Talk The Talk And Walk The Walk, Plus: We Need Park City Slots

David Walker is becoming famous fast, and not because he recently purchased former Congressman Christopher Shays’ waterfront home in Black Rock. CNN, 60 Minutes, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, you name it they want him.

David Walker
David Walker

Walker served as United States Comptroller General, the nation’s chief auditor from 1998 to 2008, and warned government of a financial crash if it couldn’t reel in spending. He is now president and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation “dedicated to increasing public awareness of the nature and urgency of key fiscal challenges threatening America’s future, and to accelerating action on them. As a nonpartisan foundation, we neither lobby nor represent special interest groups.”

Walker has penned the Random House new release Comeback America: Turning the Country Around and Restoring Fiscal Responsibility “a tough-minded, innovative, inspiring guide to help us avoid the approaching economic abyss and put the country back on track again.”

Walker’s in great demand as he promotes his book around the country with all proceeds going to the foundation he represents. I chatted with him by phone for a few minutes on Wednesday before his meeting with the editorial board of the Philadelphia Inquirer (see, told ya he was in demand). Walker is an engaging straight shooter, no bullshit, who says his home selection came down to Black Rock or Huntington, Long Island. The view in Black Rock, despite the high taxes, was too juicy to turn down for $1.5 million or so.

I asked him about Barack’s stimulus. He credited the president with trying to act quickly but added the stimulus did not penetrate as designed because “it was only one third stimulus not properly structured. Two sectors of the economy unsustainable are government and health” where Walker says too much emphasis was placed. The problem we’re facing, he adds, is a “government that promises more than it can deliver.”

Closer to home, his new home undergoing renovations (architect and OIB friend David Barbour is shepherding through building permits), one aspect of Connecticut life that provided surprise was moving to Fairfield County “but there’s no county government.” Walker is sensitive to the plight of the state’s largest city that bears the burden of services for the region. “There has to be an equitable sharing of the burden that includes collaboration regarding (regional) services.”

Why did he move to Bridgeport? “Unbelievable view, strong community feeling and a diverse neighborhood.”

Walker’s new home has remarkable personality history. Shays bought the Beacon Street gem from David Carson, retired chief executive of People’s Bank, who bought the house from John and Betty Pfriem, former publishers of the Bridgeport Post and Telegram, forerunner of the Connecticut Post.

Jodi’s Budget Gamble

Governor Jodi Rell says we need to add Keno gambling in the state, which state bean counters estimate would add at least $20 million for the budget year starting July 1. Why stop there? Hey, you know what I say, cut a deal with the Mashantucket Pequots and Mohegans to expand gaming in Bridgeport. Make the tribal nations a partner, open up every saloon, tavern, gin mill, doghouse, outhouse and every other house for slots. My old client Donald Trump used to say put a casino in Bridgeport and it’d be the highest grossing place on the planet. Of course, Donald only wanted a casino in Bridgeport–for fear it would cannibalize Atlantic City–if he owned it.

What’s Keno? The Hartford Courant, sourcing Connecticut Lottery Corp., explains …

Lottery-style keno is a betting game in which players pick a set of numbers from 1 to 80 by buying and filling out a play slip from a retailer, such as a bar or restaurant.

Bets typically range from $1 to $10. Payouts can range from $1 to $1 million. The state lottery draws 20 winning numbers, publicizing new results every 5 to 6 minutes, by television, for instance. Winnings are determined by the amount of the wager and the number of drawn numbers that a player matches.

News release from Mayor Finch

Elderly and Disabled Homeowners May Apply for “Circuit Breaker” Tax Relief

Tax Assessor’s Office Will Accept Applications Feb.1 through May 14th

BRIDGEPORT, CT (February 3, 2010) – Elderly and disabled homeowners in Bridgeport who are eligible for the Homeowners’ “Circuit Breaker” Tax Relief program, are encouraged to apply at the Tax Assessor’s Office, City Hall between February 1 and May 14, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The Circuit Breaker program is open to eligible disabled residents and/or residents 65 and older who own a primary residence in Bridgeport. Through the program, homeowners can obtain as much as $1,000 or more in tax relief credit from the State of Connecticut, as well as additional tax relief credit from the City of Bridgeport, based on a graduated income scale.

