politics, Mayor Joe Ganim’s reelection campaign has raised roughly $235,000, closest opponent John Gomes $100,000 and Lamond Daniels $26,000, a crisp start considering the former Finch administration official did so in an exploratory stage allowing $375 as the maximum personal contribution, according to campaign finance reports filed with the Town Clerk’s Office representing the final quarter of 2022.

For a full candidate committee, $1,000 is the maximum contribution.

Ganim’s number is expected considering his history of raising money along with power of incumbency. He’s well on his way to banking what he needs to make his case for another four years. See Ganim Report.

The Gomes number is surprisingly solid, considering he tallied all of it the month of December during the holiday season.

Gomes’ surprising fundraising prowess.

In politics strength builds strength. Gomes is now well positioned to raise additional dollars based on this performance and build name recognition with the Democratic electorate.

Gomes, an ex Ganim administration official, is backed by a number of operatives who supported Ganim’s return to the mayoralty in 2015 such as former Public Facilities Director John Ricci and retired Board of Education transportation chief Raul Laffitte.

See John Gomes Report.

Gomes’ fundraising prowess, as the opponent attracting support from anti-Ganim donors, could hamper State Senator Marilyn Moore’s ability to raise money should she get in the race which is expected. Some donors will spread it around, but the majority will side with the horse perceived as the most viable against the incumbent.

Gomes has already raised in one month half the loot it took Moore to raise in eight months of campaigning against incumbent Ganim in 2019 when she provided him a primary scare. Moore is advantaged by bringing a base of support from her senate district. But if she’s disorganized, as her campaign was in 2019 though coming close, it provides openings for Gomes and Daniels to be viable alternatives for the anti crowd.

Lamond Daniels off to solid start from exploratory dollars.

And if the relatively unknown Daniels fundraises competitively with Moore in the first quarter of this year, it could mean the smooch of death for Moore’s standing as the perceived leading opponent to Ganim prior to Gomes’ entry into race and subsequent war chest.

See Lamond Daniels Finance Report.

The first quarter filings for 2023 will come in April.



  1. I’m not impressed by John’s 100k, but it is respectable given that it’s Q4, which is historically the hardest quarter to raise money for any political candidate save for Illinois, which holds their municipal elections at the end of February/early March.

    100k SHOULD be a baseline. That 100k represents family, friends, close contacts. The question is whether he can build off that and increase his take as expenditures begin to rise as he builds his campaign infrastructure. If he has a down quarter in Q1 2023, he may as well call it a day. So, I will personally keep my powder dry on speculating any further.

    I also have to mention that it is great to see that John is a reformed homophobe. Sometimes some education and having someone close to you come out can really change your mind about the LGBTQ+ community.

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I am impressed by Lamond Daniels. This may not be his year, but it is still early. Should he falter on this go around, the future looks bright for him.

    Ganim still holds a solid edge. If someone can “Karl Rove” Ganim (make his strength his biggest weakness), then it could make the race very competitive, but who can pull that off? The more challengers we see jump in, the more likely Ganim wins out.

  2. I am confused- Did I miss something? First, Cole Hammond mentions that John Gomes is a reformed homophobe and the Jim Fox mentions that John has a lot of support from the LGBTQ community from Westport and Avon too. I am laughing my ass off that Jim Fox would know this. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a spokesmen for the Gay community but I find it laughable that anyone would think he is an ally. Unless there is a hidden joke there? I didn’t see anything in the article regarding Gomes and the LGBTQ community. I consider John a friend. I am suppoting Joe Ganim . I think it is great that John raised 100,000- we read about the same info a week or 2 ago. I know nothing about the other candidate other than to say, I always admire those that want to serve. So may great things about to happen in the Park City. Too bad at a snails pace but moving forward. Lot of optimism. Going through the list of doners for Gomes- not all that impressive. Good luck to all .
    Love Jim Fox’scomment- gonna hit the like button for shits and giggles.

  3. Cole, I am not impressed or surprised with the 100 K start to kick off the noise in Gomes’ campaign. However, if it continues I will be, pumping money into a sunken ship. 🙂 Considering I think Gomes is G2’s Manchurian Candidate. I mean not to mention his “enthusiastic demeanor” in G2 headquarters after G2 2015 win. 🙂

    Let’s not forget G2 used him as his hatchet man in city hall for the first year and then demoted him. Only to keep him on the books/city hall payroll for 7 more years just fire him, which creates a potential run/candidate. OK 🙂

    Over the current three, I agree G2 has a solid edge. Can’t speak on Karl Rove but G2’s biggest weakness is his whiteness. 🤣

    The two current black and brown candidates running most likely can’t pull a “Karl Rove” off on G2.

    While you don’t have Port’s big dogs in the races, Moore and Chris, who can seize on G2’s weakness more effectively, his whiteness. They have yet to bark.

    That being said, they each have their own perspective on G2 whiteness. Based on G2’s “logical” choice. Chris can seize on Garcia’s slight over Porter and the Port’s largest populations

    Moore’s blackness is her strongest card against G2’s witness. Though it is not as strong as it was when she ran 4 years ago. Besides Marcus is most likely going to be nibbling at her Sen. seat, at some point in time. Maybe even in the next election, if she doesn’t get in and take out G2.

    Chris, who would be, IOM, a more LOGICAL choice to take out G2 in this election cycle, though it seems he is not going to throw his hat in the ring. If Moore runs and loses again, it would seem to weaken her against Marcus for her Sen. seat. Even if she doesn’t run Browns gonna be going for that seat regardless.

    Since G2 already had to beat Moore, and considering the state of identity politics has settled down since Orange Man departed for the Oval Office she would seem to have a much harder time taking out G2 and his whiteness.

    When the time comes for Chris to run against G2, G2 will have some real issues IMO be it now or in the next election. Though I am sure he would like to keep the field as is. Chris is not going to sit out forever regardless, and just watch from the sidelines JS

    I wonder who Gen Now going to back? since Lennie suggested Moore’s eventual entrance I have to say, Moore. If she doesn’t run bet on them to back Daniels over Gomes. 🙂

    Either way, play nice, People 🙂 I am out of here for the duration of the election 🙂

    I depart with the prophets Snoop Dog, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and Xzibit

  4. I’m lost, nothing new of course
    Gomes daughter has a baby with another woman….Gomes was against this or does Haymond have a bone to pick after being on Gomes team a decade ago & did Gomes turn him down recently pissing him off..

  5. The gestation period for the 2023 municipal election cycle is about nine months now.
    But only money gets mentioned? Money is the mother’s milk, OIB has often noted but is it the only thing? Where is the respect for those who live here or would risk their wealth further to open a business?
    Where do folks stake positions? Either principles or passions? The word ‘white’ is found in the writings of RT often. Is ‘white supremacy’ the major item affecting governance today? Time will tell.


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