To qualify, applicants must have a total annual income in 2009, including Social Security and taxable income, not exceeding $39,500 for married couples, and $32,300 for single residents. Those under age 65 who are disabled and who are applying for the Circuit Breaker program must submit a currently dated certificate of award, or “Third Party Query Response” (TPQY) when applying.

For questions concerning qualifications and the application process, please call Kathleen Lombard, Tax Assessment Clerk, at (203) 332-3023.

Residents applying for the Circuit Breaker program should bring the following documents with them to the Tax Assessor’s Office, Rm. 103, 45 Lyon Terrace by May 14:

1) 2009 Social Security Benefit Statement (SSA1099), if applicable.


2) 2009 Federal Income Tax Return plus any non-taxable income statement not reported on the return. (Please check with the IRS for their income requirements.) Applicants must file their 2009 tax return prior to applying for this tax relief program.


3) Any income statement received in January, 2010

(1099INT, 1099R, W-2) plus any non-taxable income statements (VA pension, tax-free interest.)

For more information regarding the Homeowner Tax Relief – Circuit Breaker program, please call Kathleen Lombard at (203) 332-3023.



  1. Hey Uncle Lenny and OIB fans! Greetings from 15 miles out … many thanks for the quick OIB announcement on baby Leonardo last week and for the kind wishes from fellow bloggers … I’m up on a quick diaper change, and looking for my court files for the morning, but just a couple of quick thoughts …

    Very impressed with David Walker … looks like a man who could/can bring direction, interest and energy into the B’port mix by his move into Black Rock … that is some view of LI Sound from his backyard.

    About the Girls’ Juvie Jail/Detention Center issue … I’ve been watching it with great interest as one of about 20 contract attorneys for the state doing Juvie cases in Bridgeport … I’ve traveled as far west as New London, Windsor Locks to the north and Greenwich to the west to visit with DCF-placed juvie girl clients … I agree there’s a need for a facility to house them securely, but Virginia Avenue is not the place … I remember going there as a new attorney a few years ago when it was a DHMAS building and thought it was an odd location for a state facility in a densely packed residential neighborhood even back then … on this issue, I agree with Nancy Hadley, again … why can’t a wing/floor for girls be added to the Water Street/Housatonic Ave complex? It makes sense to me. But it could be a turf battle, DCF-control versus DOC-control … as someone mentioned before.

    On the national level, “the don’t ask, don’t tell” policy issue is something I publicly addressed back in 1991 as a student at the Naval War College in Newport RI … there was a lesbian Army Colonel named Courtmeyer (I think that is her name) who was on the cover of Time magazine and the issue of gays in the military was a hot topic then … this was the period leading up to the first Gulf War. I supported gays serving openly and a Marine major classmate gave me such a hard time about it that at some point during the semester some faculty members took me aside for a quiet conference one day and asked me if I felt harassed by classmates because of my position on the issue … apparently another classmate complained and thought that I was being targeted too strongly by other classmates, but I just felt that it was good old Navy-Marine rivalry ribbing, plus a dose of liberal-conservative, north-south conflict. Although there were some strong and heated exchanges … the fact remains … if any American, gay or straight, white or black or Filipino, Christian or Muslim, etc. wants to serve in the US Armed Forces … why should they be forced to hide behind a lie? … personally, I’d rather serve with a gay fighter pilot who can drop bombs on target and keep me alive, and work with a competent gay military linguist who can tell me that an attack or extraction time will happen at fourteen hundred hours, rather than at forty hundred hours … in Spanish, is that a 2pm or 4 pm, or 2 am pick-up? Catorce, cuarenta or cuatro? I’ve lived through this scenario in Colombia! How about in Arabic or Farsi or Pashto? (think about West Point grad Captain Dan Choi who came out publicly on the MSNBC Rachel Maddow show). To see and hear Admiral Mike Mullen (Chairman of JCS) and now General/former Secretary of State Colin Powell come around, almost 20 years later, is a good/great thing. As with the UK and other European allies this should be corrected in 30-60 days and not linger as a nagging, national political issue detracting from more important priorities like health reform, the economy, jobs, etc.

    And now, if we all can just focus on the next most important move for Bridgeport “to lead” the way towards ending the War on Drugs … we can really get something moving positively in Bridgeport. Again, a drug tolerance zone in the 130th district will be a first good move. Got to get back in touch with my friend, Rep. Ezekiel Santiago on this issue. Now is the time to get those marijuana coffee shops set up along Fairfield Avenue and downtown. The safe heroin injection rooms in community clinics in the East Side and South End.

    If the perception statewide continues, as it appears to be validated by the Juvie Girls’ Jail issue, that Bridgeport is the “armpit” of Fairfield County and “dumping ground” for the state for more social services facilities, then why not turn that around and let Bridgeport have a fighting chance to plan for raising revenue from the drug trade which could turn legal soon enough to provide real tax relief for its overburdened taxpayers? Am I dreaming? At this point, I am laying down my Keno bets right here on OIB that marijuana will be legal in CT before anything happens and is completed on Steel Pointe. Any takers?

    $20 million in Keno gambling revenue? How much of that pie is/would be for Bridgeport? What would about $500 million in marijuana sales do for Bridgeport? Bridgeport as a central heroin maintenance and recovery center, regional center, that is. What if Bridgeport’s police force was cut in half? Eliminate the drug enforcement duties? How much will that save taxpayers?

    Regional clients should pay into Bridgeport for these services. For example, right now a Trumbull/neighboring town heroin addict comes into Bridgeport every day for his/her methadone clinic services … and Trumbull/neighboring town should pay Bridgeport for that service …

    … Look at/read what’s happening today in Mexico, throughout Latin America, in Europe, in Vancouver, Canada (winter Olympics, anyone?) … national and local governments are becoming financially exhausted and becoming more vocal in their opposition to fighting the US-driven War on Drugs … our drug policies should be shaped and managed by public health concerns and priorities, not short-term political soundbites from all political parties, Democrat or Republican.

    Just my two cents from Orange … by the way, it is quieter and darker out here, and there are no street lights! Ah, to live on the East Side …

    1. “… Greetings from 15 miles out …” Does this mean that you moved out of Bridgeport? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then try putting “The safe heroin injection rooms” in your new town of residence.

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  3. Breaking News–

    David Walker has agreed to come to the Black Rock Branch Library to discuss his new book.

    Stay tuned for more details soon.

    John Soltis (AKA John from Black Rock)
    Community Librarian

  4. bri,

    It’s easy. His name is Leonardo. Three weeks old. Diaper duty is from the time I walk in the door until I go to the day job. And now I’m off to the day job via the Merritt Parkway and in 15 miles to Bridgeport! OIB!

  5. There was an interesting story in yesterday’s NY Times about the aging, shuttered 3200 seat Loews Kings Theater in Brooklyn now being slated for renovation. The once majestic facility today has flocks of pigeons coming in through broken skylights and doing, well, doing what pigeons do.

    Thoughts of Bridgeport’s aging theaters immediately came to mind.

    The proposed Loews Kings Theater renovation project in Brooklyn will cost $70 million. Now, Brooklyn is officially “Kings County.” And this price tag is truly a “King’s” ransom in any city today considering the economic state of the world.

    The Times broke down the $70 million budget this way: NYC will kick in $50 million (and I’ll believe that when I see it happen), there will be $15 million in tax credits budgeted and the developer will put up (read that as finance through investors/banks) the remaining $5 million. The result will be a massive project 93 percent financed by public money and seven percent other people’s money in the hopes of making a developer rich. And, presto, Brooklyn will get the aging dinosaur back on its feet. Let’s book Lady GaGa now!

    Back to Bridgeport … Let’s say the downtown theaters in Bridgeport could be renovated for just half the amount slotted for the Brooklyn theaters, a mere $35 million.

    Roughly, Bridgeport under the NYC formula would have to kick in $24.9 million, give up $7.5 million in tax credits and hope someone could pony up the remaining $2.5 million in an economy where Obama is trying to get the banks lend money to businesses just to stay afloat.

    Does anyone think there is even the smallest prayer this will happen? Hmmm, who is the second biggest act today after Lady GaGa?

    Maybe this is why Councilman Bob Walsh wants quarterly reports on the harbor project.

    1. Keno??? What’s the matter with sports betting? A few years ago New York State took down an illegal sports book that netted about four billion dollars for the particulars over a five-year period, or something like that. It was an outrageous amount of money. The commissioner of public safety said that this ought to be a wake-up call to the state legislature: sports betting is big business and could generate a lot of tax revenue. Keno? Fuck that shit. How much does Jody honestly think will be generated by a few hundred video poker machines in neighborhood bars? In the millions, certainly, but it’ll be a day late and at least a dollar short.

      Offtrack betting brings in the jing, but playing the ponies is a minority taste. The OTB parlors I’ve been to in CT are usually shitholes, betting slips and food wrappers and coffee cups and soda cans everywhere. Reminds me of any street in Bridgeport, actually.

      Nevada has legal sports betting, and it brings the bacon home. Up until the ’70s sports betting was considered déclassé by the gamblers operating the casinos. Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal changed all that. While running the Stardust on the Las Vegas strip he noticed that all of the sports books were operated outside the casinos. He moved the book inside the casino and more than doubled the take.

      People are about ready to open their windows and shout “I’m mad as hell …” if Jody raises taxes one more goddamned time. Higher taxes on cigarettes, booze … Enough is enough. If state lawmakers had any brains and/or balls the sale of alcoholic beverages would be legal on Sundays in Connecticut and gamblers would be allowed to bet on organized professional sports like football, baseball and hoops … And the deficit would quite possibly by nonexistent.

  6. Hey Sly why not propose your drug-free idiotic idea for Orange? Why Bridgeport? I don’t want my grandkids exposed to that crap any more than you want your kid exposed to it. Let me get this straight we have a drug-free zone where heroin addicts can do their thing without fear of arrest. I suppose we buy the heroin and give it to the addicts for free. Is this drug-free zone for only Bridgeport junkies or is it open to anyone with a habit? If it’s open to everyone with a habit we will then have a population in the millions. If the drugs are not for free then we will have more crime then we do now.
    Look you may practice law here in Bridgeport but you no longer live here I don’t give a shit if you own property or not YOU DON’T LIVE HERE. I suggest you take your dumb-ass ideas and try to sell them in Orange.

  7. Yes, David Walker looks a lot like Chris Shays.

    Yes, he understands fiscal issues but

    No, he doesn’t have a monopoly when it comes to understanding deficit spending & inflation.

    Here’s something from my vaults:

    July 30, 1965 is the day baby boomers started subsidizing their parents. In 1981, sovereign nations replaced boomers underscoring their importance. That arrangement continues to this day. The running total of our debt is $12 trillion.

    www <– book by Black Rock author.

  8. Local Eyes may be on to something here?
    David Walker–Chris Shays; separated at birth!!!
    Not only do they look, they are beginning to sound alike.
    They obviously have the same taste in real estate.
    Has anyone asked for DNA samples?
    Has anyone ever seen the two of them together?
    Moore to follow …

    1. OK,
      LE and GR, may we assume that you read the book already? (Hint: What does “off-budget liability” add to our “running total of debt is $12 trillion”? I have and have paid for and distributed seven copies of the book to others who have indicated interest. Never did that before. I think Walker’s call to all of us is important with regard to accountability. Unless we understand the problem, we are not going to address it correctly or for long enough, and monitor the progress.
      How do you turn a “battleship budget” around fast enough when the momentum of the process is so supported with legislator habit, and the expectations of the public is for greater benefits, and the desire of the taxpayer is for lower taxes??? That is the issue in municipalities, Statehouses and Washington, isn’t it? And that disease has caught on in other countries in various ways, though some have had a milder infection financially. We are in a similar boat that we shall have to row for a long time to pull that battleship out of the mud. And other events may cause it to explode while we are working on the problem at hand.
      Forty years ago Bridgeport (along with many communities) was reaching for a way to deal with the drug problem, city and suburbs. The Greater Bridgeport Regional Narcotics Program was designed, funded by Federal, State, some City and a little United Way money. It was an umbrella offering methadone maintenance alternatives to heroin users all the way across the spectrum to faith-based programs based on going cold turkey. Is it time to total the costs of our approach? Jails, prisons, programs, special police and military efforts, etc. What is the cost? Does a medical model as suggested by Sly offer an alternative? At what expense? And what is the progression for the average person (by age from adolescence to about 35) relative to substance use and ultimate abuse? For alcohol? For nicotine products? For food? For sexual behavior? (Aren’t these the major ‘abuse’ areas having costs to an individual and to society where the government legislates and the individual decides whether to be a law stretcher or breaker, and then we all pay for years??? Make another law and you build a jail? Just like OLE MAN RIVER … I’m tired of the living arguments that never get to the issues, and I’m afraid of dying without us solving some of our existing abuse problems whose cost we keep pushing higher with taxes to cover bonding due many years into the future.
      Can we look in the mirror after really digging deeply into where we are, alternative paths and deciding what we can afford? Isn’t that what you do at your house every day? Or are you still paying it forward? Using a printing press? Or care to share your secret?

  9. “There has to be an equitable sharing of the burden that includes collaboration regarding (regional) services.”

    Lennie, I don’t think you should be writing stuff like this. If City Council President Tom McCarthy gets a whiff of this, he will try to bus and move the poor people–a burden to him–of Bridgeport to neighboring towns.

  10. Fellow bloggers local and grin: I don’t know you and respect your opinions but really, why knock someone like David Walker? He’s paying a lot more in taxes than I would guess most of us (we know he’s paying more than most Finch supporters). I could care less who he looks like, acts like, or what he writes or reads (something woefully lacking by many residents). I for one would love to have more of his caliber to raise the consciousness of this city toward improving the lives of residents and encouraging sustainable growth.

  11. BRIDGEPORT — The owner of a 9.9-acre parcel off Greenwood Street wants Planning and Zoning Commission member Anne Pappas Phillips, who is serving an expired term for over four years, to be barred from serving on the nine-member panel.

    Darlene Chapdelaine, principal of Greenwood Manor, LLC, is seeking an ex-parte temporary injunction in Bridgeport Superior Court that would prevent Phillips from serving on the P&Z until a court hearing is held.

    In her complaint, Chapdelaine points out the well-known fact that Phillips was appointed in April 2006 by then-Mayor John Fabrizi to serve as an alternate on the zoning panel, but has served well past the December 2006 expiration of her term and the 180-day alternate term limit set by the city’s municipal code.

    Phillips, a former lawyer, has also served without the approval of the City Council, after having been rejected by the Ethics Commission several times.

    Well, it is about time someone with standing finally stood up and put their foot down.
    This ordinance was written by myself, Elaine Pivirrotto and Donna Curran to put an end to alternates serving indefinitely without ever coming before the council for approval.
    This may not have been the type of case that we were hoping to have it used in but when any mayor ignores city ordinances simply to have favorites of his serve on an important land use board like this, it is wrong.
    Now, if the courts rule Ms. Phillips ineligible it can call to light any of the previous matters that she may have participated in and in which she could have been a deciding vote.
    It is a shame that the city continued to act in violation of an ordinance as long as it has but it is good to see that someone did their homework and has challenged this practice.

  12. Phillips, Greenwood St., lawyers …

    You know, this is the kind of stuff that gives machine politics a bad name.

    Who cares what kind of problems Phillips has with the ethics commission? City government is an assault on decency anyway. It is better to push her name through for appointment than to leave the city hanging out by various body parts for a nut-job lawsuit like this.

    I know Troll can get on people’s nerves by being a stickler for ethical behavior, but here is a situation where his very point is practical politics as well.

    Stalling is one thing, but dragging the appointment out for four years screams “Sue me!”

    It’s one thing for Mark Anastasi to invent law for mentally challenged aldermen. The city is going to have to shop for a judge in Mountain Grove to beat this lawsuit.

    I think most people would agree the mayor would rather eat baitfish raw than agree with Walsh.

    I’m almost more interested in how the city tries to weasel around this problem than fix it.

  13. *** Easy fix on this P & Z debacle as well as other commission seats in general, do away with all city ordinances & state/city sanctions. Just let the Mayor for his or her term pick & choose whomever they want without any interference from the city’s council members. After all they’re just about doing that now & making up their own city government (we can do it) laws to justify their actions! Maybe a 4-year term record can also be made by this admin. on most lawsuits against the city of Bpt. and make the record books! *** Question??? In what ways has the city’s present admin. achieved or demonstrated by its actions the 7 deadly sins: LUST, ENVY, PRIDE, GREED, GLUTTONY, SLOTH, & WRATH??? ***

  14. TC,
    Today is my first and last day to comment on the drug issue in Bridgeport on OIB where you pry open the juicy stuff. When I arrived in Bridgeport in 2000 as the house husband to the then highest-paid public servant in Bridgeport back in the day … I was at the peak of my fame as the poster child for the drug reform movement across the country as the first and only US military drug war veteran who publicly protested against the War on Drugs as “senseless, counterproductive and wasteful.” As a loyal househusband, I tried to stand by my woman and keep my drug reform activities to a minimum so as not to interfere with her career on our arrival in town.

    When I got divorced on the day after then Mayor Fabrizi won as mayor of Bridgeport in November 4, 2003 … I was walking around Black Rock as a brand-new single guy with a check for $40,000 in my pocket and a 1996 Volvo wagon and a brand new license to practice law … I decided to plunk down roots in the East Side and bought a David Barbour-designed (oh yes, even the East Side gets the top-flight architectural treatment too!) 3-bedroom condo for $75k with $20k down and put the other $20k into a start-up solo law practice/office in Bridgeport (I coulda gone to Vegas or at least, Mohegan instead …) … one of my primary and personal goals was to put my drug reform energies and ideas into a grassroots political effort that was tested in the primaries for the 130th State Rep seat in 2008 … but the results were very clear to me. Let the voters decide. To move this agenda in the 130th successfully in political terms, I would need Mitch Robles as my Dad and Amerigo Santiago as my stepdad, and Chico Rivera as my godfather and that would have given me all 1100 Democratic votes cast in that summer’s primaries to win the 130th seat.

    Seeing that is not the case, today I gladly turn over this “great, not idiotic” idea (with all due respect, TC) to Ezekiel who has the political capacity to move the ball from here if he wants, or maybe not. So TC … I will work on Orange for a drug reform plan that suits the landscape and population. Don’t worry. They have an 87% voting participation rate in this neck of the woods. They will let me know fast enough.

    But now on to my other new 2010 ideas for Bridgeport from Orange. I was thinking (I do a lot of thinking on the Merritt Parkway, 20 minutes each way) of a concept I initially (yesterday) wanted to call “Bridges to Bridgeport” … the idea is … as I make friends in Orange I would take them “over the bridge” to Bridgeport for a look around the different places of interest that I like beginning with the East Side, of course. Everyone would be issued a “Bridges to Bridgeport” passport and every time a “bridger” eats at a restaurant or attends an event, they get their passport stamped. For example, eat at Flamboyan or Rainbow restaurant on East Main Street, you get a stamp, attend Spanish or Haitian or Portuguese-Brazilian Mass at St. Charles, you get another stamp. Shop at Compare for mangos, or pick up your prescription Lisinopril at Rite Aid, another stamp. Last Saturday, Timi and I brought her parents and Leo (his first brunch outing) to Rick and Michelle Torres’ Harborview Market and then to enjoy that million dollar view of Long Island sound … St. Mary’s by the sea … before that I picked up takeout from Pho Saigon (#21, please) on Wood Ave. a couple of nights before. Earlier in the week, Ralph ‘n’ Richs with a student dean from SHU, another stamp. Restaurant row on Fairfield Ave … Two Boots, Cafe Roma, etc. …

    Just my extra two cents.

    Next time, my really big ideas and plans for show business in Bridgeport. Teaser: it involves unmarried, naked ladies … Chico Rivera and I may have to do some extra advanced, old-fashioned, retired, joint Navy-Marine Corps work on this super-sized project. Caution: the study phase may take some time, but should not be longer than a Bridgeport forensic financial audit.

  15. I think this lawsuit involving Ann Philips is a bunch of BS. I know this lady and while I don’t always agree with her or her votes on some zoning issues I do know that she spends many extra hours on zoning issues. I know she is one of the few zoning commissioners that attends every training seminar. I know she is one of the few zoning commissioners that visits every site that is on the zoning agenda. I know she cares.
    This lawsuit is pure BS by people that are trying to make a quick profit on this Greenwood St site. Trying to get this site rezoned is nothing more than a blatant attempt to increase the value of the property if and when Finch and company buy it.
    Walsh acts like there are a ton of people out there wanting to serve on these boards and commissions.The failure of Philips to pass the ethics commission vote is over a BS issue that is 17 years old. For Christ’s sake we hire convicted felons to the FD Philips is not a convicted felon.The latest vote by Kohut and company (ethics commission) was a sham.
    Walsh has been known to question candidates on subject matter that does not matter and does get personal. Look the council has enough work to do (just ask them).

  16. “Bridgeport Now” Tonight, Tue at 8pm on Ch 88.

    – The battle for school funding money … after BOE meeting last night: Black Rock school vs Bassick vs Warren Harding.

    – CT Working Families Party person shaking things up in the city. Tune in to find out who.

    – Update on Derail the Jail

    – State shortchanges Bridgeport. Why does Waterbury get more state money when they are a smaller city? Is it right for John G. Rowland to work as economic coordinator for Waterbury when he was convicted and went to prison on charges of corruption? We went to that city and filmed where the money is going.


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